We All Need Help, But How Can We Help Each Other?

I’ve been disseminating a plan to purchase property across the country for years. This idea will allow us to escape painful levels of our targeting while allow us to connect with other TIs. But after several years of explaining how this plan will work, I’m given excuses of why it wouldn’t work and why no one will be interested.

Meanwhile, I am flooded each week with comments of how painful someone’s targeting is. But how can I help you, if we don’t have a plan. So instead of waiting for someone to contribute to my plan, I have started to seek out new spaces to enact this idea. The idea to purchase land across the United States.

I’m not asking for money, because I do not want that on my shoulders, if the project goes bust. But I do want everyone reading this post to save at least $100 a month towards the purchase of land.

The land parcel could be 1/2, 3/4/ or 5 to 10 acres. It does not have to be built up land. Reason, because the purpose is so persons can camp out in the form of RV’s, Tents, campers, Cars, Vans or tarps or if you prefer, a cabin kit.

Because anyone is allow to be on the land, they should provide a statement of why they are being targeted. It should be notarized mailed to the address provided. This does not necessary have to be my address. But the TI who is offering the land space.

As you know, they are many TIs forced out of their homes due to the targeting. Some are living in their cars and others were driven to homelessness. But most TIs have an income to take care themselves. But they don’t have a plan.

So if we can purchase parcels of land across the United States, than TIs who are forced out of their homes can have somewhere to go.

The idea is to limit the amount of time that a TI can stay on a parcel for 3 months. Than they will be given a list of other TI parcels to stay on.

The reason why this idea is good, is that, it is very difficult for the perpetrator to track a TI who is constantly moving. So this is for TIs who have a steady income that is not tied to a job.

But if a TI is tied to a job, it is no reason to limit it to just rural sections. We will be glad to include urban dwellings as the project expands. But we have to start somewhere and I think this is the direction we should be going.

In the meantime, if you contact me for help, I will continue to refer you to the three organizations that I’m familiar with. But to be honest, I don’t see that as a solution to your overall issue.

You want the pain to go away. And this is how to limit the pain as you develop a strategy (with your colleagues of course) of how to stop this targeting.

But the pain won’t go away simply talking on the phone, or joining some unproven organization that continues to show it can’t get the job done. The pain will go away simply by you taking the necessary action that will make it difficult for the perpetrators to target you.

I will leave it up to you. Because this isn’t the first time that I have written a post like this on this website. I use to do it more often. But each year it becomes less, because I have already understood a long time ago that 1) TIs rather complain than follow real solutions and 2) And the TI community is heavily infiltrated with perpetrators who play on our own fears.

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