Gang Stalking Help Responds To Derrick Robinson FFCHS Removal

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From Gang Stalking I have heard that recently Derrick Robinson has been removed as President of the organization Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). One of the explanations noted that Mr. Robinson declared FFCHS as a sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship cannot be a nonprofit. A nonprofit is most often in the form of a corporation. In a nonprofit, profits are reinvested into the organization rather than being declared as personal income.

After four years I have figured out what “gangstalking” is and I wouldn’t recommened investing too much of your time, effort and money into an organization that has been in existence since 2005, hasn’t caught the attention of the general public and who’s president has had incentive to encourage donations rather than prioritize people’s issues. The donations controphersy at the President level has damaged the effectiveness of the organization historically. Mainly, the biggest way it has hurt the TI community is legitimate solutions / explanations have been discarded in favor of establishing a continuous stream of long-term donations to supplement Mr. Robinson’s personal income.

In these past years I’ve served on the R&D tech team, volunteered as a local resource and loaned Mr. Robinson a laptop. My opinion of the approach at FFCHS is there are hard working and intelligent people at FFCHS working on the wrong things which is problematic. The R&D team disbanded, I was removed from the FFCHS newsletter as a resource in my state (without notice and without incident) and I didn’t receive any response when I emailed Mr. Robinson about returning my laptop. My efforts have been in tandem amd have spurred little change. I can honestly say that 2+2 historically has equaled 3 not 5 in attempts to work the issues with FFCHS, unfortunately. As far as working on an organization level with FFCHS, my website content appeals to a subset of the “TI community”. Even then, the continuity is limited to aspects of the information, generally the overall content big picture is not supported. Little by little FFCHS has changed their general theory about what is happening inline with mine but at the same time efforts to collaborate have consitently failed. It seems like a real mess to me in terms of prioritizing information, theories, human capital and advocacy efforts.

The misguided efforts are evident even in the name of the organization. Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance. Gangstalking can be better described as a mix of both covert and overt activities. The activities are often performed under lawful authority (so legally they are not defined as stalking nor harassment). Covert Harassment and Surveillance can be more appropriately termed Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconaissance (ISR). In addition, it is the legal provisions given over the years by Congress to allow the DOD, DHS, law enforcement, and a whole host of organizations and people at the local level to protect/defend people, secrets, infrastructure and technologies during operations that give rise to the activities that occur in the way that they do.


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  1. Derrick. I lost touch with the people that saved me. Can you put me back in touch? I forgot all of my.emails and passwords. 210-906-9086

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