Persistant Widespread Food & Product Contamination

Dear Minoo Mehrotra (U.S.D.A.),

I’m submitting my evidence concerning widespread food & product contamination.

Here’s the information you requested:

Chris J. Brunson
3439 Ramsey Street PMB #122
Fayetteville, NC 28311
phone: 347-285-7954

I contacted the headquarters of IGA Carlie C’s Supermarket and spoke to Jay Mclamb. He works in the Business Department and can be reached at: 910-892-4124. Two key areas: 1) service deliveries to the establishment and 2) how many employees are assigned to a store at a given time.

I told him about the gang stalking, electronic harassment and on-going food and product contamination I’m receiving from these criminal organizations. References should also be made to Nano Technology and the affects of SILICONE, since there is a large presence of these two ingredients in the products.

Please refer to 9-16 12:14:29 IGA Carlie C’s 1790 Owen Drive Fayetteville, NC 28304. Tele. no. 910-484-2270. Manager on duty: Gregg. Cured uncooked Semi-Air Dried Sausage 230248303506 had a large amount of smart dust particles. The smart dust is similar to eat sand or dirt, however, the affects of this ingredient is to make the body susceptible to electro-magnetic energy. See below:

Important Links:

Anyway, please contact me at your earliest convenience. There should be enough to file a complaint with your office.

Chris J. Brunson

PS: You can visit my website for further evidence in this manner: AFFIDAVIT:

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