The Coming Of the End

The coming of the end is when society breaks down. People start to become agitated about small things and very few people have time. The system starts to take an interests of average ordinary citizens, while the big fish goes about their merry way. It also when the church looses focus on what is going on, while more people get caught up with worse scenarios. And it’s when people shop to they drop without thinking about more important things like savings and preparing for disasters. It’s coming yall. The end is quite near.

This is coupled with raging fires in California and floods in the Midwest. It is the downsizing of major corporations and the horiffic lost of jobs. It is when people have to live out of their cars, because owning and renting property is just too expense.

If you think for a second things are going to get better, you are absolutely remove from life itself. Things are as good as it is going to get. So enjoy the good times while they last, because these times are going to be very short.

I’m already seeing skyrocketing food prices that was not heard of just 3 months ago. If you can’t feed your family, what good will shelter do for you?

This nation is in a crisis and most people are ignoring what is infront of us. But like I said in earlier posts, sometimes people have to learn the hard way before they wake up. Unfortunately, some don’t even make it to that point.

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