Unilever stalks its customers with GPS trackers secretly placed in laundry detergent boxes (opinion)

Unilever stalks its customers with GPS trackers secretly placed in laundry detergent boxes (opinion)

(NaturalNews) The household cleaning product giant Unilever has secretly placed GPS tracker transmitters in laundry detergent boxes to track consumers to their homes. With an array of electronic sensors, team of Unilever agents can now pinpoint the exact location of the GPS trackers and walk right up to your front door. They can even remotely set off a beeper inside the box using radio electronics…

The point of all this? It’s part of Unilever’s new marketing campaign to convince consumers in Brazil to purchase more boxes of Omo laundry detergent…

This creepy “Big Brother” marketing idea is apparently exactly the kind of thing the Unilever company approves of: Spying on your customers. Unilever, by the way, is the parent company that brings you brands like Lipton tea, Skippy peanut butter, Axe cologne, and the infamous Slim-Fast sugar drink that’s somehow positioned as a “weight loss” product.
Corporations can track what you buy and where you take it!

The really important part about all this, by the way, is the realization that just about any consumer product company could be inserting tracking devices in their products right now while using surveillance analysis to determine exactly which brands you have in your home. This information could, in turn, be used to target you for further marketing or surveillance. But why would consumer product companies want to spy on you? To gather information that they can use to more effectively market products to you, of course…

…Note that this is not merely an RFID tracking tag. This is something far more technically advanced: Unilever is inserting GPS tracking transmitters (basically a transponder) into these boxes of Omo detergent, and additional circuitry allows two-way communication so that Unilever agents can remotely set off a beeper in the detergent box.

Unilever isn’t currently doing this, but it is technologically possible that the company could insert a listening device in your laundry products, too, and listen in as your family talks about cleaning products. (Market research surveillance!).

Some company could even conceivably insert a remote video camera and spy on your in your home by transmitting a video feed that they might later use for marketing purposes. The truth is, when you buy big-name corporate brands, you really don’t know what you’re bringing home…

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