Flood waters expected to hit area

Cape fear river is expected to flood the entire area soon.

I don’t expect to leave. So my life is in peril.

As you know, .I have been a Targeted Individual since 2007. I have documented on going Systematic food and liquid contamination, which employees of various businesses conspired to. And directed energy attacks slash gang stalking.

I have not received any help from the authorities even though my phone number and email address had been posted since day one.

I have produce YouTube videos showing evidence and all I get is comments from people working for this criminal program.

Now “TIs” expect that I call upon the same people that put me in this message.

I say, I rather die than get help from Satan. At least if I do die from this flooding, I will be removed from this demonic system.



2 thoughts on “Flood waters expected to hit area

  1. Many TIs have complained to government for years only to find out later they were the ones responsible. And when I have tried to bring TIs together, they bulk against any idea I bring forward (for instance, writting a sworn statement, purchasing land through a savings plan agreement and form an organization for self determination).

  2. Respond: We don’t try to be against the Police, or Government, However if we report this Harrasment to the police, how this Harrasment will stop, TI are panic to report this situation, look this what happen to our people – back time with this invidious (KKK),
    How we can stop this situation, we have report this situation do not forget they try avoid the Amend # 1, and 5th of our constitution, please inform everyone that we have to unite so that the authorities will end all this Harrasment,
    reported to Police or high authorities, this the only way we can stop this Harrasment, more people report this situation we can have case, Just remember this gang stalker got pay with our own TAXAS

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