Save A Lot Fayetteville SHUTDOWN!

I’ve been anticipating covering this for sometime now. However, every time I’m about to write a post, I have other obligations that I have to fulfill.

Anyway, the NOTORIOUS Save A Lot has shutdown it Ramsey Street store. It has been approximately three years that they been opened at that location. Prior to this, they existed on Yadkin Road. That store has since closed as well.

As you know, I have covered the gross and malicious contamination that was happening in their stores. I have even went as far as file a complaint to their corporate headquarters as well as Consumer Affairs.

The District Manager Houston is more important than the General Manager of the store. How these (setup/reconditioned) contaminated items enters these many locations is the doing of this line of authority. So it does not surprise me that the store has closed down.

Like so many stores in the past, if they are not big enough, or if they are having financial trouble already, they will be shutter within a 1/3 years of operations. That’s because the criminal organization has very limited ability of keeping a location open. There skill set is about infiltration and logistics. Getting these nano pathogens in the food at the surrounding locations that i shop at.

The government knows this because FEMA and other agencies like this one are setup just for this purpose to distribute goods throughout the country in an event of a crisis. They have setup massive warehouses throughout the country for this very purpose.

They have contracts with the trucking industry, which explains why truckers are often heavily involved in the electronic stalking when I’m driving on the road on walking on the street. I also recorded them rushing into stores with the merchandise.

So the contamination of these goods is coming from the distribution end and these items end up in retail stores like Save A Lot, Walmart, Food Lion, etc. IT DOES NOT MATTER! It all comes from the same place. A FEMA warehouse!

But the public is in the dark and the people who are getting the money (perpetrators/government contractors) to post and spread propaganda in social media of why “we” are crazy for mentioning this.

And they have created a Mental Health Industry to cart us away if we try to seek help, because the people who suppose to protect us from this stuff have been infiltrated by these WORSE criminals.

So here we have another CLOSED business! Because our system is being allowed to fall, so that the criminals can control every MAN and WOMAN on the planet with a WIRELESS weapon.

Amazing! ISN’T IT??


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