November 2015 Journal


11-1 Talkshoe. Audio Journal will be post-pone until later this month due to my visit in New York. Audio Journal is an audio compliation of events happening each month concerning the crimes I’m experiencing. Audio Journal can be heard the first week each month and can be found by searching for 83319 – which is the Government Sponsored Stalking channel.

11-1 8p Key Food. 3515 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, NY 10467. Telephone No.: 718-881-8790 Manager: Jason. Purchased Key Food Brand Pasta Spaghetti 8, Prego Meat Sauce, Razoni Thin Spaghetti 9, Brocolli and Key Food Brand Hot Dog Franks.

11-1/2 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks started with a slight heartbeat, but mostly directed at the toes and feet. So there was some minor contamination. I was not anticipating going into this store, but years earlier I have been in this store before. The store did not look like stocking has taking place recently, so the goods much has been stocked several hours ago. Anyway, the Key Food store was about to close when I checked out.

11-2 Aggressive attacks to the stomach and some feet attacks.

11/2/3 Aggressive attacks to the stomach and feet.

11-3 Aggressive attacks to the stomach and feet. Every time I go to the bathroom, I heard someone in there. When I turned on the water, it sounded like something is connected to it. I could feel the chemicals in the water as I was in the bathtub.

11-3 Rapid heartbeat the first time I woke up from a nap.

11-4 Attacks was concentrated to the legs and feet. Some attacks could be felt in the stomach. And of course attacks on the toes, specifically the big toe was felt.

11-4 Script Program. It follows where ever you go. So the stuff they were doing in the location you left, it is repeated. The way the perpetrators (contrators) follows the exact same formulas even though some areas consist of more people (Fayetteville vs New York City). Devices. When I’m in the woods, they placed devices around me, which they sometimes control from another location. In an apt situation, “tenants” are equiped with these devices, which they follow you around. When you are on the side of Apt B, they will be doing most of the targeting, but when you moved to another section of the apt Apt D will target you. If you on the top floor, attacks can be felt below If you are in a bottom apt, attacks can be felt below. I’m in a apt that has a court yard. They are four buildings in this court yard, so if I’m sitting by a window, I can be hit by anyone of those individuals in any of those buildings. I have even experienced attacks from police helicopters, which I forgot to mentioned, because what happens to me in New York City is so overwhelming and involved. When I’m in Fayetteville, NC military aircraft pass high above so it is less noticeable. The only way I know is how my electronic act. I was on the train and one of the perpetrators (contractors) was talking on his cell phone asking his handler if he could reach me. The perpetrators on the ground are just there to enforce what the guy on the computer manipulating the satellites is doing.

11-5 Computer Hacking. I left my computer online while I went to do something. When I came back, the screen was black. So I first thought it ran out of power, so I replace the battery. The screen was still blank. This has happened before on another computer, so I wasn’t surprise. I had to go on another computer to find files that would allow me to flash the bios. I had already downloaded files, but the computer refused to flash from the USB. So immediately was thinking about purchasing another similar computer, because I had some important files on a hard drive. Unlike the Acer, this is the only Asus I have. I have to lug 3 computers with me every time I go out so my computer aren’t hacked. But at least I can get to a computer if one goes down. Anyway, I kept reading up about the Asus computer to see if I can find out why the screen was blank. Later in the night, I was able to see that the computer wasn’t blank at all. It was just dark. That information really helped me. Earlier I was looking at blank screen, black screen, flashing bios and now how to fix a dim screen. Because this wasn’t a black screen, there was a easy solution. Besides, what is used for recovering from a black/blank screen is very different from a dim screen. F2 constantly and going back to default and save F10. And Then F9 continuously. Alt F6 fixed the dim screen. It was about 3A when I found this out after waking up.

11-5 7:30a Woke up and my arms and body was trembling. I also had a very rapid heartbeat and continuous pulsing of implants directed to the joint of my right foot big toe,. When I got up, the trembling, rapid heartbeat and continuous pulsing of implants directed to the joint of my right foot big toes. But the attacks of my right foot big toes started again as I became stationary. Last night I ate late and was on the INTERNET way in the midnight. And what I know about this program, attacks increase in the night, because these crimes operate on the cover of darkness.

11-5 Attacks mainly coming from Apt. G. Attacks could be felt on my toes, feet, legs, stomach, back, arm joints, finger joints, knees, hands, eyes, ect. But there was a noticeable changed when I situated myself away from the side Apt. G is on.

11-5/6 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the legs, stomach and feet was felt.

11-6 Attacks to the feet, particularly the right foot big toe and bee stings to the right leg.

11-6/7 Attacks increase throughout the night into the morning. The attacks are felt through the floor, which is the apt below me “A” and Apt G on the side of me. When I go to the bathroom, I hear someone turning on something (more likely a water pump designed to push chemical tech through the pipes). I also noticed some activity heard from the apt B same floor. This is why I don’t live in an apt. I stay in the woods, because I at least know who is right in front of me.

11-7 I spent this day traveling to pick up some binds. The binds is to organized my aunt’s apt. When flag a taxi, I notice someone with a set of white ear buds in there ear. He was in the vehicle, which he got out.  I have video documentation showing that my perpetrators wearing these instruments. Earlier I had discussed to my aunt that I we need a mini-van to pick us up because of all the binds we were carrying. So this vehicle was brought in to pick us up, which was a staged event. I also notice a lot of directed energy directed at my toes as we were being transported to the residence.

11-7/8 Attacks to the feet, legs, toes, arms, hands, elbow, eyebrows, eyes, nose, ect. Vibrations of energy could be felt on my feet, legs, eyebrows and hands.While every time they hit my nose with the directed energy, it was like snoring. My elbow,m toes and legs was like bee stings,.

11-8/9 I moving too often to notice anything happening to me. But as I laid down in the room adjacent to Apt. G, attacks to the legs, toes, feet and other parts of the body increased. I also experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable shakiness of the right arm. Attacks also felt on the arm joins and eyebrows.

11-9 I was informed from that Ken Rhodes was recently elected to the board of directors of Freedom For Covert Harassment & Surveillance (FFCHS). Last week I called the Saturday call and they were discussing his role. I introduced myself briefly, but nothing has come of it. This was why. For sometime, FFCHS has been closed off only to a selected few that Derrick controlled. But I’m still confused whether this “new” direction is going to fix things. The good ole boys network is very scary to me, even though changing the old guard is good.

11-9 Train ticket made for Thursday morning, which would end my two weeks visit in NYC. Later in the even I received a buzz from downstairs and then someone rang the door bell. However, my Aunt alerted me that they did not want to show themselves.

11-9/10 Attacks in the form of body vibrations, legs, feet and hands was very common this period. What was particularly noticeable was the continuous pulsing of my noise which each hit produced a snoring sound. This practice was common during the early part of the targeting. Burning of the ears were also felt. The result of this is hearing lost of my left ear.

11-10 After consuming the food and water, attacks to my left ear increased. I could feel the build up of technology at the very back of my ear. So there is a certain level of nano contamination in the food. What this tells me is that the general public food is being contaminated on a smaller level as the attacks are minimum to certain parts of my body. With that said, because of the severity of the attacks to this part of my body, the result is 80 percent hearing loss on my left ear. Attacks can also be felt on my legs in the form of bee stings and feet as vibrations. Some attacks could also be felt on my toes and fingers joints.

11-10 Everytime I go into the bathroom, I hear a faucet being turned on, but it quickly disappears. It is pretty obvious that they have something connected to the pipes. This was exactly what I experiences in 2012 and 2009. 2009 was in another building and the result was a major water leak into adjacent apartments. I even have a video documenting this. Of course the pipes could not handle that much pressure being put through them and they start leaking. What this tells me is how vulnerable the water system is. If someone could buy a $200 water pump and hook it into water system without detection, just imagine how those who mean Americans harm can use this method to their benefit. Placing water pressure detection systems is all that is needed to prevent this problem. But when the state engages in this practice (Con Edison working on the street pipes outside the building; Washington DC power Utility working right outside the congress building, etc) then it becomes very clear to me that the terrorist war is really against Americans by our own government!

11-10/11 Attacks to the Knees, leg joints, head, left eye, stomach and left ear. When I got up to go to the bathroom, I heard a loud bang. It sounded like they were moving the pulsing device around. I had experience something similar when I was in Fayetteville and it has been documented on this website. From what I know, these devices can easily be moved from place to place and they put out a very direct energy in the area that it covers. Also, I did get a very vivid dream (which happens everyday), which resulted in a rapid heartbeat, but it was nothing unusual.

11-11 Radionics and Counter-measures. As FFCHS (Freedom From Covert Harassment is Taking a different direction, I have been wondering what would come of this new direction. First of all, for sometime, FFCHS for  some time has been sending letters to the government to convince them that these crimes are happening and they need to stop. And each time, the government just denies it is happening. And recently, FFCHS has jumped on the bandwagon to support Amy Anderson in her fight to get legislation past in her jurisdiction. It soon became a national campaign to get TI’s to contact there council members to get some recourse in this manner. Then we had the billboards that Ken Rhodes came up with as a focal point to getting some resolution in this manner. Note: I had mention the council member idea back in 2008. That was 8 years ago! And in 2010 the idea developed into an Affidavit program that would be sent to key politicians in the state and jurisdiction that TI’s reside at. Unfortunately, that was placated into a PETITION that was made to resemble an AFFIDAVIT, which was sent to the Justice Department. Of course, it  blew up in Derrick’s Face and the people who followed his misguided way. But this was by designed and that why every time a TI such as Ken, Myself and AMY comes up with an idea, somehow this DERRICK dude (which some people are fooled by him being a TI) would come in an MESS IT UP! I sure hope that is not the direction that this new “PROGRESSIVE” FFCHS is taking, because I rather it not exist! Anyway, I had since moved on from the Affidavit idea. Majority of TI’s did not want to sign on to it, because it would take a lot of work on their part and we are reliant to a criminal government (organization) that is at war with the American public. So I have upgraded my focus to RADIONICS and Counter-measures on dealing with the targeting. The reason why I’m so supportive of Radionics, is because I experienced it as a member of Human Protection Software Suite performed by Mellhedek. He has shown me that relief can come from this technique. If TI’s can just put all there complaints aside, they can learn more about this technique. There is a learning curve to this, but it is well worth the time to free ourselves from this criminal program that is call Human Experimentation. For me, it is more than Human Experimentation, it is a program designed to destroy free will and the ability to experience life the way that GOD intended it to be. With that said, I can only wish the “NEW” FFCHS the best and if it lives up to what it is telling us, I will lay down the RED carpet.

11-11 This is my last full day in the STATE of NEW YORK. As I’m walking I experienced the exactly same kind of car stalking here. Vehicles would meet me at the intersection or they would be parked in certain locations with individuals in them. Also, a large amount of pedestrians in the area. Several perpetrators was seen with white earbuds and they were clearly engaged in “surveillance” (gpsing the area using cell phones). Woodlawn. When I got to my mailbox I was entertain with electro-magnetic energy directed at my knees and head. It is very common for the criminal organization to setup a location (residence or business) when they know you are going to be there. Yonkers. As I was walking, I came across a big intersection. It took me about 30 minutes to arrive at Yonkers Avenue. This is the main street for the city of Yonkers and is very popular amongst motorists. This is the first time I felt a strong signal sensation directed at my left elbow. I’m very sure that the device that was placed in the Woodlawn business lead to this experience. I also noticed as I was walking, I came across residences with strong electro-magnetic surges. I ended my trip at cross county mall.

11-11/12 Went to bed early due to my long travel, which would happen at 6a. I made the mistake of calling a conference call. It was a replica of the FFCHS calls of the past. There was no strategy or networking, just a lot of complaining. I was using my Aunt’s phone, so it was unlimited. When I get my new phone, it would not be unlimited, because I’m not interested in entertaining these kind of calls or the people associated with them. I rather spend my time on-line writing my journal and researching possible healing methods. But if FFCHS takes a more counter-measure direction, I will give it my time. There are two people that should be given considerable consideration. John Mecca and Melledek. There is no reason that after 10 years, perpetrators should be able to use cellular phone to manipulate different parts of the body and mind. It is a total embarrassment on our part that this has not been solved.

11-12 Amtrak. I headed to the train station, which I arrived early. The train left on schedule. As always, they were several individuals seated. They were space apart, but was close as two empty seat apart. This allows them to be in range of hitting me with their devices. Each stop new people will come on. The first set would immediately be in my perimeter. However, eventually a young Caucasian male sat behind me. This was an exact duplicate of my trip going to New York. Everything I deal with is very scripted and systematic. Anyway, eventually a Caucasian female sat directly across from me. Immediately she was on her phone. So it was pretty obvious why she was there. I also noticed that the conductor who took my ticket did not take a ticket from her. He also placed a blank stub right above her seat. When I turned on my computer, she immediately placed her cell phone in her bag. I could connect to the wifi, but I couldn’t surf. The perpetrators have hacked my machine, which I later found by watching a male passenger surfing on his computer. Anyway, to make a long story short, this female left without showing a ticket. The conductor was gone as well. Note: It is not uncommon to use fillins for the purpose of stagging certain people around you for hiding their identity. Meanwhile, the next person occupying this seat across from me was an African American male. He wasn’t as active on his device as the female, but the Caucasian male behind me was extremely active almost the entire time. Then there was an older Caucasian male that came on later that sat by the African American guy. He immediately strike a conversation with the African American guy. Although brief, it was noticeable. It told me there was an association. This was especially true after I got up to walk around. I had been sitting for 7 straight hours and it was starting weigh on me. But judging by this Caucasion guy response when briefly talking to this AA guy, he thought it had to do with how he was gpsing my area implants. So it is very clear to me that the only reason why these individuals are on this train, is so they can hit me with their technology. INSANE! Anyhow, Wilson was a BIG stop for a lot of passengers. I was the only person in this car getting off at Fayetteville. This was in-reverse from my trip in 2014, where a large amount of people got off the same stop. What TIs have to understand that the attacks are very coordinated and where these individuals get on/off, where they sit and how some use there devices and some don’t is by design. In all, the attacks was mainly directed at the feet and head. Some attacks could be felt on my legs, stomach and left eye. When I got out of the train, I felt continuous pulsing of my left foot. It did not matter where I was at. I did eat the day before, which I should have done. But walking into Yonkers did help.

11-12/13 Fayetteville. Arrived around 4:30p. When I got back to my home base it was the same as usual, but wet. The pulsing of my left foot remained until I got up around 11p. Later attacks could be felt on my stomach. I did not eat anything. Had I eaten, the attacks would have been more involved, but I sufficed!

11-13 Heard grass being cut near warehouse. This is the first time in months that this has happened. I know they place technology in area using this method.

11-13 Ate twice. First meal consist of crackers and peanut butter. The second meal was French salad dressing, crackers and salmon. It was the salmon that was heavily contaminated, because once I consumed it, the electro-magnetic attacks increased. It was directed mostly to my stomach and later my chest near my heart muscle.

11-13/14 Was woken several times in the night. It was particularly a cold night so I went to sleep early. Sleeping allows them to do several things to you that being awake doesn’t. The first time I was woken, a rapid heartbeat did not occurred, but I heard a familiar motorcyclist coming into the warehouse and than leaving a short time later. I have heard this individual for years, so I know he is on the payroll as a contractor. Anyway, when I was woken several times thereafter, I had a rapid heartbeat. Things don’t happen to you by accident, it is very well plan. Also attacks to the right and left foot (big toes and upper regions), bee sting attacks to the right and left legs were noticeable. At around 7/8am attacks could be felt on the right eye.

11-14 Powdery substance coming out of oatmeal package. This powdery substance is most likely nano technology. Later after consuming this product, attacks to the stomach increased.

11-14 I seen four dogs coming into my area. They were not stray dogs. It clearly looked like they were being directed by the criminal organization. The dogs themselves have been implanted and they are carrying GPS collars. The dogs allow the perpetrators to be hidden and they can travel through brush much easier, because they are lower and have protective fur.

11-14/15 In the early part of the night attacks to the legs, neck, ears, feet, toes, neck, eyes, stomach, ect. was continuous. Also, several times I was woken, I had a rapid heartbeat. When I turned towards the left, signals increased, which was directed at my stomach.

11-15 I ate mostly tuna that I got from my aunt’s house. I did not notice any type of contamination and the targeting did not appear to exist after consuming these items. However, there is still the presence of nano contaminates in my body from past consumptions, so targeting still exist on some level. As been my experience, sometimes they might build up these nano pathogens in my body to create new modes of targeting, which happened after not eating for 3 days several weeks ago.  Also have to take in account, the type of food I’m eating, which might assist in blocking their ability to carry out these attacks. I’m not fully clear what is going on, but I do know that the presence of crystallized nano (smart dust (sensors)) almost always lead to more attacks.

11-15/16 Throughout the night into the next morning, I did not experience the attacks that I did the previous nights. However, I did noticed that I heard a loud popping sound coming from the warehouse opposite of the main street.

11-16 I ate the second can of salmon, but I did not drink the fluids that was in the can. I think this helped, as contamination always starts with the fluids first and than the product being targeted second. Also, within an hour after eating, I left the area. This did not give the perpetrators a chance to setup the recently consumed nano technology in my body the way they want to. Later I did noticed a guy in an unusual place as I was leaving the area. So this told me that there was a device in the immediate area that this perpetrator was working from and that this method allowed them to track me while I was mobile.

11-16 When I first got to the storage attacks were not present. After talking to the attendant, the attacks became increasingly noticeable. The attacks was directed mainly at my ear. I’m also aware that this individual was brought into this position for this purpose. I have documented this. Not Surprisingly, the attacks disappeared with minutes after leaving this facility, which tells me there is a device present. Note: During the early part of the targeting, rows of individuals would be rolling into this facility. Not a single person came on the scene. So they don’t need all the people, because I have a high level of implants in my body that can be program on a specific frequency and the present devices can be accessed by passing vehicles on the roadway.

11-16 17:24 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #4902 336 North Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 28301-5175. Telephone # 910-484-1388. Manager On Duty: Thersea. Before I even got into the store, the presence of perpetration was obvious. The first individual I came across was a hot dog “vendor”. I had seen this individual in the past at this same location and another Dollar Tree location. So he was a staging point of electro-magnetic attacks. Then I got into the store, there was a guy who look like he was involved with the store some kind of way. What I know to be true is that they would bring in outside perpetrators (usually African Americans) to stock an establishment with the reconditioned (contaminated) goods. But they aren’t the ones usually doing the alteration of these products. Anyhow, as I was shopping I notice a “customer” all the way in the back. This is usually the place I start off first. Then soonafter, a lot of other “customers” now seem to be concentrated in this area. Since they know my shopping patterns, it is pretty obvious what’s going on here. I also noticed the manager opening up a new line. This is the area where my shopping cart sits at. So this was a staging point for someone to go into my property – most likely water and other food items that might be accessible for contamination. Luckily I did not have anything but water and that was locked into a cabinet, which I built over a year ago, to keep the perpetrators from contaminating my items. Anyway, I purchased Onion Rings, TJ Farm Broccoli & Cauliflower, Natural Select Snacks; Indulgent Trail Mix, Chocolate & Nut Trail Mix and Tropical Trail Mix, Tri color Rotini, Jennie-O Turk Bacon and Vegetable Oil.

11-16/17 Almost the same as yesterday, no known attacks that can be describe in detail.

11-17 First consumed the Trail Mixes that I had purchased from Dollar Tree Stores and I could taste notice crystalline nano tech in items. Later I consumed the onion rings, frozen vegetables, vegetable oil, jennie-o bacon and technology could be tasted in all items.

11-17 After waking up from an induced nap, I first noticed a rapid heartbeat. Having a rapid heartbeat during the day has not been common for quite some time, so it is pretty obvious that it came from the food. Had I not consumed the food, the attacks would be almost non-existant. Besides nano-technology, they are placing chemicals like drugs and neuro-toxins in the food. Everything is well-documented here and if someone was doing their DAMN! jobs! this shit would not be happening. Anyway, the contamination of food is a direct connection to the electro-magneted program (which some people say are remote human experimentation) I been placed in. The criminal program is operated by hired government contractors!

11-17/18 Attacks to the stomach was persistent as was bee stings to the legs. Also felt signaling to the left foot toes and upper regions, which resembles electrical current to the body. The entire time I did not experienced a rapid heart beat, although I could clear feel the criminal organization remotely embedding the consumed tech to my heart and right chest. Also pain could be felt in the upper right arm joints and attacks to the knees where common.

11-18 Over have of this month has past and no Audio Journal. Because of my trip to New York and the complications of getting thing back in order in Fayetteville, I fail to remember about doing the journal. Also, I do not have any phone service at the moment, except a couple of prepay services, which defeats the purpose of doing the call. AJ might have to turn into something I’m uploading, than a live call that people can call in after the recording has ended. It sure will save me on per  minute charges, as I don’t see no reason to pay for unlimited services. There isn’t a TI community that is big enough or serious enough or worth of my time. And I’m not crossing my fingers that FFCHS is going to get it together. The same problems that existed before Derrick still exist after he is long gone. For me, the problem has always been the “TI” community that some people are still believing that is bigger than what it is. If you only know by my interactions with a lot of people, I would be surprise if it is more than a thousand and my assessment is not limited to the states either.

11-18 As I was leaving the area, I could feel attacks directed to the right leg in the form of bee stings. It was continuous until I got to the downtown area of Fayetteville. At this point the technology that was in my body was no longer available for direct GPS tracking. Earlier, I had eaten peanut butter that I got from my Aunt’s house in New York. Almost everything that consumers purchase is contaminated with nano technology, but the amount of the technology is considerably lower. So this explains why after some time, the attacks disappeared.

11-18 Food Lion 342 N Eastern Blvd Ste 2. Fayetteville, NC 28301-5160 910-485-8886. Purchased Cobblestone Bread Company 18 oz., Food Lion Brand Yellow Onions 3lbs., Ball Park Brand Beef Franks 30 oz., 2 Food Lion Brand Hot Dog Buns, Sunkist Texas Red Grape Fruit 15 lbs., 4 4664 Tomatoes, Nature’s Place Organic Navel Oranges 3 Lbs. and Food Lion Brand Boneless & Skinless Portions Chicken Breast with Rib meat 2.5 lbs.

11-18 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store # 4902 336 North Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 38301-5175. Purchased Lemon Canes, Sweetarts, Butter Cookies, Hunts Ketchup, 2 Progressive Soups, Relish, 2 Circle A Meatballs, 2 Steamed Corn 10 oz., Hand Sanitizer, Body Wash, 2 Kidney Beans and 2 Black Eye Peas. When I went to check out a woman dress in black and red act like she was having trouble making payment. This is one of the tactics that they use to program devices according to the implants in my body. Sometime two or more people are used. In this case, it was the cashier and the customer. Right before checking out, I felt a strong signal directed at my right arm in the form of vibrations. When I step away from the area that the cashier was, the attacks stopped. When I came back, the attacks did not return. I learn how to step away from attacks like this one by walking away as soon as they start. This way, they can put a lock on me. Also, the line became full with “people” as soon as I was ready to leave. I swear, that every single “person” that was a “customer” in this store was on this line when I checked out. I believe this had to do with the peanut butter I ate before leaving the area. The peanut butter had mild levels of technology in it. This is partly how they control people around you.

11-18/19 Throughout the night into the morning attacks directed at the legs in the form of bee stings. No other attacks were noticeable.

11-19 Upon consuming the Cobblestone Bread nano particles were tasted in this product. This was consumed with the John Morrell Sliced Ham, which ate seperately, did not detect any nano particles in this product. Also was able to taste nano particles in the Grapefruit and Oranges, which was neatly stacked in the produce section, before purchasing it. Almopst immediately, attacks was felt on my stomach and then my feet. The attacks was continuous and now I feel something similar to electrical current in both of my feet.

11-19 After waking up around 9p I had a rapid heartbeat. Also attacks to my feet and legs was noticeable. Mostly a tiredness feeling was felt.

11-20 Went back to sleep around 2a and was up around 7a. Attacks to the stomach, hands and feet was noticeable.

11-20/21 Woke up with a neck spasm. The pain was felt at the very based of the neck

11-21 Sometimes it takes me several days to figure out what lead me to react the way I did. In this instance, it involved an establishment called Roses. Roses is located 336 N. Eastern Blvd., Suite 3 Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301 Phone: 910-484-1254. The business is owned by John William Pope under the name Variety Wholesalers. John is an active Republican who runs a think tank and could be responsible for the right wing direction the state is going (stricker voter registration requirements, abortion, illegal immigration, redistricting, ect.) Not too long ago there was a protest against him. Because of the lack of businesses in the area and not having a car I’m forced to patronize this business. But if things was different, I would not – both for political, social and reasons because of me being a targeted individual. Since being a regular customer of this business, I have been inflicted with contaminated products such as cosmetics such as peroxide, grease, lotion and food items. I also dealt with plan harassment from employees around shopping in store. These are stagging point tactics to the electronic harassment. But at first thought, racial profiling, The way I was able to piece together by piecing all the facts in my mind. To understand went on is how the electronic protocol works, which is more effective when a person is under stress. Anyway, when I first entered the store, two individuals came in the store. They appeared to be in a rush. One particular individual made a point to walk as close to me as possible. I saw her again in Food Lion. When a person walks close to you, they are hitting you with the electro-magnetic device that is concealed on their persons. The device is set at certain frequencies to manipulate the implants in your body. They are usually the first staged of attacks. Then I seen an older guy standing in the very back of the store. I later found he was near the underwear section. Earlier I was thinking about purchasing underwear – so they read my mind and this guy was a stagging point. I knew that, because the way he was standing, it was more like he was waiting for a bus, than interesting in underwear. Anyway, soon as I got to the back of the store, the clerk who I seen earlier was calling security to check the alse. This isn’t the first time this tactic was used on me. At first thought, it was racial profiling, but my mind took me back to the point when I rushed back to the front. When I got there I seen a man on a ladder. I did not seen no ladder before. Time is of an essence, because I rushed to the front of the store, they didn’t have time to program what they placed in that ceiling. So I went to another part of the store. I immediately noticed store employees stocking “new” food item. This is generally the case for many stores I shop at, which is part of the systematic alteration of food/drink for purpose of maintaining the electro-magnectic control of my life. Anyway, the guy that was “looking” at underwear was now on the line. He left the store shortly before I enter the line. But he wasn’t gone for good. I could clearly see her looking in his direction. He was standing outside the store, but not close enough that you can get a good view of him. The clerk that was working the register was now glaring at him, even though he wasn’t so visible in the window. It was real strange. Somehow this guy came back into the store. There, he got a scan of an item he just purchase. I just thought they needed him in the store at that particular time. Then I seen another “customer” come rushing to cashier. Each time I’m being hit with these electronic devices. I had eaten peanut butter that I had brought from Aunt’s house.

11-21/22 Rapid heartbeat several times in the night into the morning. Also continuous attacks to the stomach was felt.

11-22 Attacks to my computer resulted in me having to flash my hard drive. The problem first started with firefox – the inability to download the browser, because of a manipulated inactive connection.

11-22 After consuming the meal with the Progressive Sour attacks to the legs in the form of continuous pulsing was felt. Later in the night it also included attacks to the stomach.

11-23 Early in the morning attacks to the feet was noticeable.

11-23 Towards the later part of the day attacks in the form of bee stings increased to my legs. But other attacks occurred throughout the day as well. They were directed at  my feet, hands, stomach (which was continuous), toes, fingers, head and eyes.

11-23 It was particular cold this evening so I went to sleep early. I experienced my first rapid heartbeat and than my second. However, I was woken more than 8 times and non followed after the initial attacks to my heart. I did experienced continued vibrations, which varied in strength. But more noticeable was the pulsing of my left leg, which was continuous throughout the night. I would go in and out. Also stinging of my right leg happened during certain periods.

11-24 Around 1a I heard someone in the area. At this point the attacks increased, but disappeared shortly. I have develop a way to dispell some of the attacks. Then at 3a I heard a car alarm and a truck backup sound signal. I have heard activity around this time before. This is the warehouse on the main street and is the perpetrator paradise. Anyway, I heard further activity in the woods around me and the attacks increased again, but they disappeared shortly. The attacks were mainly directed at my stomach and legs. I also felt attacks to my neck, arms, shoulders and fingers.

11-24/25 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the legs in the form of bee stings, shoulders, arms in the form of muscular pain, stomach, toes, feet, eyes, head and fingers.

11-25 The earlier part of the day was spent preparing to go to the Laundromat. I had accumulated a lot of dirty clothes, because of my trip to New York.

11-25 Before making my way to the Laundromat, I decided to stop by Family Dollar, which is located 2893 Owen Drive, Fayetteville, NC. Telephone # 910-483-2404. Manager: Adora. When I first went into the store I went to the very back where the food was. There I seen a cart full with boxes. This the only area of the store that I seen this, so it was pretty obvious that they were rushing to get this reconditioned food on the shelves. Anyway, I purchased Tyson Boneless Chicken Breast 2lb (they were only two available), FG Tater Puffs Frozen Potatoes 32oz.,Tide Laundry Detergent and Suavitel Fabric Conditioner.

11-25 Laundromat. When I go into this facility, I throw my clothes in the machine and leave. Sometimes I run an errand, but most times I sit a distance away from the building. The reason, the large amount of perpetrators in the form of ghetto, poor, low-class trash in the area. When I come back it is to put my clothes in the driers. And on my last visit to this establishment, it is to put my clothes in the laundry bags to fold later. I did noticed a young male standing in front of store numerous occasions. And as I was talking my clothes out of the driers, this individual is in my perimeter. He had placed clothes in a drier right next to mine. This is to give them reason to be close to you. All of them are carrying electro-magnetic devices on their persons. Shortly afterwards another guy appeared. He, too, had placed clothes in a drier next to mine. As I left I seen two persons inside their vehicles gpsing. Although I did not feel any initial attacks, later down the road I did feel some stinging on my right leg. I quickly ask the spirits to remove the sensations and it was gone. The mind is your best defense.

11-25/26 Because I did not eat and I walked several miles today, the targeting was very minimal.

11-26 Thanksgiving Day. As I was cooking the boneless chicken that I purchased from Family Dollar, I seen a thick white liquid oozing from it. There is also the presence of these chemical tech in the apples that was given to me as a “gift”. After consuming this meal also consisting of taters, the attacks to my stomach increased. Then attacks to my head, toes, feet and legs happened later.

11-26/27 Throughout the night attacks to the stomach and toes was noticeable. However, after 1a during sleep, attacks was minimum.

11-27 Roses 336 N. Eastern Blvd., Suite 3 Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301 Phone: 910-484-1254. Went inside the store to exchange a par of underwear. When I went into the store, there was a lot of activity in the front. I had to go to the very back of thee store to get the item, so it was a challenge to leave my cart unattended. It took me less than a minute to retrieve the product and than to make it up to the front. I will like to believe that no one attempted to access my water bottles. However, when I got to the gas station, my water bottle was leaking. I have not had any problems with leaking bottles since I filled them. I have since re-secured the cabinet that holds my button.

11-27/28 After a long day of shopping, I made it back to my home base. I did not prepare my sleeping area in the usual place. For a short time, I did not feel any attacks. But after hearing something in the bushes near me, the attacks begin. The amount of noise I heard told me that the device is not small, but small enough that an adult male can move. So I moved away from this section of woods that is unaccessible from this area. When I re-set up in a slight new position, the attacks were lower. So proximity is very important. I also start banging my feet together. As long as I was banging my feet together, the attacks were not present. When I went to sleep and than waking up, attacks was directed to my hips, which felt like electrical current surrounding my mid-section. Sleeping in this particular area does allow to leave this area since it is closer to the street.

11-28 Laundromat. On my way to the Bragg Blvd shopping district I stop at the Laundromat on Fort Bragg Road. Unlike the past Laundromat, which is managed by a convenience store, this one is managed by a cleaners. When I first entered this facility, there was no one present. There was someone “working” on the roof, which I later seen two additional people on the back end of this facility. (The number of people around is very important as they are used for the targeting). Then I noticed one drier being used. After 15 minutes, the second person that I could see entered the area as a “customer.” He was the one who was using the drier. So upon seeing this individual, one might think that they were there to retrieve their clothes. That’s not what happened. He went inside and pulled one item at a time to fold on the table (not several items, which most people do to 1) prevent the drier from loosing heat and 2) use the maximum paid time that was available.) This method increased his present at the facility. Of course this was intensional. When he left, it wasn’t long another person arrived to do their “laundry”. I was already outside when the first person arrived as I’m aware they setup devices inside the facility. And when I’m outside, I’m not in one place for an extended period of time. But when ever I am positioned in one area, the amount of car stalking increases in that second of road. And if that isn’t effective, which happened several times, they would have several individuals walk or jog in the area. Everything you see is by design and no one person you see is not removed from attacking you with these electronic devices (on person or in area).

11-28 10:49a Short Stop 67 105 N. Olive Road Fayetteville, NC 28305. Employee: Annee was doing inventory when I arrived. I purchased Maola Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

11-28 I didn’t eat the ice cream until I was a distant away from the Laundromat. After taking a few scopes of the Ice Cream, I immediately noticed a man walking in my direction. And shortly afterwards, two joggers. They were on both sides of the street. So I made myself in the yard of the church. As this man made his way in my direction, he kept staring at me. This is not normally what people do in this area of Fayetteville, so I knew already he wasn’t a resident in this area. He was someone who was brought in to walk this stretch of road as a GPS point.

11-28 1:15p Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #471 2636 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303-4144. Telephone No. 910-486-9050. Manager: Frank. Purchased Naturally Selected Tropical Trail Mix, Indulgent Trail Mix, Chocolate & Nut Trail Mix, Fruit & Nut Trail Mix, Sugar Babies, Kidney Beans, York Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties, Milk Dud’s, Chef Boyardie Spaghetti, Ravioli and Canned Chicken and Super Glue Gel. Unlike prior visits to this establishment, there were no boxes sitting everywhere. However, some alse clearly looked like it just been stocked.

11-28 1:37p IGA Carlie C’s 2738 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303. Telephone No: 910-483-8454. Manager: Dennis Digman. Purchased HT Pinto Beans, Pomp Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tide Laundry Detergent, P5 Country Style Pork Slices, Bananas, Tomatoes, Yellow Onions and Grape Fruit.

11-28/29 Throughout the night into the morning attacks were mainly directed to the right leg in the form of bee stinging. Other attacks included the stomach, head, feet, shoulders, arms, eyes, nose and so on.

11-29 Upon consuming the items, there is not one item that has not been altered for these illegal “experiments”. But specifically was able to taste the technology in the spaghetti (dollar Tree), grape fruit (IGA), Meat (IGA), Trail mix (Dollar Tree), Circus Peanuts (Dollar Tree), Onions (IGA), ect., ect., ect. Upon eating these items attacks to the Legs, stomach and other parts of the body increased.

11-29/30 Doing first and second sleep and than being woken, a rapid heartbeat. There afterwards attacks to this area was not felt. However, during this time, it was raining.

11-30 After eating attacks to the stomach increased to the eyes, hands, feet, legs and fingers. Particularly with the fingers needle prick sensations directed at the very tips and joint and bee stings were felt to the legs.

11-30/12-1 In the night attacks to the stomach was persistant. When I turned to a different sleep side, gas and bloating would increased. Also attacks would be directed to a different part of my body. This is not always the case though. Other attacks were to my legs, fingers (tips and joints), head, shoulders, arms (joints), elbows and eyes. The symptoms were bee stings, muscular pain (similar to arthritis) and signaling (which feels like electrical current through body). Moreover, attacks to hips were felt.

Conclusion. This summarize the journal for the entire month of November. The month started with my visit in New York. Although the food and liquid contamination wasn’t a big factor in the target due to consuming items that was purchased from Aunt sometime ago, being in a climate controlled environment makes the targeting more challenging. Moreover, the direct presence of individuals and their ability to access unlimited Alternate Current allows them to be more precise with the targeting. After getting back to Fayetteville, the targeting is minimized in the beginning, but after the second day, it is the usual. The script used to do the targeting is exactly the same. The only difference is the amount of people used in New York is a lot higher, while in Fayetteville, the criminal organization have setup an infrastructure for the targeting. Since being back, the targeting was focused on my legs, feet, hands, joints and fingers. Attacks almost always follows after consuming the reconditioned food that has been laced with nano technology (other technologies) and chemicals that interferes with the nervous system.



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