Citizen Corps, FEMA and Food/Water Contamination

Sometime ago I was writing a description to be displayed with my youtube video. It was about food contamination. The extent of the food contamination is so well organized that only an organization like FEMA could pull off something like this. I was pretty much guessing when I wrote that statement, but I was on to something.

Just a moment ago I got a chance to watch another Targeted Individual video and it explained an important fact in our targeting. For instance, it mentioned the organizations involved. One such organization is Citizen Corps.

This is very important as this organization is connected to FEMA. FEMA is an emergeny assistance organization that distribute food, water and clothes and so on in hard hit areas.

This organization has been doing this for years and it is an expert in getting these supplies to those who need it the most.

What if the certain members of this organization was working with other government agencies that was involved with using satellite based experiments on United States citizens.

What if they were using the massive amount of distribution center across America to stock stores with contaminated food, water and other products.

I have experienced everything from store infiltration of products, to neighborhood water contamination. So it doesn’t strike me as odd that the only agency who can pull something like this off, is doing it to me.

And then when you add Citizens Corp to the equation, it pretty much explains the amount of people this agency can draw from to contaminate these sources.

It is a government agency as well as the CIA, MILITARY, FBI and so on. And clearly a number of these organizations are coordinating something to get these experiments done.


Birthday but not a party

After purchasing food at a Family Dollar store over at Murchinson Road in Fayetteville NC, I was repeatedly attacked in my stomach. Together with the contaminated food and the satellite base weapons they are using, I developed gas pains. It was so painful that I felt like going to the hospital. Later I was forced to used the bathroom in my vehicle because of diarrhea. This is coupled with attacks on my head and penis that resulted in unbelievable pain.

Another thing I notice was when I got out of the FD store, I had trouble going online and I felt stinging underneath me. These crimes must have place some kind of device underneath my vehicle to cause this activity.

I had to spend a lot of gas just to figure this out. Now I have to get a broadband mobile service, because the devices are interfering with my internet signals.

This is not suppose to happen on my birthday. It is not suppose to happen ever. And we can blame the United States government for 1) not doing anything to stop these crimes 2) funding this activity 3) participating directly in these activities for the purpose of researching on non-consenting human subjects and 4) all of the above


Using Poor People To Carry Out These Crimes

I see how they use these poor and vulnerable citizens in carrying out these satellite based crimes against humanity. How they get them to restock supermarket shelves with products that contain chemical that make targeted subjects susceptible to mind controlling technology. How they are used to trespassed onto people property and how they are lead on a goose chase to target individuals organic readings. I have been able to document how they contaminated these establishments. It is a well coordinated effort and involves massive resources to store these contaminates. The violation of my right to be left alone is so invasive that it involves several people following into public restrooms. It got so bad that i’m forced to use the bathroom in my vehicle. I don’t know when the last time I was able to wash my face. Being that the water is contaminated, when I use it, they are able to direct these technologies to various parts of my body. I remember wetting my hair yesterday and feeling the technology transmitting in areas where it was wet. And when it dried, the energy stops. It is almost unimaginable that something like this could be happening. Another issue that is bothering me is an organization that claims to be for Targeted Individuals, but I believe is run by some government agency. The last time I heard about a lawsuit was last year and that was all the way in October. We are already in May and the Director has not mentioned anything about whether a new lawsuit will progress. He just keep diverting people’s attention away from more concerned issues. And after communicating with him several times about a letter concerning my situation and some financial help, he does not return my calls. This is after attempting to make a connection over 4 times.


May 2010 Journal

May 2010 Journal
5/2 Food Lion location 3308 Bragg Blvd (910) 864-8213. Purchased 2 FL Homestyle Baked Beans 28oz cans #035826070371, 2FL Macaroni & Beef 15oz 035826006271, 8lb bag Navel Oranges #033385110103. Upon consuming these items, I experienced stomach pains, diarephia and attacks on my head.

Food Lion Corporate Headquarters (1800) 210-9569

5/2 Food Lion #1612 (910) 867-2454 2071 Skibo RD Fayetteville, NC 28314. Purchased Pet French Vanilla #087932601673. After consuming the icecream I developed Flu-like symptoms, watery eyes, thick mucus, conjestive nose. I felt the product go directly to my eyes. This is where some of the attacks are happening. Nervous system manipulation, forced urination and defication and coughing to name a few.

5/6 Came out of Bank Of America on Ramsey Street in Fayetteville NC and seen a military male personel just sitting in his vehicle. Later I notice attacks being made underneath my body (penis and anus area). The combination of contaminated food/water and the technology placed underneath my vehicle lead to the above results. I was in the bank resolving a fraud manner and although I kept interrupting the transaction to view my vehicle, they still manage to install this technology. This is coupled with the fact that this technology was installed when I left my vehicle in the hands of a NYC mechanic shop.

Last night I went to sleep and found myself being attacked repeatedly near and around my penis area. The attacks were so malicious I was woken several times. But I did not experienced the same shakiness that I did the previous night. This is contributed to the fact that I did not eat late.

10:15 A shopped at a Carlie C’s IGA #850 at 1790 Owen Dr. in Fayetteville, NC 28304 (910) 484-2270. The items I purchased is as follows: IGA Split 10oz Wheat Bread 041270237754, Morning Fresh Medium Cheddar Chesse 071452392432, Hunts Ketchup 027000382240, ground chunk 90% lean 220104102614

5/8 After going to sleep around 2:47A and then being woken up, I notice an irregular heart beat and uncontrollable nervous system. After that, I felt electronic jolts on my head. These jolts are persistant with the attacks on my nervious system. The same situation existed after I went to sleep again. There is a lot of equipment underneath my vehicle and to some degree in my vehicle that assist in the targeting.
5/8 Purchased Chocolate Milk 1.55 oz 6pk #034000290055 and jordan sugar wafter SF Van 82 #05828699877 at Family Dollar Store #0745 1322 Clinton Rd Fayetteville, NC (910) 323 9259. Manager Jessica. I developed an negative reaction to the food. Gas, blouting and then diapheia. I also notice repeated attacks to my digestive system and various parts of my head. The attacks was even more noticeable at night.

5/12 Dollar Tree Off Bragg Blvd I purchased Campbell’s Spagehettios 10oz can. Upon consuming this product, I was immediately attacked in my head. Also noted is 2 minestrone authentic San Francisco Soup Rivient 15oz. 041321242328, Chunky Beef Vegetables Authentic San Francisco Soup Riviera 041321242311

5/15 Food Lion Store #0078 1931 South Blvd Sanford NC Manager Ray Davis. Purchased BG Gala Apples #033383027616. The apples were yellow in colo and upon eating this product, I experienced flu like symptoms. Purchased Fancy Cakes #024300041600 no known negative reaction. FL buttered almond Ice Cream (mistakenly thrown out box that had bar code). No known negative reaction that I can verify.

My last visit at FL I purchase some water. I immediately experienced attacks on my head. It felt like electricity being transmitted to my head. The attacks are persistant with satellite based non-consenting human experimentation.

Noted Food Lion Customer Service: 1800-210-9559.

5/19 ALDI’s Store #22 4920 Raeford Rd Fayetteville, NC 28304. Purchased chicken drumstick, Fudge/Caramel Cone #041498186289, Nature’s Nectar Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice #041498137328. Upon consuming this product, I was immediately attacked on my head. The weapons was focused directly on the right middle section of my head. Tate’s Condiments Whipped Salad Dressing 32oz #041498143848, Reggano Mushroom Premium Paste Sauce 26oz. #401498186364, Freshire Farms All purpose potatoes 10LBS #41498194659. Chesse Hot Dogs and Beef Hot Dogs. Notice a lot of “stock” activit in store while shopping. This is pretty typical when I entered a store. Many times boxes are left in the alse with stuff already in it. The store “manager” is also conplicit in these crimes against me.

Constant attack on my head occured several days ago after consuming Country Time Drink mixed that I purchased at a Murchinson Road Family Dollar in Fayetteville, NC. I woke up with continuous electro-magnetic transmissions being focused on all parts of my head.

5/22 On my visit to my mail carrier box, I noticed a packaged opened. It contained a computer car adapter that interfaces with Asus laptop that I purchased in New York. The package was stapled and the bubblewrap was opened. The package came from Opysrey Talon 39 Harrison Avenue Harrison, NJ 07029.

5/27 Purchased Grape Soda Crystalline from BTO #4 2722 Own Drive Fayetteville NC 28306. The soda had a lot of bubbles and didn’t have a frizzle taste. It was definately tampered with and the reactions was flu-like symptoms. I have did a video documentation of this item, store clerk and people surrounding this establishment. The bar code is also included in this documentation. Also felt tightness around the eyes and the product made me cough several times. Then I notice transmission being directed to my head. This is the first time I entered this establishment and I had no intension to stop here. But this experience showed me how invasive the targeting is and many, many people are being impacted as well. A criminal investigation of the food/water surround a TI area is necessary in identifying the source of these crimes. Store infilitration is not limited to food/water/consumption business, but I have witness these similar experience in electronic businesses.

5/27 Tonight I will be hosting my first Government Sponsored Stalking (GSS). It will be at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). The agenda for this call will be developing a work committee for Targeted Individuals. It will be focused on a letter campaign and will be directed to local based legislators.

5/31 Within the past several days I have experienced my cell phone not working. This resulted in me transferring my service from Boost Mobile (bad reception) to AT&T. Also food contamination at a Fayetteville NC ALDI’s store and being woken twice with an uncontrollable nervous system.

The only accomplishments that was made was getting my truck painted and doing my first Talkshoe conference call.


My car was stolen

On February 3rd 2010 my Ford Taurus was removed from the street of Durham North Carolina by the Durham City Police department. This is not the fault of the Durham Police Department, but the fault of the domestic terrorism program I was placed in. The domestic terrorism program I was placed in involves the contamination of water, food, harassment (loud vehicles and electronic weapons) and cointelpro tactics. It was the combination of these activities that drove me out of the area and as a result, I could no longer monitor my car.

So now I have to pay for a car I no longer can own. And that is the end of my story.


Letter To The FDA Concerning Dollar General

Dear FDA,

This is a summarized email disclosing some unbelievable information concerning store infiltration & malicious food and product contamination. Because of the nature of my situation, I have been placed into a non-consenting, human experimentation program. This program involves the use of electromagnetic weaponry and remote microwave technology. I was able to research how this technology is being used against me. But the reason why I’m contacting you, is because, this assault on my basic human rights also involves the malicious tampering of food and product sources. Although there isn’t one particular establishment engaged in this unspeakable act, I will refer to one recent experience. This involves consuming the Cover Valley 100% Vegetable Juice #041152 425402. The reactions that I had was attacked of my central nervous system and my head. I have complained about this situation before, but nothing seems to be done. I have recorded these events and the various boxes and empty shelves that line this store. The store is located at 1120 Village RD NE #9 LELAND, NC 28451-7412 This email will follow by an affidavit. The paragraph above is what I sent to Dollar General regarding product tampering and infiltration. I have recorded video of the “manager” waiting outside the store. This individual did not have a name tag, nor did her “employee” wear a name tag. I have witness this same situation in the stores that I shopped at. The level of criminal gang stalking activity is very relevant to the food and product tampering. I have contacted your office about these events earlier, but have not receive a response. This situation does not only have to do with me, but other customers. I ask that a national investigation happen and that surveillance tape be confiscated. The amount of product turnover before a targeted individual enters a store is extremely high as well as the number of “workers” stocking shelves. You can visit my homepage for additional information regarding my situation at: and

Other important links concerning this manner can be found:


Chris J. Brunson


Letter To Dollar General Headquarters

This is a letter I sent to the Dollar General headquarters:
Your store is being infiltrated by outside forces who purpose is to forces Americans into a remote experimental program they did not consent to. The program involves defacing normal everyday products (food and cosmetics) so that this remote technology can work. (please refer to: Recently I purchase several items from your store, but after consuming the Cover Valley 100% Vegetable Juice #041152 425402. The reactions that I had was attacked of my central nervous system and my head. I have complained about this situation before, but nothing seems to be done. I have recorded these events and the various boxes and empty shelves that line this store. The store is located at 1120 Village RD NE #9 LELAND, NC 28451-7412 This email will follow by an affidavit.


If this situation continues, someone is going to get kill or gravely ill from this contaminated products.


April 2010 Journal

April 2010 Journal
4/18 Woke up around 10:30 AM. I was parked in an isolated area with no thorough traffic. And instantly after eating California navel oranges I was confronted by a large amount of vehicular traffic. I brought the oranges at a walmart store in Tennesse off route 40. The bar code on these oranges are 033383110103. I have recorded these events on my DVR system.
Other items purchased: Oscar Mayar Bologna 004470000857, mini powered little debbie donuts 002430004229, GV water 07874235193, Merita Country Whole Wheat Bread 001220004073.
Note: I witness several personell filing out orders of the new received items. I have witness this same activity in other establishments. The food has been reconditioned to make me suseptible to non-consenting remote human experimentation technologies and directed energy weaponry.

4/19 I was given a ticket by the police. He claims I passed his vehicle closely. But there were two other patrol vehicle parked on the other side of the roadway (route 74). This forced me to choose one or two options. 1) drive close to the left line in the right lane or drive completely in the middle. The above action was influenced by an out-of-date registration.

4/20 I was woken several times throughout the evening. Earlier in the night I heard someone around my vehicle so I turned my cameras on. Then around 7:15 AM the next day I woke up to an elevated heart beat and nervous system. I also notice my dreams were being manipulated with the technology. The dreams consist of children and sex. I don’t know how the United States government could be involved in this activity.
Also note that my penis and puvic hair area was attacked continuously throughout the night. It was radiated so badly that it is totally bald.

4/20 Took my truck to Williams Auto Service Center to have my windshield wiper motor fixed. Although the wipers were fixed (5 days to complete), I wanted him to fix the break light.

There were several things that happened. A few people came on the lot and after there ap0pearance I notice the attacks intensified. But there was one group that interests me the most. A white and mexican guy. The white guy claims to own a red car at the lot. The license plate #XVZ-8465 nc tags. It is a red poniac. The black guy that works in the shop seem to be friendly with the mexican guy. Later I found him to also be a perpetrator as he was constantly checking his cell phone. Meanwhile, I felt repeated attacks on my genitals and ears. These attacks were not noticeable before his contact with the group. And before he left, he gave me a bag of Lays classic potatoes chips 028400090858. Upon consuming this product, I immediately felt tingling on my right feet. This was followed by stinging in my ears and then stinging on my penis-puvic hair region.
4/21 I was woken several times with a rapid heart beat. Around 10:30a I noticed transmissions being made to my left eye. I also noticed interference to my television and emitted signals on my cell phone.
4/24 At around 7:30p I purchased at Dollar General at 1120 Village RD NE #9 Leland, NC 28451-7412 910-383-2256. items oreo chocolate sandwhich 044000016944-1, LD Raisin Cremes Pies 024300041075-1, Fig Bars 024300041310-1, CV Vegetable Juice 6 E 041152425102-1
Neither the “manager” nor her “employee” was wearing a name bade. The manager was outside the store just before I entered the store.
After leaving the store I was confronted by the Leland Police Dept. male and female officer who refused to give badge name. They claim that the “sales” people called them regarding me questioning there policy concerning badges.
After arriving in Wilmington I drank the Clover Valley 100% Vegetable Juice 041152425402. Upon consuming this product. I immediately notice attacks on my nervous system. I also notice the entire store filled with both empty and non-empty boxes just sitting near shelves. This too is typical of store infiltration. I also notice entire sections of the shelves empty and unpacked boxes next to shelves.
– notice transmissions to the middle of my forehead.
After sleeping for about an hour, I was woken around 5:02a with an unbelievable heart beat and uncontrollable nervous system. I can directly contribute this activity to digesting the food I purchased at Dollar General. I have written Dollar General about this particular store, but have not received a response.
Anyway, the contaminated food interrupts the normal flow of blood and the inability to maintain a functioning central nervous system.
Note: Food & Drug Administration 10903 New Hampshire Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20993 1888 463-6332 or
4/25 Received a ticket earlier during the day at a parked location that I was able to get internet access. The earlier location did not have parking restrictions, but my internet access was being interrupted. Therefore I contributed the acts of these terrorists for the reason I got a ticket.
Later that day I traveled to another beach location. It was 24 miles from Wilmington NC. I got stuck in the sand. In the night while sleeping, someone came in my vehicle as I saw my radio on the floor. They also installed something underneath the vehicle that sting certain parts of my body. The stinging was so pronounced that I saw the lacerations that these instruments created.
Also note that during this time, constant transmissions to the middle of my forehead occurred.
4/26 Shopped at Family Dollar 20:50:27 store # 03444111 Wilmington HWY Jacksonville, NC 910-455-5697
purchased FP Fruit Slices 1602400120176775, FP Cherry Sours 8oz 400120176812
Shopped at Food lion 20:22 Store #0775 1014 Plumpoint Plaza Wilmington HWY 17 manager Mr. Reynolds. purchased SO org pineapple soda 725439963954 This product was so laced with contaminates that I could not consume this product.
FL whole grain white bread 035826072269, Smart Option Cooked Salami 725439930314, Carolina Pride Honey Ham 073675042996
After consuming these products my stomach/digestive system was constantly attacked by remote electro-magnetic weaponry. Also notice that attacks are more persistance after I leave my vehicle only to comeback. These perpetrators place remote devices that interfaces with my organic-bio system and these transmitter assistant them in meeting their overall mission. Without these remote devices, their technology would not be as effective.

4/29 This is the second day I was attacked continuously on or near my genitals by electro-magnetic weapony. And it is the first time since this time I experienced heart propatations. The heart propatations consist of a very strong heart beat and unstabled nervous system. But because I did not eat late yesterday, after getting up, it did not last
4/30 Was woken at around 6a with an extremely rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable nervous system. Early in the night the perpetrator placed devices underneath my vehicle. During this period I experienced constant stinging of my genitals while I laid sleeping.

At the beach the perpetrators were very well established. I experienced water contamination so I was forced to use beach water to maintain some level of hygiene. The soap that I purchased from the dollar store has been purposely contaminated. It harded so much that I could not use it. It also did not lather up like regular soap. It was DIAL brand and have witness perpetrators placing soap and cosmetics on the shelves. These items were reconditioned to make me suseptible to electro-magnetic weaponry.


August Journal

8/1 10:00a VSR-6711 (Jesus on front plate) at former KFC parking lot int. 85 across from McDonald. Older BM in blue/grey ram 350….

10:16a VSR-4911 same location as above. White car….

10:46a VSS-4336 mexican man in grey car….

11:15a XVA-2797 WM w/ baby grey car….

11:27a EKA-9095(ny plate) WM ….

11:35a XUP-8283 WM….

11:41a YYH-4397 WM 3 in red pickup truck….

2:23p YTP-4250 W. Perris St./Market DT Durham….

2:42p IT’S-ME Same Location….

2:52p -ITV-3338 Same Location….

3:45p WNC-9563 Same Location ?….

4:04p 000-00PIN Same Location….

.. ..

8/2 7:35a Went to bathroom outside McDonalds at DT Durham. Stayed inside bathroom less than 5 minutes and seen BM standing outside. He went back into the place with a minute of seeing me. Then about 3/5 minutes, I seen another BM with a small blue car with the L# RTT-7807. This was around 7:45a. He parked at the very end of the McDonald Parking lot and stayed- -in his car for about 4 minutes before going inside the resturant. ….

4:10p MTA-1772 black lexus at Fayetteville Street. BW in vehicle…..

4:30p VRM-4521 BW in car…..

4:31p IS-VZU Dark Burgandy SUV….

4:55p XTU-1564 White Car BW-BB circle around several times…..

5:09p 638-lyn (Fl. Plates). BM in white car ….

5:29p YRJ-1009 BW in car. and WRM-4649….

6:55p XNL-1625 BW drives in and out of an empty parking lot at the Amtrak Station….

8:14p YYM-8273 Liberty Avenue….

.. ..

8/3 I was attacked throughout the night by laser typed weapons at all parts of my body. The weapons were turned up at extreme levels and could not sleep the entire night. There was nothing I did the previous day or week for the justification of this kind of torture. This is the kind of brutality that exist in the United States of America and I will have my day in court!….

.. ..

On top of that, my alarm was setoff repeatedly. ….

.. ..

I’m under 24/7 thought monitoring, dream manipulation and behavior modification. I’m criticized and mocked constantly by the thoughts I have. They used trigger areas to let me know what I’m thinking. Dreams consist of sexually explicit content involving children and adults of all sex. Occassionally these dreams consist of beastiality or sex with animals. ….

.. ..

Violence in these dreams is very evident. This is involves people and animals. There are really bizzard dreams that is transmitted to me. ….

.. ..

8/3 9:00a remp 1684065 Kerr Drugs at 1812 Holloway Dr. Cindy Sauls (sales). Reese’s Butter Cups each had broken sides. The kit kat was broken on the side and top. I have video tapes of both candies. That is over $2 worth of product I could not eat. This is a constant occurance of switching good products out in place of contaminate products. I suspect that a facility or warehouse have been open for this particular purpose. Some of the workers of the establishment are brought into the store but most brought into the reason the contaminant foods should be on the shelves. The contaminant foods are for the purpose of the experiments as are the gang stalking groups that were hired. As I’m shopping in the store, these criminals use this “opportunity” to go inside my vehicle. Once they are inside my vehicle, they poison my food and water. And they place electronic receptors in and outside my vehicle. This is for the purpose of the technology to interface with the satelight. Meanwhile, various “people” in cars park next to my vehicle for the purpose of reading information off those receptors, which they will use for the targeting later. The targeting consist of mainly laser type weapons and neurological technologies. They target my eyes and my genitals and this is the reason why they put everyone’s health in jeapody. This is the kind of U.S. domestic terrorism that occurs in this country and due to the lack of safeguards, it goes unnoticed. Useless dream manipulation is also and everyday event and most of the dreams are irrelevant to real life circumstances. ….

.. ..

Eating the contaminant food cause digestive problems, diarehia, dizziness, headaches and other biological effects…..

.. ..

8/3 WTF-8863 BM back of Dollar Tree at Liberty Street….

Same location. XTX-2023, PTS-7804, TXN-4973, VVY-2136, VVY-4509 BM in tan pickup truck, WS-5068….

3:38p YVB-1450 BM in white older car….

3:39p YWS-4546 BM and WW in white old blue vehicle…..

3:51p TTX-4907 ….

4:23p USR-1019….

4:33p WXC-2002….

4:54p YVR-5954 ….

5:03p TXN-7782 ….

5:28p VSR-7376….

5:36p XNN-6347….

7:37p Magnum St. XMR-1215 BM inside car ….

Off route 55 near int. 85 shopping plaza XZB-9139….

7:40p BM grey car. parks within 20ft. from me…..

8:20p XZA-7519 WW w/ sunglasses tan car….

9:27p YYH-6711 older bm in dodge ram…..

11:00p temp tags 16476561 Libery Avenue/Holloway….

11:08p VMF-7546 Dollar Tree (Mexican Man w/ Burgandy mini van…..

.. ..

8/4 11:29a YTL-9735 White or Hisp. Male in light blue car. Doesn’t move vehicle until he see’s me filming. ….

.. ..

6:15p RZV-7767 BW Former Walmart Parking Lot…..

6:16p MSF-9212 WM Same loc. as above. ….

6:21p VZA-2564 WW….

6:28p XNL-1554 WW….

6:36p WYM-1736 BW….

7:02p YSR-1191 BW….

.. ..

8/5 YVB-99….

9:10a TXP-2934 Big Antenna on car ….


5:04p TXY-9636 WW Food Lion Parking Lot….

VWX-4007 Shell gas station WW Blue Car I.85….

.. ..

8/7 DOXI-DAD, SWP-1581va., ww w/ glasses Michaels….

.. ..

8/5 Went to Food Lion (#0223) MVP Customer #46132477435. Purchased chicken, salt, beans, although I have not experienced any symtoms, notice perp activity inside and outside the store. Went to dollar general. Brought striped cookies and garlic pepper salt. Experienced slight stomach pain from the cookies. Seen bm without id stocking the shelves in the store. Came across license plate VZN-5182. ….

.. ..

Visited two BP stations to get water. Experienced immediate effects of salavia build up in mouth nose and eyes. ….

.. ..

11:25a Man walks dog from the front to the back of the parking lot. He did not cover the entire parking lot. Just the area where the back of my van was facing. ….

.. ..

Noticed guy sleeping in car w/in 45 ft from my vehicle. His license plate # is XTX-4922va. LABTECH Corp. company vehicle traveled slowly by me on the interstate KFB-8339va. BW (and black child in vehicle) situate themselves on interstate to monitor my bio frequencies. XSX-6904, XXS-9455va. XPS-2708nc, LJW-9699va. SXS-8376va. SUV. XWX-2396, WWP-5304va. PVT-5301, JEH-1500, YYK-4887va., YST-7689va. YMN-5675nc. VRR-8345nc. HWY 158. VPM-3206va. ….

.. ..

8/6 KLD-6253va Target of 264. AKK-9337 same location, ….

.. ..

8/9 XDX-3615 Kmart/Big Lot off of 264…..

YXS-8749 4:43 AM Sunday. 6EX-B12md JUZ-9339 Lab Corporation….

659-TTG. 5VFANSva. 10:40a,. JNJ-6677 10:46. XSY-4864va. Volvo 10:51a…..

.. ..

8/9 KJN-7730, XVH-2723va. 1106a JDJ-1878 11:07a….

.. ..

8/10 Lady drove black jeep parked opposite of the parking area in Virginia Beach grilled area. It was around 9a. When she arrived and 9:15a when she left. She did not get out of her vehicle. Photos were taken. ….

.. ..

At 2:30p. I took a picture of my leg, which has been burned by these weapons. The upper right side of the leg near the genital chamber is swelled upon disbelief. They are several regions or scares throughout the swelled area. ….

.. ..

Continued attacked of my leg might required medical assistance, beacuase skin tearing is imminent. The attacks on my leg happens all times of the day, but is especially noticeable when I


Food Poisoning

Soon as I eat the food I buy from the supermarket, I notice the electronic targeting gets worse. I also notice such symptoms as running nose, thicker saliva forming in my mouth. I feel my legs vibrating as if electricity is entering my body. I also notice muscle spasms of various part of my body.

This is evidence that my food is being tampered with before I enter the store.

I also notice the water tasting funny and strange people behavior in the area.

Most of the people are either sitting in their cars or standing in front of the store.

After consuming the content, I notice particular cars parking in my vicinity, usually on the side or back of my vehicle.