Lights In Sky .Yesterday

On my way to bed yesterday, I saw lights in the sky. It is my belief that either they spotted the satellites that are harassing me, or they were communicating with them. Either way, the Durham establishment are aware that these satellites are directed over me, but they won’t admit it.
As a matter of fact, they are part of maintaining this function, as long as it puts money in their pocket.
They also monitor my internet whenever I go on. They also block my ability to get on line by jamming the carrier. This is all illegal, but since they are the law, nothing gets done.
Here’s my perdiction. A few more years of this and it would become a widespread phenonmenon. At this point it would be clear that the one who holds the power dictates how things should be, no manner whether it is right or wrong.
But for years these established parasites have fooled people into believing that if they follow the law, they will be in good standing. Following the law also includes reporting on corruption when you see it.
As you can see, reporting on corruption can result in a life of harassment. It can result in you loosing your life too.
What can be done about this situation?
Let everyone know that this is happening and that someone in political power must do something.
For instance, why are “librarians” asigned to monitoring people’s internet activity? What purpose do they plan to accomplished with this privacy invasion? And why aren’t the patrons informed that it is of the libraries “right” to monitor people’s web searches.
If you think this is to protect us from terrorism, you got a thing coming to you.
Everyday, I’m being harassed by government satellites, because I exposed the corruption occuring with the Fayetteville, NC police department. Now I must endure 24 hour surveillance and harassment for just exposing the truth.
This is coupled with systematic racism, which existed my entire life as well as, sexism against black males.

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Digestive System

As of 6 of February, 2009, the people (researchers, government agents and criminals) have been focusing the satellite arrays at my digestive system. As a result, of this unspeakable humiliation, I became sick with diarrhea.

Before this crime happened, a man with braids at the shelter who was serving food, told me in random, “you need to loose some weight.” It wasn’t what I expect from a complete stranger, but due to the targeting, I did not take his words lightly.

It is quite possible my food could have been poisoned, as the next morning I had to rush to the bathroom. It was six times.

Then as I was driving off from visiting another bathroom facility, I threw-up (vomit). During this episode, I notice electronic jots both in my front chest and my back as I was trying to control the vehicle. The jots were so noticeable and repeated so often, that it was pretty obvious that the people controlling the satellites wanted me to vomit.

This is just another chapter of the horror that I experience being a law-abiding, God loving citizen.

Just the day before this incident occurred, I was just talking on the phone to my friend about the wonderful accomplishments I made.

It wasn’t usual that I would start my day as early as 6AM. But for the word to the wise, this is usually the best time to quickly move though your most important chores. That way no one will be in your way for space.

Being that I’m not very much of a people person and I don’t like many distractions clouding my vision, I felt that for now on, this will be the time that I start setting my goal.

Under normal circumstances, this would have not been such a been deal, but due to the well orchestrated, systematic nature of this program, it wasn’t so wise to brag about this recent accomplishment, although anyone could have done it.

Anyway, have you read the story about the Iranian Satellite? Well, what was striking about this story is how little time it took the United States government to find it. While they’re many hundreds of satellites involved in the transmission of harmful radiation at law-abiding citizens.

It is so hypocritical that you almost think that you are not of this world.

The mere fact that the United States exist is a criminal of itself. All colonial empires are.

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