Mind Control Using Nanotechnology

Mind Control Using Nanotechnology

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Mind ControlAre we moving into a time when the extraordinary advances that have been made in the fields of nanotechnology, neurology, psychology, computer science, telecommunications and artificial intelligence will be used by governmental authorities to control the population? more…

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4 thoughts on “Mind Control Using Nanotechnology

  1. Still harassed with voice to Skull 24-7. Same perpetrators. I have contacted Frankfort and they asked the jail if they were torturing me, they said no so…….no Investigating, no justice. Just constant harassment from a family of psycopaths. Hurstbourne is the name. Edd and his Three children, with his wife Diane giving the implants. Beware of Louisville Kentucky.

  2. My name is Crystal Payne, 1113 Canopy CT, Louisville, Ky 40211 502-930-8682, I am under nanotechnology-V2k. Electronic Device Surveillance & Monitoring….Urgent Matter, were do I go get help asap..skull to torture.Email does not work. This is happening to me now. Hospital refused to help…Give me a call to get proper step

  3. I was forced to take an implant on my spine in 2012 at the ccc jail (316 east chestnut st Louisville ky). I saw the braingate system in the basement there and have been tortured with v2k since 6-6-15. I moved from Louisville to keep the corrupt officers involved in the gangstalking from setting me up.

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