Doctor to Remove IMPANTS

“Medical Doctors in Houston have agreed to remove implants and chips.  About $250 for the procedure.  One was successfully removed last week from a Targeted Individual –  it was a pet device.  If you have an implant that is obvious, call several local doctors and ask if they will perform a removal.  If they ask you to see a psychiatrist or psychologist for screening – then avoid them.  You can find doctors that will remove them – keep asking around.  If it is a pet tracking device (134.2 KHz), then it can be detected using a Petscanner (about $50 from a Pet store).  Otherwise, a signal analyzer (ADF4351 – about $200) can be used to detect the devices.  Many of the recent implants use wifi frequencies (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz) which are detectable using an inexpensive wifi scanner app.  The FCC has approved 2360 – 2400 MHz for use in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN).”

Richard Lighthouse


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  1. Here’s some more information about the ADF4351 signal analyzer if you care to do research about the subject: Since this is a PDF, it can be saved and read later without an internet connection. And if there are any TIs in your area who have been made sensitive of WIFI signals due to the targeting, you can print it or save it on a sd card. SD/TF cards are fairly inexpensive now. But it is very important that we are able to identify what is actually happening to us so that we can address the problem more accurately.

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