New York

I took the bus out of Fayetteville around 10:30 PM and arrived in New York 10:30 AM the next morning. It was a long and enduring ride, but I sufficed. I got my business taken care of as planned and am satisfied with the results.

I left New York at 8:30 PM and arrived in Fayetteville at 8:30 AM. Then I picked up my car and closed my Fayetteville storage room out.

In NY, I reduce the size of my storage room. So now I’m paying $55 vs. the $106 I was paying earlier. I paid 6 months. At the last minute, due to the reduce size of the new storage room, I had to get rid of some furniture; a table and a cabinet I used for my radio equipment. It would have cost me a $100 for the garbage man to pick up, but the storage room manager picked it up for nothing.

I’m down to mostly boxes.

I had to file some papers with the state. It was done without very little hesitation. The staff was so helpful.

Again. I’m satisfied with the results of the trip.

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