Why is Everyone surprised by the Capitol breech?

As i lay here in a place I don’t want to be, but forced to be at due to being targeted by Government Sponsored Electronic Stalking, my mind is taking me back on how this got started.

So yeah! They infiltrated the Capitol with their insurection scheme. But we as Targeted Individuals been dealing with infiltration since day one! And finally the chicken came home to roost! But had the government listened to the TI community, maybe these infiltration schemes would not have breech the Capitol.

I’ve been writing everywhere to let both the government and public know that we still exist. And if they want to know where these criminals are at, I will personally tell them.

There is your ambulance workers, your office workers in cityhall. The person who deliver your packages. They are all over!!!

They are managers in grocery store, your delivery person, your food process person (how you think the nano techno is getting in the food), your lawyer, doctor and dentist.

The problem is so bad, we have been able to identify family members.

Forget about the protection agencies like the FDA, US Dept. Of Agriculture, the EPA (why you think they keep spraying chemtrails on us?

Even and of course the various police and fire departments. The corruption is so deep that you would literally have to have everyone take a lie detector test to see who has or hasn’t been associated with one of these criminal groups.

Donald Trump supporters is just a tip of the iceberg. They are your neighborhood stalkers, job mobbers, stockers of nano laced foods. They are your vandalists, your psychologist, your engineer, ect.

They have the capability to not only take over this country, but to take over the world. They have have access to almost anything.

Backdoors to phones, computers or any electronic gadget that they are free to hack into without government intervention. What do you think a cell tower is?

Hacking into the cell network gives them the ability to hack into the brainwaves of human and wife life. So the telecom companies are complicit in this.

I end this saying, if you let things go on too long, eventually everyone will suffer.

Ps: By the way, white supremacists aren’t the only ones involved in this criminal cortel. They large segment of people in the black, latino and asians involved as well. They are the puppeteers. They are all align with satanic cult following. So do not limit it to just one race.


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