Protect your privacy and reduce your Perpetrator efficiency

Using your phone or computer opens you up to both surveillance and targeting. And this is the way to reduce it.

No phone or computer should be unEncrypted. And firewall is a must for using any device. It is the first level of defense!

But the second level of defense is just as important. Using a VPN service is a must for reducing your Perpetrator ability to install malicious apps that allow them to spy on you or worse! install programs that allow them to unleash their targeting apparatus to you.

We recommend TOR Browser and then –  Or start using a good VPN, or a proxy website like  This makes it difficult for the criminals to know that you are watching them.  You can also   to block some of them.

Because the nature of our targeting is always advancing, I’m always researching ways that we can stay ahead of them. So new methods will be posted when they are found. So please continue to check this website for additional content on this matter.


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