GSS Friday Night 9PM EST or 6PM PST Conference Call

GSS Friday Night 9PM EST or 6PM PST Conference Call

My new co-host will be Elvira Williams out of South Central Florida. The format of our call will be NEWS oriented, but general discussion will be accepted. Our next conference call will be Friday Night at 9PM EST or 6PM PST. The call is hosted on or you can call 724-444-7444 ID 83319 # pin 1 #


Chris J. Brunson


PS: If you want to be taken off this mailing list, please reply “REMOVE”. And I will gladly remove you membership. Thanks for your earlier support and hope at some point we can develop a solid relationship.


October 2010 Journal

10-17 Family Dollar Store #0745 1322 Clinton Rd Fayetteville, NC 910-323-9257. Purchased LT Contour bottle minute maid Lemon 025000053818 time 17:49:14

10-17 Dollar General Store # 07241 610 Cedar Creek RD STE 105 Fayetteville. NC 28301-6645 910-829-9241

In the Family Dollar Store I was able to video tape boxes sitting outside Aisle that was recently unpacked. I witness empty sections on the shelves.

At around 9PM I heard someone near my vehicle. I was laying down underneath several plates of “SHIELD” and cound not see who was outside. But traditionally upon consuming any product that I brought from an establishment, my body is made suseptible to electro-magnetic mind control.

10-18 When I went to sleep, I was woken with an extremely rapid heart rate and compromised nervous system. It was around 1AM. Then around 5AM I was woken with similar symptoms.

I contribute the products I consumed at Dollar General and Family Dollar.

10-18 I was woken with a headache and notice shakiness throughout my body. It was around 10AM.

10-10 I was woken at 5:45 AM with an uncontrollable heartbeat and a irratic nervous system. Then I notice pulsing transmissions made on the left side of my head. I could feel the directed energy as if someone was burning my head with a torch. It was extremely painful.

Later I notice them burning me around my anus hole. They literally burn a series of abrasions around this whole area.

At around 1:30 PM I ate some food I cooked at the warehouse and within 5 minutes a vehicle with a trailer behind it came into the storage area. I purposely turned my DVR system on once I consume food to show that an individual or groups of individuals will arrive in my general area. The chemicals that was placed in this contaminated food makes my body suseptible to electro-magnetic technology. Once they arrive, a short time later I start feeling noticable jolts on my right feet. This is typical of someone signaling my location.

10-20 Family Dollar Store # 0745 1322 Clinton RD Fayetteville, NC 910-323-9259 Lemon Heads 6.5 oz 041420126345 and FP Toffee ASTD Candy 5.2 oz 400120176683. Notice immediate attacks are consistant with electro-magnetic weapons. I had my DVR System on while consuming these products.

10-21 I was woken at around 8PM. Upon sticking my head out of the window, I saw 2 vehicles in the parking lot adjacent to me. When I turned on my engine, they left. The engine interfered with the signal coming from my vehicle. The technology modifies the signal coming from my body.

When I went to the cub area to drive out of the parking lot area, I notice transmissions directed to my head and private area. The transmissions was coming from the roof and underneath the seat. The signal isn’t produced by traditional means. The signal is modified through the use of smart dust. The smart dust is being manipulated by satellite and land based units.

10-21 Family Dollar # 4894 3043 Legion Rd Fayetteville, NC 910-426-9100. Purchased Lance Toasty Cracker 83.0z 6pk 076410093017 HR Van Cooke w/ Choc MNT CV 90 oz 02020037666. Notice signling below my feet. Attacks on my stomach continuously. When I parked, noticed individuals coming out of their shop. One man continue to look in my direction. Note: they did not see me coming into the parking lot, because they were in an enclosed building. These individuals are being controlled with the technology. Notice several individuals in the Family Dollar parking lot when I entered and when I left the store, different people were parked at the parking lot. A man was standing in front of the store before I left. He most likely was equipped with a transmitter that the other perpetrators feed off of. This allowed them to target various parts of my body. He also serves as a watch out person for anyone who wants to go into my vehicle to put this technology in there. Most likely this technology is smart dust.

XZM-4132nc Three people in vehicle. Lady with mask painted face. Was in parked area on Ramsey Street.

10-22 I was woken around 7:30A with a rapid heartbeat and unstabled nervous system. When I went to start the vehicle, I notice a tan vehicle parked near me. It had two guys in it. In less than a minute starting the vehicle, they were gone.

10-22 10:30A I felt continuous transmissions to my upper top part of my head. The transmissions felt like someone sticking a needle at various parts of my head. Earlier in the night, I notice various satellites in the sky. I also felt transmissions below my head. It was as if someone was burning my head underneath. I had placed four metal plates underneath my head, but that has had very little impact in stopping these transmissions. What is happening is the engineers of this prg. is directing individuals to place nano technology particles underneath my vehicle so that my body and nervous system is vulnerable to the technology that they are using against me. This assault on my body has had a very negative impact on my ability to sleep.

10-25 Right side tire has been cut. It looks like it was cut with a small knife. I notice it around 9:45A, but it happened early in the morning at the Ramsey Street parking area. It was able to take pictures of the tire. I was woken around 7:30A. I notice two vehicles side by side. When I went to start vehicle, I saw lady at looking directly at me. Just before I was woken, a dream was transmitted to me. It was about a woman putting dog food into the food that I was going to purchase and then me being angry about it. Could these parasites be mixing DOG food with HUMAN food? The manipulated dream say so and it can’t be discounted! But the purpose of the dream is to trick the mind into believing it was real and to get a negative reaction of this senerio. As a result, the negative impulse instigates the stability of your system, which gives them the power to manipulate your nervous system.


GSS Friday Night 9PM EST Conference Call

GSS Friday Night 9PM EST Conference Call


This is the inform you that I will be accepting notarized Affidavits. You are welcome to send it to: Previously I was accepting summaries describing your issue, but due to the work load involved, I could no longer do that.

We will be open to interviewing you on the conference call and then drafting these Affidavits, but it is your responsibility to have these Affidavits notarized.

Once we have received 10 or more Affidavits, we will start the coalition.

Anyway, there has been a lot of sabotaging going on behind the scenes. The organization claiming to represent the TI community has brought it upon itself to take on doing these Affidavits.

There is no problem with this position, except that, they had many years to decide that doing Affidavits were important. This was especially true when they actually had a lawyer working for them. So why the sudden interests?

Could it be that they never intended to have a legal case in the first place? I don’t really know, but I find them wanting to do Affidavits pretty suspicious!

Now that I have galvanized the interests of having these Affidavits done, now they want do it. The president of this organization stated that we should send it to the Justice Department as if that is going to solve things.

I wrote an Affidavit over a year ago and the Justice Department was one place I sent it to. But it wasn’t just sent to the Justice Dept. It was specially sent to Eric Holder.


I did get a response, but it wasn’t favorable. The Justice Dept. completely ignored most of what I written in the Affidavit, but they did recognized my police harassment manner.

In other words, don’t expect too much to come out of the Justice Dept. It is just a smoke screen just to get you to believe that something is going to be done.

I said this from the very beginning, the Affidavit is just one step you need to take to get rid of these crimes. The second step is to start the coalition and to start networking with human rights organizations.

If you are tired of being jerked around, then you should take the power in your hands and join me in this effort in getting rid of these crimes.

Your opinions and suggestions will gladly be appreciated and we will do our best to work through some of the bottlenecks.

Our next conference call will be Friday Night at 9PM EST or 6PM PST. The call is hosted on or you can call 724-444-7444 ID 83319 # pin 1 #


Chris J. Brunson


Conference Call with President Obama

Conference Call with President Obama

You are Invited to a


Linking Community and Faith Leaders to Information about New Benefits

Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Time: 4 PM Eastern, 3 PM Central, 2 PM Mountain, 1 PM Pacific

Dial in information:
For those with internet access, please join the call online at:

For those without internet access, please dial: 1-888-455-6860 or 1-866-844-9416

A Conference Call for Faith and Community Leaders with the President of the United States

You are invited to join President Obama for a conference call to discuss key new benefits under the Affordable Care Act. We want to ensure that community leaders like you have the most up-to-date information and resources about these new benefits to share with your communities and congregations.

On September 23rd, the six month anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, several new health care benefits begin to apply: eligible young people up to age 26 can stay on their parents


GSS Friday Night 9PM EST Conference Call

GSS Friday Night 9PM EST Conference Call

After some discussion, I decided to change the day and time the calls occur. The new day and time reflects the amount of TI’s who could not be on the Thursday call.

Our next call will be on Friday at 9PM EST and 6PM EST on The focus of the call will be Affidavit Completion and News concerning the TI community. If you will like to participate, please call 724-444-7444. ID: 83319 # pin: 1 #.

You can also visit Click on “LIVE”. Then scroll down until you see “Government Sponsored Stalking”. Click on “JOIN IN”. A new browser window will open up.

The goal of these conference calls is to establish legal credibility. This is accomplished through the writing of an Affidavit. Once we receive 10 Affidavits, we will be starting a coalition.

The purpose of the coalition is to establish alliances with other human rights organizations and to seek their assistance in the legal process. The legal process involves several things, which would be discussed in the new coalition.

If you are interested in getting involve, your cooperation will be gladly appreciated.

Thank you for your participation and have a nice day.

Chris J. Brunson



July 15th Tele-conference

Because of technical problems concerning an out-of-order computer keyboard, I did not get on the conference call until 11:30 PM. I need to give thanks to Leslie Crawford from FFCHS who moderated the call. Because I did not have a working computer, I could not hold a regular conference. I do apologize for the inconvenience, but I’m trying to accomplish what stable people do without any problems. But because I’m living in my vehicle, it can be 10 times as hard.

Meanwhile, we had over 25 people join the call. The call was focused around producing evidence. One particular subject was about creating video evidence and another was about producing on-line journals.

Both were very well received and I know the next call will have promising results.

Meanwhile, my generator that I used for the conference stop working, but I received a new solar panel Friday. It will add 120 additional watts to the 285 watts on the system.

This new panel will allow me to run my fan and charge my batteries at the same time. One additional panel will be brought after September. It would be 80 watts and occupied the rear of the vehicle.

By the time the winter arrives, I should be able to charge my systems without having to use the generator.

At this point, the generator will be strictly for cooking my food.


Tele-conference on Affidavits


The tele-conference on affidavits was a total success. The discussion involved how to write an affidavit and the importance of filing one.

The next conference call will be on Thursday at 11PM Eastern Time or 8PM Pacific Time.

This is where we actually start writing the affidavit. If you will like to go over the formula of writing an affidavit, please contact me at (347) 285-7954 or email me at

Our goal is to file at least 5 affidavits by September and 20 by the end of the year.

In short, we want to thank Miriam Snyder from “End Organized Crime Today” for assisting us in hosting the tele-conference call. She has been on the forefront in helping TI with the legal process.

PS: Conference Calls are held every Thursday’s at You are welcome to call 724-444-7444 id 83319 # pin 1 #



A combination of organized gang stalking, electronic harassment and the inability to establish my income have left me penniless. The two main issues is the cost of food, gas trips to possible uncontaminated establishments and gas to power fans to offset the directed energy waves used to terrorize me.

I have enough money to last until Monday, but I don’t know what is going to happen Tuesday to Friday.

I thought about committing suicide as this is the only means for me to survive. I’m not going to continue to deal with the abuse and not have anything money to protect myself.


Digital Video Recorder Evidence

Hi Readers,

After putting off analyzing my DVR research, I was able to find some very promising evidence. The evidence includes the presence of gang stalking and the use of directed energy weaponry.

The evidence was so overwhelming that I posted it on youtube. However, my evidence gathering is on-going and it doesn’t stop until the crimes end.

This doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop exposing these crimes, it just means the evidence gathering will end.

The evidence gathering is very involved. It involves analyzing hours of video. Sometimes one scene can take more than an hour.

But because of the nature of these crimes, I was forced to purchase another DVR system.

The nature of these crimes involves electronic sabotage. This is when the perpetrator manipulate the video feed to show something completely outside what is really happening.

I have seen the same image on two different camera feeds. The second DVR system counteracts this activity, but it doesn’t necessarily end the problem.

It just gives me maybe a few more minutes before the perpetrators are able to enter my vehicle and sabotage it with attack devices.

Stay Tune



Talkshoe: New time For Conference Call (11PM – 1AM)

Because of member preference, I have decided to hold the call on Thursdays at 11PM. This is two hours later than 9PM and one hour earlier than 12AM. One hour will be dedicated to creating an audio blog, while the remaining hour will be for member input.

The focus of the call will be for documentation purposes as it is my overall mission. But at sometime we hope GSS can be influential in galvanizing “targeted individuals” in organization development and activism.

Give us a call at 724-444-7444. When the operator ask you for the id, please dial 83319 then the “#” sign. A message follows: please dial your pin, which is the pin associated with your talkshoe account, if you have one. If you don’t, dial 1 “#”.

Thanks for reading.

Chris J. Brunson