Court Order

It is my pleasure to present to you some frightening details concerning my situation in Fayetteville NC.

There isn’t a court order in place saying that it is within the Fayetteville authority own right to monitor my online activity. Nor is there a reason to continue this harassment. Perhaps it is a tradition to what has happened in the past when blacks complained about government wrongdoings?

Well it pretty much seem to lead me to believe that this is the case.

But surprisingly it did not start there. It started in the Library where I tried to access their free internet service and they made it nearly impossible to use this tax paying service. I then took it upon myself to complain about this manner. All that I received was hot air and nothing was done about the situation.

So since the Library was not allowing me access to the world wide web, I decided to take my net biz to the streets.

Although I was limited to after sunset, I was making progress. I was able to build my corporateĀ  and adult websites. It was amazed that it didn’t take much time.

I digress.

But this has been an uphill battle since the very beginning. Remember Virginia?

Read my blog about a year ago.

Before the days of my laptop, I was trying to operate my net biz from the Library. Stupid me! not thinking that I would be chastise for logging into my Afrocentric website I decided to submit some stories. Well, to make a long story short, the library shut me off from my websites. One of the stories was about the shipyard.

If you don’t know, Newport news is an Industrial city and is control by the shipyard. The people who work inside the library were workers of the shipyard, even though they wore government tags. And since I had so much criticisms about the way the shipyard was treating it workers, I was banned from the library.

It wasn’t a direct ban, but it was pretty obvious that I could not work on my websites if I was criticizing their employer. But we also can’t forget that my websites represent conscious black issues and many whites are fearful of the message that is contain in them.

It is part of being an African American in America. You either conformed or be harassed for uplifting your own heritage.

Anyway, as is the situation, someone has something to hide. It isn’t that I was just making up this stuff. That is why the outcome is always to cut my access and make it very difficult for me to function properly.

Whether it be Fayetteville NC, Newport News Virginia, or New York City, IT DOES NOT MANNER! If the powers that be feel that you are a threat to their survival (even though there is evidence that there isn’t), they will SHUT YOU DOWN!


Under such great circumstances, I suffice nonetheless. Because evidently, I understand that their is great risk in distributing correct and accurate information.

Of course, if you have been following me for a great length of time, I have been ban from various websites because my views aren’t traditionally acceptable. It is a surprise that I continue to remain on this site and quite a few others. But it is the people who make sure that this remains a reality.

And I thank you all for taking the time to read my blogs. Although that wasn’t really the reason why I created this blog. It was created as an outpost for my websites and individuals who are part of the development of these vehicles.

I do hope that it returns to this mode. It was never meant to be about me. Although every now and then, it is good to know how the author feels about relevant subjects.

Anyway, the south has not change according to record. There is a lot of undercover things that are going on in Fayetteville and eventually I will be able to speak thoroughly about it. However, it isn’t really necessary to spend this great amount of time on one place if “we” clearly understand it is much bigger than the eye can see.

Take care and be well.

PS: If it was against the law to teach a black man how to read, why would you be surprised that established whites would do everything in their power to stop you from seeking knowledge?

That’s my story.


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