Chris J. Brunson Responds To Derrick Robinson FFCHS Removal

Chrisopher John BrunsonDerrick RobinsonThis was originally part of a journal entry for November 2015: Radionics and Counter-measures. As FFCHS (Freedom From Covert Harassment is Taking a different direction, I have been wondering what would come of this new direction. First of all, for sometime, FFCHS for has been sending letters to the government to convince them that these crimes are happening and they need to stop. And each time, the government just denies it is happening. And recently, FFCHS has jumped on the bandwagon to support Amy Anderson in her fight to get legislation past in her jurisdiction.

It soon became a national campaign to get TI’s to contact there council members to get some recourse in this manner. Then we had the billboards that Ken Rhodes came up with as a focal point to getting some resolution in this manner.

Note: I had mention the council member idea back in 2008. That was 8 years ago! And in 2010 the idea developed into an Affidavit program that would be sent to key politicians in the state and jurisdiction that TI’s reside at. Unfortunately, that was placated into a PETITION that was made to resemble an AFFIDAVIT, which was sent to the Justice Department. Of course, it blew up in Derrick’s Face and the people who followed his misguided way.

But this was by designed and that why every time a TI such as Ken, Myself and AMY comes up with an idea, somehow this DERRICK dude (which some people are fooled by him being a TI) would come in an MESS IT UP! I sure hope that is not the direction that this new “PROGRESSIVE” FFCHS is taking, because I rather it not exist!

Anyway, I had since moved on from the Affidavit idea. Majority of TI’s did not want to sign on to it, because it would take a lot of work on their part and we are reliant to a criminal government (organization) that is at war with the American public. So I have upgraded my focus to RADIONICS and Counter-measures on dealing with the targeting.

The reason why I’m so supportive of Radionics, is because I experienced it as a member of Human Protection Software Suite performed by Mellhedek. He has shown me that relief can come from this technique.

If TI’s can just put all there complaints aside, they can learn more about this technique. There is a learning curve to this, but it is well worth the time to free ourselves from this criminal program that is call Human Experimentation.

For me, it is more than Human Experimentation, it is a program designed to destroy free will and the ability to experience life the way GOD intended it to be. With that said, I can only wish the “NEW” FFCHS the best and if it lives up to what it is telling us, I will lay down the RED carpet.



5 thoughts on “Chris J. Brunson Responds To Derrick Robinson FFCHS Removal

  1. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you feel this way about him. There are many like you, as they are many who feel like me.

  2. Derrick Robinson saved my life. Without his intelligence, kindness and advice I would have been murdered, i.e forced to commit suicide by the cowardly, sadistic, racist perverts who covertly attack black women and children as well as men. Shame on every one of you deceitful twisters who pushed out a knowledgeable genuine yet another divide and conquer strategy.

  3. I support your comment 100 percent Chris. Thanks for having the courage to say what needs to be said. Peace

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