Phone Hacking GPS targeting & Firewall Protection

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They are installing various sinister programs that allow them to track and target us via phone GPS. This is known knowledge for at least 10 plus years now. And now since I added firewall to my phone and computer, i noticed hearing different ring tones – the kind of tones that you hear when you being notified about a message on a particular app.

Also, I notice multiple drop connections that occur randomly without notice and the connections reappear again.

Please note that the phone can only be use as a HOTSPOT, as the phone itself is a GPS locator and are used to correspond to the satellites and the surrounding perpetrators.

So putting the phone away does offer some level of relief from the signal torture, because now they have to go through a second phase through your computer. So if you place a firewall only on your phone, you have to do it for the computer as well.

How they are able to manipulate what is considered a “Secured” connection is very baffling to a lot of people. But being a TI, the manufacturers of these devices (phones, computers, etc) have created back doors so that others (hackers/perpetrators) can install malicious programs in the background without you even knowing it.

So if you are using your phone for internet

1) use it as a hotspot to your computer

2) make sure it has a firewall to prevent the installation of malicious software that is used to target you.

Did you know you can make phone calls through your computer for free? Go to google voice. Than most of your calls can be made through this method; avoiding any potential risk to your body.

If you are not using your phone, you should have it off. Tell everyone to leave a message and that you will call them back within 24 hours.

Limit your calls to no more than 5 minutes with anyone. Not even family members should afford anymore time.

I have written a post of how they use my Aunt to target me through the phone’s GPS signal locator. This is done through a third party handler. You will hear it as clicks and a buzzing sound. They are linking into your signal with apps that are design to target different regions of your body. So don’t give them this opportunity.

I think that is all for now.


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