Raleigh Police & Microwave Weapons Of Death

My situation has not really change since I entered Raleigh North Carolina. It appears the police is cluing in my whereabouts so the Fayetteville police (or workers) can dose me with these microwave weapons. It also appear that non uniformed police could be working underneath the department with the same mission in mind.

The purpose of these weapons is to harass and silence a person. It purpose can also be lethal to a person well-being and even cause death.

This is all because I made an email complain about the police stopping me for no reason. There is a tradition in Fayetteville North Carolina to stop black males and request an ID so then they will be able to run warrant checks on them.

I witness a black man around 60 years old being asked for his ID. So the age of the person does not manner. This was right after I got off the bus. And it was my very first time in Fayetteville NC.

It is the lack of follow-up to these violations that cause this problem to go unanswered.

Meanwhile I have moved my location where I sleep and I witness a man in a pickup truck right across from me.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

Anytime someone is in a vehicle, I have to be cautions. More in likely they are using these weapons.

Usually I’m a sleep when they approach, because they know these weapons are most effective when someone is partially unconscious.

This person was obviously a police officer. So one wonders who can you call if you need assistance against the criminal. Surely you couldn’t call the police, because they are the criminals.

Anyone who uses these weapons are engaged in an assassination attempt against those people who they perceive as an enemy. And since I’m against racism and police harassment/brutality, that is how I have been classified.

In short, if you have not heard from me in a few days, considered me deceased. Because clearly that is the mission that the police of both Fayetteville and Raleigh has set out to do. KILL ME!

PS: Just imagine how many other people are going through this situation for simply making a complaint of a small town police organization. What about those people in IRAQ/Afghanistan or prisons around the country. Are these weapons being used against them too?

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Surviving In A Harsh Climate Of NC

There is a deep seated demon that exist in North Carolina and it is something that has been a phenomenon since the days of slavery. Anyone who challenges this deep seated demon is outcasted or dealt an array of weapons that can result in a person’s death. It does not matter who the perpetrators are, but who assigns them to such tasks.

These weapons are microwave weapons. They operate on the upper frequency of the band. The first signs of exposure to these weapons is a rapid heart rate and vibrations in the nervous system.

Where is the law and justice in all of this? There isn’t any.

The people who control the system today are just pirates. Their mission is to maintain submission amongst the general population and attack those who speak out against injustices.

You might be wondering why I’m putting all my time into this subject. Well, I was a victim of police harassment and since this time I lost my place and was forced to live back on the streets.

I could never think about having a place in North Carolina. But I will go as far as say the United States (a similar situation resulted in me loosing my place in New York). I’m a political descendant, because

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Computer Down

My other computer is down temporarily until a new hard drive replacement is brought. I should get it within two weeks.

I think someone sent me a virus when I was accessing one of the wifi locations. My virus program is not acting right and I relunctantly forgot to match it with a spyware program.

So it is my fault and will be streamling the whole process in the coming weeks.

But it is part of doing business.

Anyway, I’m in good spirits. I have made contact with several key associates and I expect some outcome to be made. But I do not expect to be out of the streets anytime soon.

There is just too much to sacrafic if I get me a place. And forget about a subsidize apartment. I did that for years and as you can see what the outcome has been.

What I need is total financial freedom from the system. And it is my goal to accomplish this task with the sacrafices I’m making as of this moment.

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Church, Establishment, Outlook

I don’t have time to write drawn out blogs concerning my situation. But briefly, my fears have been answered today when I saw one of the church members. In other words, the church is being paid by the establishment. And to see her here just told me what extent they are willing to silence me.

This is much deeper than surveillance cameras, internet spy programs and microwave weapons. This involves a family member of a church who I thought was a very sincere person. Now she’s caught up in something that could compromise our safety.

Don’t think for a second that once they get rid of me they are not going after her next.

This is NEW WORD ORDER at it finest. And it will continue to happen to more people who know what is going on and oppose what going on.

On a brighter note. I’m preparing for a conference tomorrow. I can’t let this situation break my spirit.

So from then on, I will speak about my positive development, no matter what the situation is.

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Moving On From Negativity

Although I have a mouthful to say about the Fayetteville situation, I’m going to move on. I’m in Raleigh so I hope the high power bless me with a future here. I got a business meeting tomorrow so I pray that it will give me the kind of knowledge to be successful. I don’t have time for games. My life is on the line.

Also, my webpage and database appears to be up. I haven’t received an invoice for it, so I won’t say anything. If the website/database remains available next month, then I will have him move the database as instructed earlier. It was taking him to long to instruct his guys to do it, so I discontinued relations. Besides, it was going to save me about $15 + in operating cost.

Anyway, I have a lot to be blessed for, but my biggest blessings will take longer.

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