Human Brain Project

Brain Probes: development of new nano, micro, genetic, optical, and electrical technologies making it possible to study an ever broader range of brain structures and functions in greater depth, and more rapidly than is currently possible.

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Human Brain Project

Brain Probes: development of new nano, micro, genetic, optical, and electrical technologies making it possible to study an ever broader range of brain structures and functions in greater depth, and more rapidly than is currently possible.

Ethical, legal and social issues: The HBP (The Human Brain Project) will raise important ethical, legal, social, political and philosophical issues both about the research itself and itspotential applications. At the same time, its contributions to knowledge of the brain, cognition and behavior will have important philosophical and conceptual implications touching on basic concepts of what makes us human Against this background, the HBP will include a major program of activities dedicated to ethical, legal and social issues. The program will bring together scholars in the brain sciences, social sciences, and the humani ties to study and discuss relevant issues and will use all available channels to en courage open, well-informed debate, to dissipate potential public concerns and to enhance appreciation of the potential benefits of the project’s work.


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  1. Daniel, Thanks for your comment. What you are saying is very factual as it has happened to me as well. Have you been in touch with Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance? Their website is:

    I recommend TI’s to keep a Journal describing daily occurrences. At some point this will be used for our class action lawsuit.

    Please also refer to this link: for how you can empower yourself.


  2. I was made aware of the stalking program in early may 2014 while driving on a freeway and feeling something was odd about the way the cars were passing me and crossing in front in a way that seemed too systematic.

    Well within the next day the seeming entire population made it their business to make me very aware i was not anonymous to them, and there was a coordinated and bazaar effort for what purpose i knew too little to bother guessing. This involved everyone, kids riding bikes, homeless, every vehicle, everyone working in every retail shop, cops, road workers and it involved a thousand people surely.

    Then my home was filled with millions of nanothreads, these nanothreads are visible and they are remotely controlled, pre-charged with electrons and i suspect controlled/activated by electromagnetic wave field. These fibers or threads were so dense in the house you could see the air space moving like heat waves or a gas leak.

    Then they turned the threads on me and attacked my eyes, breath-ways, wounds and ears. They were penetrating and filling my body with poly/carbon nanomaterial. The most discomfort occurred anytime i drove anywhere because every vehicle was shooting mine with bundles of fibers which were then remote controlled into my eyes, nose and mouth. I think the mobile threads must have barbs because my eyes would burn and water along with more mucous than i can remember ever oozing from my nose. This happenned EVERY time i drove. I drove to vegas to see if they would cross the state line tears and snot both ways. And yes they had no problem with blasting my face in nevada.

    I suspected it was a homeland security oversight, perhaps they had a good ol boy with too much money and military tech to contain himself. So i complained to the HSD office of civil rights and was informed that my complaint was beyond their jurisdiction. Then i complained to the inspector general of the DOJ who informed me they would forward it to the OIG of HSD. The OIG has yet to weigh in after over a year. After nearly two months of threading it just stopped.

    Other than filling my head with nanomaterial, they simultaneously were also covering me with nano material that wove into my clothing and they could remotely control the material in the fabric to wiggle and poke me. In a second my entire shirt would feel like it was made of a thousand insects, and my underwear would attack my crotch with poking, and very lively carbon/polymer nanorobots.

    At first i thought the poking may be an attempt to get a Blood/DNA sample and they were attempting to enforce a warrant. Since the drone legislation is pretty new, they must be considering a remote control sample poker to fall under the drone vagary. I soon came to terms with the obvious conclusion they were attempting to stimulate a behavioral response that would be seen as schizophrenic. Actively attempting to manufacture a seeming psychotic breakdown is very dark and rum business all around.

    Then came the robots, i drove up to sacramento just on a whim, i wanted to see the senate, perhaps seek a constitutional law attorney and also to see what they would do in the state government houses. While driving my car became filled with crawling remote controlled robot things about the size of a pill capsule. Every time a truck would pass, mostly conway trucks, the little robots would all jump and buzz really loudly and i was getting poked so i assume poking things shot out. It was extraordinary. I was too nervous to put my feet on the floor and drove a hundred miles with a stick on the accelerator.

    Anywho, the gang stalking has not let up, the nanomaterial packed in my head was likely assembled into a biochip of some sort. My stalkers can hear everything i say, even the very softest almost lip-sync sounds. I can only guess what purpose it has and if i had to offer possibilities it may be transmitting feedback on heart rate, blood pressure, glandular activity, brain chem levels, it may transmit what i see as well as what i hear, gps, it may emit infrared and can be tracked by satelite. Or none of those, or those and more.

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