Microwave Weapons & Government Accountability

This is an emergency.

Presently the government has taken it to the next level. Instead of just surveillance me, they are now using microwave weapons to intimidate me. But for those of you who know about microwave weapons, they can kill (superficial heart attacks, cardiac arrest and ulcers). So, if you do not hear me within a week, you can assume that I was assassinated by the Fayetteville NC establishment.

The extent of this madness is unimaginable for those of us who follow the laws. But it is not surprising for those people who is aware of the mindset.

What could have cause them to use these weapons towards me?

I’m an informed African American citizen.

That’s all you have to be to be a threat to the establishment.

You don’t have to do anything, but they know by observing people’s behavior.

If you are not typical, they beam in and start analyzing you and from there, they start harassing you.

They send police informants to talk to you to see where you are coming from.

This happened the 2nd day I was here.

Being homeless is a crime. Politicians are not accountable to their constituents.

In other words, you are a walking target.

But it happens because of the apathy in this town. Once people know that they have power in numbers, things like this would not happen. However, because people are not involved with the political system, the people who are elected feel that they can do what ever they want. This includes police officers and service workers.

Ever since I made my initial complain.

My phone was tapped (I won’t doubt this occurred before, but it is consistent now).

My internet was surveilance (I won’t doubt this occurred before since my computer suspiciously went out).

There is a deep resentment towards black educated people by a town run by blue collar people.

This is a general view and a good example would be Barack Obama. He did well with the white middle and upper classes, but bad with blue collar whites.

Blue collar whites traditionally vote for white candidates! Period!

Also, a black professional out of the blue told me that the climate here isn’t good for black business people. Note, I was homeless and had no interests in starting a business in Fayetteville. But because I articulate my message quite professionally, he assume I was a business man seeking opportunity.

Nonetheless, this is a very hostile climate for black males. Especially for black males who want to succeed.

So now it looks like I have no choice but to leave, otherwise, I could find my body in some creek somewhere.

Note: leaving would mean that I would have to put my stuff in storage and seek homeless services in another city.

This is just what kind of place Fayetteville is.

They will work on you 24 hours a day (holidays included) until you leave and once this happens, they feel that they have accomplish something. Meanwhile the roads remain unfix all around the city. The school system is one of the worse in the country and the politicans and government officials are unaccountable to the voting public.

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