August 19th Conference Call


The call was as “successful” as the last call, but no Affidavits were produced since the request for them came over a month ago. There are “regulars” who come in the chat room or, who call the conference call, but I feel we are going around in circles.

Maybe I’m highly critical, but it is no difference than the FFCHS calls I hear throughout the week.

There is some motivation in some of the participants, but producing Affidavits would be a BIG step in the right direction.

What could be stonewalling these individuals who feel so strongly about the creation of a coalition?

This will take some time to understand, but in the meantime, I will look into producing these affidavits from the “SUMMARIES” I received earlier.

It is much better than not receiving anything, but it would take much more time to turn out an Affidavit.

And now since INVERTER is out, it will take even longer.

The INVERTER allowed me to power my computer without little difficulty. Now I have to use a secondary Inverter, which requires me to run my trucks engine.

This could get pretty expensive, if nothing is produced by the end of this week. It is now Friday and my energy is pretty drain from the hot weather.

I really want this to work and the sacrifice has to be made. And I hope that the participants get these Affidavits signed.

Thanks for your cooperation and your willingness to stick with GSS is greatly appreciated.

Chris J. Brunson

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