Radio Gig To Expose Technology Crimes

Dear Readers,

I received three emails recently concerning doing a show on surveillance issues.

The first one is a shortwave broadcast out of the state of Maine. This is the only broadcast that operates over the airwaves. Most of the programs are of a political right perspective.

The second email is from an African American webcaster and of course his station (which he calls channels) is geared to an Africa American audience.

The third email is from a progressive radio webcast that targets the left lending community.

Since the targeted individual population is so widespread in its political ideology, we feel each outfit offers a unique set of benefits.

But first we need to line up a group of hosts and producers. I still don’t have an idea of who will be participating.

If you are a targeted individual and will be interested in exploring one of these options (hosting or producing), please feel free to contact me (below).

We are looking for innovative and insightful individuals who want to make a difference in the targeted individual community.

  • Christopher J. Brunson
  • Telephone: (980) 285-7954