Driving Lesson

As you have already read, I’m working inside of Amtrak due to the WIFI neglect I received from the library earlier. The woman who is the ticket agent has been very nice to me. She lets me stay uninterrupted. It has been a blessing. Recently she has hooked me up with her son. He agreed to teach me “FREE” of charge. But I told him I will pay him. My thought is when you pay, you can get help later down the road. So that is what I’m looking forward to: establishing a lifetime contact. He will do the 10 hours (or what is necessary to get my license).

I will give you more details next week as this situation develops.


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Police In Fayetteville NC

It’s me again. The police haven’t bothered me since last week. Maybe they got the message. Election day is coming soon and they know I’m a registered voter.

Anyway, I will continue to keep you abreast of my situation.

Other than that, things are moving real slow. I thought I had a driver trainer, but only to find out, he wanted to charge me before the lesson took place. This was to be expected, since this guy is in his 20’s and he’s just not intelligent enough to understand the consequences of his actions.

So I’m pretty much back to square one. I will have to pay another monthly storage bill and a month in New York. But this is how it is down south when you don’t know anyone.

Another option is to transport my vehicle to Raleigh, but that will be real expensive.

Two guys did test me last week. One black and the other white. I had to pay both of them. Although I liked the black guy’s personality, the white guy was really good at showing me what to do.

The black guy is just too busy to do a regular schedule and the white guy is on the edge of homelessness (he has been homeless before). He also doesn’t have a car, so he has to use a taxi.

I had to drive to the taxi stand so he could make arraignments to have the driver to follow us to the storage room where I keep the car at. This is a very time consuming process. One option is to leave it downtown, but I get so much service help from the storage location that this option is not wise.


PS: The POLICE saw me sitting in the car and ranned checks on my license plate. He stated that I was trespassing on private property and deemed me suspicious. This was corrected when one of the gentlemen who works at the storage room told the cop that I’m legit.

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Tom Bergamine was named Chief of Police on April 10, 2007

Tom Bergamine was named Chief of Police on April 10, 2007.Chief

Chief Bergamine is a native of the Bronx, New York and began his career with the Fayetteville Police Department in 1978. He started his career as a patrol officer and has worked his way through the ranks to his current position.

Chief Bergamine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and is completing his Master’s degree in Justice Administration at Methodist University. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, and served for 3 years in a Military Police Unit in the U.S. Army.

E-mail Chief Bergamine

This is one of the men behind the homeless swepts that has been occuring in Fayetteville recently. He was a NY resident.

There is a lot I can tell you about the New York mentality, but it would take an entire hour. But briefly, it is about seeking and destroying who you presume as an enemy. NO QUESTIONS NO ASK MENTALITY!

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Chris vs Fayetteville NC

Chris vs Fayetteville NC:

I was stopped and patted down by the police because I refused to give my id. I asked them if I did anything. They told me they just want my id. They do this for warrant checks. This is like the 15 or 20th time and it has been rapidly increasing since September.

Fayetteville NC is a racist town like many others and it is all about keeping the court system full. Someone should have known that when they built that new court house, more black men searches will become victims of stops.

So I sent out a general email to as many people as possible. It will be handle once the right person get a hold of it.

I don’t ever recalled being stopped like this in New York. The police here just have so much time on their hands. They pretty much need to justify their jobs by producing numbers for the courts!

It’s a shame. No matter who the officer is, it is a problem. This time it was a hispanic and black officer. The black officer had a nerve to say that this couldn’t be a racist stop because “we were minorities.”

It is indeed a racist stop, because I’m the victim. And the officers are only representatives of a white supremacy system.

The hispanic officer was worse, but the black officer backed him up. Is this what Martin Luther King Jr. fought for?

I just ranned out of options. I have place the entire city of Fayetteville on survelliance by the human rights organizations. They are vulnerable right now since they are competing with other cities and counties.

If the right individuals get wind that Fayetteville is discriminating against it African Americans (homeless), people would not be incline to move here when Fort Bragg expands.

It’s a real shame! The city is doing itself a dis-favor. It should be going in the opposite direction.

Recently they hired a new commissioner. Could it be that he is ordering the police to shakedown the homeless out of the downtown area? I don’t know, but it seems likely.

When I first came to Fayetteville, I had very little contact with the police. The first two weeks in March I had my shopping cart and no one said anything. But I went back to Virginia.

Then I came back to Fayetteville the second time (a week before Memorial Day), things were pretty much like before. I had very little contact with the police. Then I read that they hired a new commissioner and a few months later, things changed.

It seems to be that the commissioner is instructing the police to stop homeless people for warrant searches. He assumes that all homeless people are criminals. It is not that the homeless people are criminals, it is that the system use this method to drive the homeless out of the area.

There is a three month limit. You either get you a resident or rent a motel room. But don’t be on the street is how things are setup here. If they see you on the street after this period, they will do everything in their power to harass you.

The harassing suppose to get you to move out of the area. Somebody who has a lot of power is not comfortable with the homeless. They have setup meetings to discuss this issue and to create a plan to get homeless out of the area.

They aren’t interested in housing these homeless people. Just getting them out of the area.

It is a real shame since most of Fayetteville store front are unoccupied. It looks almost like a ghost town. They rather spend their energies enforcing rules of moving the homeless out of the area than to galvanize interests in renting these store fronts.

What kind of mentality produces this distored mindset? It existed long before I came to Fayetteville and probably was nurtured by the rules of the “old” south. It is still a place that “everyone” stay in their place. You just don’t speak out against authority.

I rest my case!!


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Homeless But Not Forgotten

Yes! I’m still homeless!! But that doesn’t mean I should be forgotten for the contributions I have made in society. With that said, I’m advancing forward. I have not allow the evil empire to discourage me like they do most of our people. I’m striving for excellence NO MATTER WHAT THE ODDS ARE! Because I believe in OL’ MIGHTY GOD! And it is HE that keeps me from slipping under.

Right now I feel that I was in better shape than I was several months ago (or before I came to Fayetteville North Carolina).

Before two weeks ago I did not have a car or a learner’s permit. Now I have both, plus the tags that goes along with it. You might not think that is nothing, but it is more than I had two months ago.

The reason I need a car is because I need to find me a place to live. I can’t do that without a car. If there was another way to avoid paying $1400 every six month worth of insurance, wouldn’t you think I done that?

You don’t know what I have gone through. I had to literally take a shower in the streets. I still carry a cart and bottles of water. But I have minimized these showers from 8 to 1. And that is not everyday. I manage to use the laundrymat for that. But that didn’t use to happen.

Cold weather will bring new problems since I’m constantly outside. But I hope that would be minimized with my new move to Raleigh. Fayetteville doesn’t have the infrastructure for people like me. They aren’t use to blacks who think independently from their agendas. So it is best that I move on.

But I do like the fact that people don’t bother me physically when I’m sleeping. Because of the insects, I have to stay covered up. So that can present problems if someone wants my belongings.

So Fayetteville North Carolina isn’t all that bad.

I’ve been talking to a guy that I would considered a kind of mentor. He has given me a list of people to contact who can fill me in on some things I need to do with my life.

Although he is currently employed, his worked is commissioned based. Because he has not earned a salary for 7 months, he is what I considered destitute. I don’t ever want to end up like him, so that is why I choose to be homeless. He has to have several people to drive him to work. I don’t have that issue because now I own my own vehicle. His house isn’t paid for. I don’t have a home, so I don’t have that expense. He dress in nice suits. He has to dress like that for work. I don’t. And I don’t care what people think about me. But he did give me some pointers on what I need to do if I decide to dress well.

He is a great person because he looked beyond my appearance. He did not prejudge me like so many people do. That’s why I like to stay in contact with people like him. He’s REAL. Very few people are like that today. I just wish I could help the poor guy. He is living way beyond his means. I’ve always lived below and that’s why my situation isn’t worse. And unlike most homeless people, I don’t have that expense of smoking and drinking. And when you add drugs, you talking about a real expense.

I have seen so much things that people do wrong that I thought I was over-critical of most people. Now I see I was under-critical. It’s a shame to see the average black man is smoking crack on the street. But I sleep behind a warehouse where this crap goes on all the time.

The police knows, but they are too busy bothering homeless people like me who are trying to get their life together. They practically made homelessness a crime, while they let the drugs continue. I just realize it was better to be in the areas where the drugs was going on so I can limit my contact with the police. Since the police don’t really patrol those areas.

Also a problem I was facing is that no church or shelter in this town want homeless people from the outside to take a shower. So I have to take washups. I’m just so luck that I was able to use the storage room for some of these washups. If you want to be treated like a criminal for being homeless come to Fayetteville. But it is all over the place. I’m just lucky things aren’t worse.

If you wondering why Black Conscious News.com is down, it’s because of my inadequate webhosting company. They were the reason the site kept going down. Now I have to find another provider. It will take time, because if have to get my license and learn how to drive a car comfortably (I can’t find anyone, so I have to just apply what I learned in 6 hours!).

This is America. I use to talk about this same issue on my radio show some years ago. I was basing it on what I read in the newspapers, listen to radio or some personal experience. Now it is no doubt that all what I have been saying for some years is true.

Out people are in trouble both psychologically and spiritually. Most of us are unaware of how detrimental the decision we make.

You got one black police officer chasing the homeless out the park. He is following the order from his supervisor. But he make it obvious that he is against his own people! He told me that he thought of the homeless as children and that I wan’t his kind.

He is a dark skinned heavyset black guy. But his spirit is that of a very confused negro. It is a shame, but the enemy has been very successful in keeping our people confused (even more so today than before).

Remember katrina. Well! I bring it up because these negros in Fayetteville believe they are free. This of course will changed if Fayetteville is ever hit by a disaster. I wonder what those negros who use to attend these city events thought about it when Katrina occurred. They thought it would never happened to them. They were thinking of their white “friends” and why they forgot about them.

I lay things down the way it is. I don’t care who gets offended by reading it. But Black people need to know that things could change overnight.

Just because I’m homeless, don’t mean you won’t be homeless tomorrow. Anyone of us could be in trouble.

My cart has been the target of hatred from both white and black. Whenever someone attacks me, the cart becomes the issue. The cart isn’t who I am, it is what I use to assist me in transporting my stuff from point A to point B. If the gym would have let me keep my locker, I won’t be having this conversation right now.

The car would serve as a storage facility. The storage room isn’t open after 5PM Weekdays and Sunday’s it is closed. So that option is pretty pointless.

When I get to the state’s capital, I will be getting me a gym so I can take a shower.

Well.. the Amtrak station is closing. I got to go. Take care yall.


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