Eliot Spitzer Gone – First Selected Black Governor

This just came to press: Eliot Spitzer has resigned

What does this means? It means that New York State will be selecting their first African American governor (I guess that is the only way we can become a prominent political official in the state of NY). And I ensure you, he is not going anywhere anytime soon. David Patterson is one of the cleanest men in the state and has proven his worthiness on many issues. Unfortunately, there isn’t any kind of person I can speak of in Fayetteville NC. The black politicians eat the chicken and the white establishment feeds it to them.

Anyway, Eliot had a lot of enemies: Black Non-Profits, Wall Street, the republicans and the list is endless. The way David Patterson got to be the  Lieutenant Governor was because he needed the African American votes. He also wanted to give blacks the impression that his actions wasn’t that of a racist politician.

All I know is that although Eliot actions were immoral, it was not criminal. He was not breaking the law and there was no reason for his resignation. This was a personal issue between his family and the government was in the wrong for wiretapping him.

The question still stands, how many citizens are being wiretapped? As you have read my blog in the past, we are all being surveillance to some degree. Currently, my online activity is being surveillance by the FPD. There is literally cameras on every block in this place. How much are Americans going to tolerated? Where does it end?

It will end when Americans stand up to the establishment and put in place a system that respects people’s right to personal freedoms.



PS: When ever someone place this much attention on you, you have to be fearful of your life. These guys have a lot of history of ruining people’s lives for the sake of maintain the status quo. I say it about the republicans and I say it about this place I’m staying at currently!!!

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