Staying In Fayetteville

It’s really funny… before I left for my trip to New York, Greyhound called the police stating that homeless people were congrugating in the bathroom. To my surpise, Officer Randall was one of the police officers who arrived. It was six of them! This is the kind of policing that happens in Fayetteville. Instead of targeting the drug dealers, they target the homeless.

Anyway, I was immediate request to prove that I was taking a bus out of town by this negro officer. And can you believe that he was very upset that I was coming back???

Well… he nearly ran out of the bus station when I told him this is a lawyers paradise.

What’s also funny is that I slept for three hours on Port Authority floors and not one officer said anything to me.

The officers in Fayetteville just have too much time on their hands. And this over policing is just a front for them covering up some thing else. I know what it is, it isn’t wise to discuss it right now.

With that said, the church in Fayetteville is opened to me for my internet activities. I have put together some of their computers and plan to update certain sections of their websites.

Hopefully I can incorporate some of my projects within their concept. But it will take some time to get them to understand this new concept.

Anyhow, I have decided to discontinue my plans to go to Raleigh.

Until next time.

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