Hurricane Florence

I’m currently located in Fayetteville NC, which is a direct path to Hurricane Florence. I am currently living outdoors due to the nature of the Directed Energy attacks I receive 24/7. These attacks have been happening since (that I noticed) August 2008.

Because of this I am in great danger, which could result of injury or even death. However, throughout the years I have been close to death. Due to the lack of clean (uncontaminated) can water or food (also due to the lack of water) I been relagated into an induced vegetable state, because of incensed government corruption through the various local police department and, lack of inaction from “protective” agencies and ineffective organization with the TI community, which in many cases is heavily infiltrated by criminal forces that pretend and manipulate our ability to be rational and effective.

The local homeless services are ineffective and non existent for persons living outside their system. But there was one time you could at least access some services. One such service is receiving mail.

Since the company that I received mail closed unexpectedly, I’m left with no address. So things that I could purchase to help me is no longer available at this time.

Placing blame might open a few eyes, but it doesn’t change anything. As a matter of fact, things have gotten worse over the past 10 years. And it is not because I’m a TI. It has more to do with people’s lack of compassion for others. More and more people are just concerned about their own individual situations.

That’s why I’m homeless and it why I don’t have a physical address.

I could remembered a time I had to deny help. Now if I even hinted that I need help, I am ignored.

There are many TIs that was in my same place. But because they couldn’t get no help, they committed suicide.

Well I’m not going to commit suicide so TIs that I have reached out to in the past could sit comfortably behind their computers posting how “sad” they are.

But the cycle continues, because the next wave of organized TIs didn’t learn from the last TI mistakes. No matter what I say they are blinded to this fact!

Billboards don’t work, rallies don’t work. As long as the money is flowing, people who aren’t targeted will remain quiet.

All they are thinking about is jobs and income, even if it is short-term. Meanwhile, more of us are being forced out of our homes due to electronic attacks. And since we don’t have a safe place to go, we are subjected to living in our vehicles and away from soceity.


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