Dollar Tree Stores (Future Placeholder for May Journal)

During CheckOut
This occurred before the general manager (the time stamp proves this). Right after getting on this line, the older man that you see in the glasses start asking me a lot of questions. It was concerning the rope I was purchasing.
For instance, “what I was going to use it for”, “what is it used for”. Than he start talking about the food I was buying. I got part of this on video.
These criminal organizations perpetrators have really gotten cocky since Donald Trump has been in office. It is almost that they don’t care who knows about this criminal program of Malicious Food Contamination and Directed Energy Attacks.
After check out.

As I was packing my items into my shopping cart the general manager; Will, came into the store. He immediately began tapping on his cell phone, which the video shows.

The criminal organization has develops apps that interlink with subjects, such as myself, who had been implanted involuntarily.

Other than this criminal activity, the various “employees” are assigned to stock store shelves with items that had been previously altered to make it easier to program these implants once these items has been consumed. Although I have identified crystallized nano technology as the major component to the contamination, other techniques are used to aide in the directed energy attacks I receive on a daily basis.


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