Facebook Forum Dead End

I’m reading some of the posts of your group and it looks more to be a general group than a ti group.

What we need is a TI group that will allow us to understand the technology, how it impact us, and what we can do to over come it.

If you read some of my material on my webpage, i have cover just that.

The problem with the TI community as a whole is that we focus on the problem. But when a solution is presented to them, they make excuses of why they can’t make it happen.

Anyway, I know white supremacy is attached to this criminal program. But many of us are dealing with day to day circumstances that involve so many different situations.

The situation of racism is kind of on the back burner when every race is participating in our targeting. We know it stem from white, but how can we connect with the general “conscious” black community when they are caught in the 1960s.

People are doing things to us that the world has no idea of what is going on. So we live in the shadows of everyone else, so I don’t see how these radical groups can help us here.

I do know that we should be putting some money together and purchase us some land all across the country. Because we need to fortified ourselves from what we experience as Targeted Individuals. Than we need to apply healing techniques that would make us whole again. And if some of us want to join these radical affiliations at least those who join don’t have to explain this technology to them and how it has impacted our lives.

From my experience, I don’t care how much you tell them about this technology, they would either agree or disagree with you, but you will continue to suffer and they will continue to live their lives as if the conversation never happen. (In the case of my Aunt, I told her from the very beginning. At first, she seem to understood. Than later, “it’s happening to everyone of our persuasion”. And more recent as 2014, “it doesn’t exist. This is when I knew that she became a Perpetrator) And if they become a Targeted Individual, they will tell you I should have listen to you. And the cycle continues. No one would have created something so if they did become a TI, that they would have something to fall back on.

There is no central location, no office, no crisis hotline or no shelter for people being targeted individuals for all of 13 plus years that I have been a ti. All we have is forums that say the same things, conference calls that lead to nothing and once a year rallies that is meaningless. And year after year older TIs fall off and new ones come in.

So the point of this post, let’s start building and stop wasting time!


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