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Things are looking better, but I still haven’t figured out what type of Pocket PC I want to purchase. I’m trying to stay within budget, however, the better ones are more expensive and are recent editions. What this means is that the technology is close to what is currently available today.

The reason why I’m putting so much emphasis on purchasing a Pocket PC, is because it will allow me to pick up more wifi signals without draining my car battery.

Because of cost and convenience, most time my car is stationary. What this means is that I’m not running my gas out my vehicle, which can be pretty costly. Unfortunately, this translates to an inoperable car battery and an emergency jump start.

I had to pay two people to crank my car until I realize that charging my computer isn’t going to work (I nearly lost my labtop due to a power surge and I smell an unsual odor in my vehicle that seems to indicate that if I did not disconnect my labtop, my vehicle would have caught on fire). So this brings me back to the idea of purchasing a pocket PCs.

There are other advantages besides the fact that it won’t drain my battery. It will also allow me to move around a bit better.  But most of all, it will allow me to make phone calls and receive constant weather/financial and news alerts.

The Pocket PC should compliment my labtop, not replace it. Because I still need to code webpages and marketing material.

But it will be a costly proposition indeed; AND A NECESSARY ONE AT THAT!

Other issues include security. I have been faced with a lot of hackers in the city of FAYETTEVILLE NC (more later), so security is my second name. There will be  multiple BULLETPROOF security features included so that I can run my business both effectively and sufficiently.

There is no mokeying around with this issue. IT HAS TO BE DONE RIGHT! OR NOT AT ALL!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!

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