Save-A-Lot Customer Complaints

Because of the on-going complaints concerning systematic, persistant, malicious food contamination, I decided to do some research on what other customers were writing about the various stores I was shopping at. So I start with Save-A-Lot

Anyway, not so far into the distance past, I filed a complaint with corporate concerning hair in the Jiffy Cornbread. Because of the nature of the crimes, I thought it was an isolated incident. It isn’t (click link below and read the following).

I opened a box of Cocoa Diamonds….brand new packaging, air still sealed within, and upon eating, there was a thick, black hair in my mouth.I am blonde.

I spit the cereal that I was already chewing into the trash and threw away the bag of cereal.Really gross and nasty.

Now clearly something else is going on, which is beyond the control of the manufacturer. But I have been complaining about this for a number of years.

Here’s another one:

this time I am reporting this situation with this product this cheese had a hair inside the cheese. more careful with the process of hygiene in the production of food.

I reported it to an employee and brought the cheese package.


the store is located. 1610 sam Rittenberg blv Charleston sc 29407.

Review about: Tio Santi Queso Blanco Cheese.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

This is unacceptable! But the United States government allows criminal organization gangs to penetrate the fabric of these service industries, you create environments that harm other people. They see the hair (other unsanitary items) but I taste the nano technology that has destroy my life for 11 years.

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2 thoughts on “Save-A-Lot Customer Complaints

  1. Savealot manager in Newburgh needs to be fired he doesn’t do anything to help this location or his employees he is there for a check not for the needs of this location he treats employees like shit and he is only on a power trip whoever chose to bring that man back into this company made the worst decision ever

  2. My ex is. Stalku g me usiing electro.mag radiation smart co.puter smart tvs etc he has hackedcinto my tv prime. Accout watches me tells me im ugly fat and bald he says with his smart computer that uses the echelon software and he put a tracker on my ass and sits there all day watching my prime and free movies. He put 2 pins in my ears on the rim one silver one gold. He is using the mind to skull tech only talks when no one else. Can hear him watched me havi g sex! Im bedide myself Doug from Ar seemed like he was telling the truth until his best friends ex wife called and told me that he raped her and she was pressi g charges. These are the type of people who learn how to run. Gang Stalking compaine He is creative he created his College degree. and. really likes to brag. about himself and has ar remarkable high gpa in minisitry and never even. Went. He has ruined the last q5 years for my kids because I know i have been a targeted dusting and ice tea poisoning. I hate cereal once and. He had poisoned it i was in bed for a week. Has anyone noticed the survellance dust a look at you skjn scalp floor for the brown black lines thzt s bar code look close enough you. Can see the face of your stalker. Next time se will talk about my pets your pets animal crulety. I want to vo toevislation and get the stro gest laws for ouf pets and mKe it mandatory they pay the vdt bills. Please stzrt wat hing you peIwith u when u leave the houde or get a pet sitter to warch the jouse. My ex is trying to dyill my pain meds. Now. Because i have. Something he foesnt. Mind tyo skull tech you do not have to speak.The encompass itate u then put implant on u. Firsrt he spiked
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