Facebook: Safe Communities For Targeted Individuals

This group is for Targeted Individuals who want to start or partnership in a Safe Community. Each safe community must be between 5 to 10 acres and no less than 3 acres or more than 15 acres for certain exceptions.

Owner(s) of the Safe Community must agree to allowing anyone who can prove that they are Targeted Individuals. This can be accomplished by a Notarized Statement, State Issue Identification and signing a waver agreeing to the rules set by the owner(s) of the property.

Owner(s) must agree to limit each stay between 3 to 6 months due to the nature of the targeting that persists on a 24/7 cycle. And residence must not be charged no more than $150 a month and no less than $25 a week for each individual.

There will not be exceptions for visitors, because of the nature of the targeting that we experience. Rules concerning cellular phone service will be limited between the hours of 6a to 9p due to the nature of our targeting. However, certain exceptions will be allow for emergencies.

Owner(s) of such property will be require to provide at least one RV. It primarily purpose is to provide toilet facilities for individuals without an RV. Owner(s) will not be responsible for providing facilities for food preparation. And cleanliness must be solely warranted to individuals using the facilities.

Parking on the property will be posted on the property. And rules on proper sanitation must be posted by the owner(s) to avoid problems in the future. Also, anyone who violate the sanctity of the other individuals is at the discretion of the owner(s) of the property.

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Other than providing an RV, owner(s) of the property is not require to providing housing. But they are free to provide it, if they are aware of the regulations of their county. Owner(s) will be require to host at least one meeting a week to set ground rules. And one meeting a week with other owners of TI safe Communities. The purpose of such meetings is to share information and to improve on how we can improve the lives of our community.

Although this is the bases of this groups platform, certain changes are necessary to conform to the needs of the Targeted Individual populations. So we welcome your input even if you will not be ready to join Safe Communities For Targeted Individuals.

By the way, before you join SCFTI, please reply here with a link to your Notarized Statement or message me on Facebook. Than give me an idea of why you want to join SCFTI and your credentials. Please note that the credentials is just to give me an idea of how your skill set will benefit this group. It is not a qualification for joining this group.

All we want to know is that you will be dedicated in fulfilling the mission of opening a Savings Account and depositing at least $100 (or more) each month towards the purchasing of land in the future. Once you have met your goal within a 3/5 year period, we would be given a set of guidelines that you would have to follow and included into a new group (not name yet) that will assist owners of these properties.

Most of the new group responsibilities will be around Safety, not actual management. Your property will be in a pool of available safe places for a Targeted Individual to stay at. Think of it as a referral or a network of hostels. While hostels are about low cost, Safe Communities are about Safety. And because we are dealing with a population that is impacted financially due to the targeting, there will be no financial gain made from these properties.

So please take a moment to see if this makes sense to you. And I will be happy to give you more insight on how this plan will work. However, please understand that I’m not interested in talking specifically about your targeting as it will interfere with my obligation to solving this problem.

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