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It isn’t official. But I’m currently negotiating a purchase price for this property. It is right off the interstate, which is very convenient for me in the area that I’m in.

I won’t provide too much details about the property except that it is two acres. There is farm land adjacent to it and a back road to go to and from the property (upon negotiations).

As it stands, if everything goes well, I will use it as a hold for something much better. For instance, I don’t want to be this close to the highway. And I prefer 5 to 10 acres to be used as a camp site for RVs, campers, cars, vans and tents.

The idea is properties that I purchase is for TIs to have a place to go to reduce the severity of the targeting. There will be a very low fee for staying on the property. And TIs will be responsible for trash and waste disposal among other things.

As this concept develops, we can see more properties like this across the country. And it does noy have to involve investing a lot of money.

You can read more about this concept here:

Although initially the concept involved a collaboration of individuals (or organizations). It has been scaled down to single ownership of one or more parcels of land between 3/5 or 5/10 acres. When I have time, I will rewrite how this looks like on paper.

But the main objective is for TIs to find safer Haven in the various land parcels. So there will be a stipulation in place that TIs are only limit to one month (or 3 months under special circumstances) to stay in each of the properties.

This is good in that your perpetrator(s) will find it more difficult to Target you in the way that they want, which is the reason why this concept exist.

One thing before I close. All persons wishing to camp on any site that I manage, must furnish a notarized statement, which should be about three pages long. It must describe when your targeting started, who is responsible, what technique that they used and what authorities have you been in contact with about this manner?

All information will be scanned and put in a secured location. No one will have access to these files unless the owner puts it in writing. And all documents will be destroyed upon owner’s request, if they are suspended from the property. A waiver must be signed for this to occur.

I guess that is all for now. Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “Found property

  1. I’m sorry Ane, but due to the Corona virus that is plaguing this nation, the deal was canceled. However, there will be other opportunities to explore once the crisis has subsided. With that said, I wish you and your family much security.

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  3. I am interested i have been considering any options of being in a secure location. I do have some money i could live on..

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