Government Spying Of Elected Officials

Isn’t this strange that this is happening around the time the FBI was found to be spying on people? One wonders whether this is a side-track story to cover the government’s ass. For instance, whether it is an elected official or a civilian, what gives the government the right to wiretap our communications? You might be saying “he’s an elected official and his actions should be scrutinized.” My response is: How far should the government go in monitoring people behavior?

Elliot Spitzer is not someone I admire, but I do believe that what he does behind closed doors is no one’s business. This is unless he was using government money to carry out this behavior.

One wonders how many others are being wiretapped. One wonders. But all I know is that we have lost all control in how much power the government has over us.

If someone should be critcized, it should be the agents who wiretapped him. Is this how our tax paying dollars being used (secretly spying on the personal lives of our politicians)?

Let him take that up with his wife. It’s none of our business. And if you are so concern about what he does behind close doors, than you need to take a good look at yourself.

All I know is this country is going in the direction of former Russia. If we can’t find peace with ourselves somewhere, than our existance as a nation should just vanish.


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