Be Proactive Not Reactive, Don’t Forfeit Your Power To The Perpetrators

Getting support for projects such as this one while the TI community is heavily infiltrated is where the power is within this criminal organization. To make TIs believe that nothing could be done about this, or, if we have a few protests someone will listen, or, creating safe communities will only make it easier for TIs to be targeted, ect., ect. I heard it all.

But we are no better off than when I became aware of this targeting program. As a matter of fact, we are worse off. Let me tell you why.

You can’t believe what I read in the newsfeeds. It makes you wonder if they are a TI. And if they are a TI, you wonder how much human they have left in that cyborg body of there’s. It is truly frightening, because you know it is a false reality.

If I get dozen of responses posting a few pictures, but no responses for advertising a safe community, than that should tell you something about where we are at as a community.

But that is what this world has turned into. What’s wrong is right and visa versa.

So life has turned into an artificial intelligence manuscript without the world really taking notice.

By the way, I have not purposely invited anyone to this group, because I don’t just want anyone to fill the roster. I want REAL PEOPLE who really want to make a difference in their lives. So instead of randomly inviting, I send it through my newsfeed. I know probability of getting an interests in this idea is low, but at least I get a feel of the climate.

And based on this outlook, “we” are not really ready to stop this. “We” just want to complain until PERPETRATORS is ready to take us.

Because of this mindset, we have lost more people this year than anytime I became aware of my TI status since 2008. The thought has always been, “if I circle myself around other TIs on a conference call progressive changes will be realized. However, the worse case scenario is found.

For instance, it has been public knowledge for sometime that the GPS component in your cell phone is being used to link into medical implants. This is even more understandable when the average cell phone is not Firewall or Encrypted. What that means is anyone from anywhere across the planet can hack into your phone and install malicious programs that give the Perpetrator the ability to track, manipulate and control the implants. Forget about what they can do with the information installed on your phone.

But when was the last time you were on a conference call that they mentioned something like this? Besides not mentioning this important fact, they are too busy filling you with information that is already easily obtainable online. And if you are stupid enough to sit on a call for hours and weeks and months, which no agenda or outcome is gotten from these calls, than you are better off without them. Because everyone who calls them are given a false sense that something will be done, but somehow it never happens.

Why doesn’t it happens? Because as long as they can keep you on the phone, you become more accessible to the Perpetrators (mentioned earlier). But have no way of knowing if they are a TI, because there is no certified statement saying they are. So you are just assuming they are a TI base on what they say, not what they do. How foolish!

For years and while doing my conference call in 2010, I had a published Affidavit. It can be found here:

So there is no reason you should be on a conference call unless they can provide at least a Notarized statement.

With that said, I’m offering you a chance to coordinate with me on an idea of creating Safe Communities across the United States of America. As already stated in my last post concerning this project that each Safe Community will compose of 5/10 acres. These Safe Communities will be designed as temporary stays as the severity of our targeting changes depending on how long we stay in an area. That is the basis of this project.

So if you are able to supply me a Notarized Statement, you will be included into the group. However, once you are included into the group, you are required to open a savings account within a month. The funds saved into the account is yours to go towards the Safe Community. It is not for funds to a particular organization. And my group is not equipped to take donations at this time.

Anyway, I hope you are as serious as I am in making a difference in the Targeting Individual community. We are in this together and I strongly feel that this is the best possible solution in dealing with these crimes.

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