13th Anniversary

This is officially my 13th Anniversary as a targeted individual. It is nothing to be proud about. The targeting stem from me complaining about the Fayetteville North Carolina police department under Mayor Anthony G. “Tony” Chavonne and Police Chief Tom Bergamine.

The complaint stem from being racially profile by the police department from May 2007 to 2012 upon being forced to resigned. Although the racial profiling has not been as prominent as in the past, the electronic targeting still persist.

The targeting takes on organized stalking, global positioning system/wireless targeting and store infiltration of food and liquid sources. I have documented these crimes for a number of years with hardly any feedback from government officials (federal, state and local).

The targeting from day one has been directed to my digestive system and than other parts of my body. I feel it as indigestion, gas, bloating in the beginning. Than as directed energy to the various parts of my body. And when I wake up, I feel it as pain.

When I consume the food, I taste a nano crystallization form in my mouth. And than that is when the digested problem began.

No matter where I go to, I’m targeted. Either by way of individuals crowding me in the store or on the street, or in an area where I feel directed energy.

What I understand about this criminal program is they work by a script. What they do is given to them by instructions from the top. The widespread aspect of the targeting tells me that it is contract and government based, so there is a lot of money driving the targeting.

I have contacted countless organizations (the agriculture department, FDA, Human Rights Commission, FBI, ect, with no response whatsoever.

I have held tel-conference calls, attend press conference and rallies and the criminal program persist as it did when it first started.

There are many answers in how to address this program, however, there is so much infiltration that exist within the Targeted Individual community that nothing ever gets better for the rest of us.

So I live as a shut-in and an invisible person.

Yes! There are TI groups throughout facebook and tel-conferences, but they, too, are scripted.

So you live your life as if your not being targeted and you use methods that will ease the targeting as you go through it has been the best solution for a whole lot of us.

Sitting on worthless tel-conference calls that lead no where just to more targeting. Not because you are making an effort of doing something, but because the very nature of using a cell phone to make a call subjects you to more directed energy targeting. In other words, the phone just allows the perpetrators to signal in on the targeting via GPS positioning.

I think that would be all for now.

Important Links: https://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=1052 https://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=29 https://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=1773 https://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=849 http://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=1075 http://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=1087 http://govsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf


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