Crank Calling

I’m receiving crank calling on my Skype and cell phone. My internet and cell phone is being monitored 24 hours a day. This isn’t a hacker from the outside. It is from the government of Fayetteville NC, who still holding resentment from a complaint I made over 6 months ago. And since the incident, I have been getting these unusual calls.

This is the new south, but it isn’t only restricted to Fayetteville NC. It is happening to any black person who makes a complaint against the establishment for wrong doing. It is happening all over the south where most black people (and whites) are complacent and uneducated.

This is a place where only 12 percent of the Black people vote. It is a place where elected officials are more concerned about street repair then human rights.

It is no wonder that many people rather squeeze themselves into an area that is only 300 square miles (NYC) than to live in Fayetteville NC (or other places in the south). As a matter of fact, I was told that many people are leaving this town, because the services are very lacking in this area.

Corruption is very rampent in this area as well. I don’t know how many people are monitoring my phone calls and internet, but I was able to track three at a time. Is this where our tax money is paying?

This is happening because very few people are involved in politics in this area. The system has been setup here to discourage it.

Dangers of the Terrorist Bill

As you can see, this bill wasn’t about stoping Arab “terrorist” it was about harrassing black american citizens who defend themselves from the system. And being that the south has a history of JIM CROW, SLAVERY and the KKK, it is no surprised that this is happening.

But the most terrible thing of them all is that they have access to these techologies, which they use to hurt people. Whether it is through harrassment or creating division. It is pretty much what happens in Fayetteville NC.

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