Richard Diell TI Commits Suicide

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Richard Diell committed suicide.

Richard Diell TI Commits Suicide in the early morning hours of October 12, 2016. He was an active member of People’s Against Covert Torture & Surveillance before he committed these heinous acts. He asked for help not just once, but several times in the time frame of two weeks. But that help never arrived even though he was well known in the Targeted Individual “Movement.” All I can say, as I did before, many times, that the TI movement failed him. But there have been many before him so his death should not come as a surprised.

Since 2007 I became aware of my Targeted Individual status. And in 2008, I connected to an organization called Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance. At this time, there was a lawyer present to do a civil suit against the government of these crimes.

But today no lawyer means no class action lawsuit. In it place is a bunch of disorganization that is purposely being orchestrated as an organization. And somehow, many of these members is ending up dead.

I’m not pointing fingers, but regardless of what it is called, the person who is running it is the same. I don’t accept coincidences, I document them. When things like this continues to happened, you have to draw your own conclusions. I know it is not popular, but it is the truth that would set us free.

With that said, all I can do is pray for his soul and hope he has gone to a better place. And that the people who loved him understood that he had to make this decision. I know it sounds shallow, but it is our reality.


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7 thoughts on “Richard Diell TI Commits Suicide

  1. Too bad that I could not have joined him. The best thing for a person trafficked from birth to be utilized as a medical slave, for profit, by an extended family of zero morality, is suicide. In fact, it is the only thing.

    Of course, there may be people who love being victimized and tortured. There may be people who adore being stalked every five seconds for decades by “neighbourhood watch” sadists. But, I am not one of them.

    When I was two years old, a medical professional cut a swastika into the skin of my left arm. When I was five years old I knew that it was the Nazi symbol and that the Nazis had tortured prisoners to death in gruesome experiments. I was fairly certain that I was doomed and my opinion at that young age has been confirmed over and over.

  2. How true, does not matter who you contact, these fucking ti perpetrators are trying to cover up their using children, woman and men, to death. And those that don’t care about other children, woman and men, I hope you sick fucks areheld aaccountable for your evil. All those books, all those sycologist, hey, they sold out, it’s happening every where, when you allow another target, who reached out, to die, shame on you, your filthy scum bags, no better than the perpetrators you complain about cuz you are the perpetrators using others to death. One day, I pray to creator this comes back on all you sick fucks

  3. I have had my computer stolen, I am in the San Diego Area. Worse yet. I might have something altering my perception. The weather looks sunny, but in real life it is over cast. I am in San Diego. 12:33. I still have access to a guy I met abroad, that for 5 seconds I saw it hailing, but for me it was over cast as “seen”. Something might be playing games with me, but not for long. I was born psychic and had a 92% accuracy rate before all hell broke loose. I used to know how to trace thought to the very person that sent it. My psychic abilities were centered around Mental Telepathy.
    Frank B.

  4. You are correct. I had heard of a similar cases to yours involving a “TI” Activist not returning evidence that was given to them. This is why I recommend everyone saving copies of their evidence and uploading their evidence into the computer for later. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I think that you are absolutely correct about the movement of targeted individuals not being there to help when we needed or any other time for that matter. I think that it has been infiltrated by the same ppl targeting us covertly and now show their faces as activist. This ppl have slot of money and connections to do just that and provide a sense of hope for those targeted however they never come thru! Ffch is a perfect example of that infiltration . Richard Cain who claims to have a court case and has had microchips removed is another example, I can tell you that he ripped me off when I reached out to him and stoked all of my evidence and handed that evidence over to my perps. And who does anything about no one! And here’s richard may he Rest In Peace as another casualty of this heinous crime and no one does nothing! It makes me this greedy fucks get away with this!!!

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