Professional Counter Surveillance System

Professional Counter Surveillance System
The Professional Counter Surveillance System is the world’s best-selling counter surveillance package. It is designed to quickly detect and locate all major categories of surveillance equipment, including: all types of telephone transmitters, wireless spy cams, video transmitters, computer transmitters, fax transmitters, telephone recording devices, bumper beepers, body wires, GPS vehicle tracking transmitters, microwave transmitters, all types of the devastating Infinity listening devices, and other concealed eavesdropping transmitters.
This Professional Counter Surveillance System contains a wealth of technical sophistication. Its detection range stretches from 1MHz to 10.5GHz (10500MHz), while most spy cams transmit in the 1.2GHz or 2.4GHz range, and room bugs and telephone taps almost never exceed 5GHz.
The Professional Counter Surveillance System’s phenomenal performance exceeds many times the performance of competing bug detectors. Virtually all cheap “toy bug detectors” currently offered on the Internet have a maximum effective top frequency detection range of approximately 3 GHz, while today’s eavesdroppers increase the transmitting frequency of their bugs and telephone taps to above 3 GHz. It is clear, therefore, why the Professional Counter Surveillance System’s very broad detection range of 1 MHz to 10.5 GHz intimidates eavesdropper.
Not only does the Professional Counter Surveillance System quickly and easily detect the very latest transmitters, it also detects one of the most popular devices used by today’s eavesdroppers known as the Infinity device.
Beware the Infinity device, also known as hook-switch bypass, third wiretap, harmonica bug, etc.! Eavesdroppers can now monitor your confidential conversations with your telephone “down on the hook”. The eavesdropper simply calls your telephone number and using a variety of electronic methods, prevents your telephone from ringing and then turns your telephone into a super-sensitive listening device. The eavesdropper can now monitor all the conversations and even the slightest whispers in the room where the telephone (still on the hook) now innocently sits.
Not only will the Professional Counter Surveillance System detect a concealed Infinity device, the super-sensitive headphones, included with the detector, will also allow you to actually “listen-in” to everything that the eavesdropper is monitoring. With the Professional Counter Surveillance System, you can “tap” into your own phone line.
The Comprehensive Spy Bug Detector is in high demand around the world. In the United States this device is used by countless private investigators, security forces, police departments and government agencies in all 50 states, including: Los Angeles Police Department, Dallas Police Department, Chicago Police Department, Environmental Protection Agency, United Nations, US Department of Defense to name a few.

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  3. Wau! I am really amazed by the technology we have nowadays. On the other hand, I am also kinda scared. Imagine if all the technology and knowledge would get into wrong hands…

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