Gjonaj Realty & Management

I’m holding this Gjonaj Realty & Management legally responsible for the actions happening to me.

Since November 26th, 2009 I have resided in my Aunts apartment of 275 E. Gun Hill Road. In this period I have been inflicted with contaminated water, that is pushed in from a downstairs apartment. Devices have been placed in the area where I sleep and I’m constantly followed around as I move throughout the apartment.

Earlier I witness what looked to be an older “black” or dark colored Hispanic entering the apartment that is directly below the one I’m staying in. And just four days ago, I stood by this apartment and overheard what sounded like an Hispanic woman. She was speaking in Spanish.

Approximately about two weeks ago, I heard them banging around different sections of their apartment. And several occasions I have actually heard them right underneath me. Remember, this apartment sits directly below me.

Since then, I have notice strong electrical sensations, while I laid on the floor. These electrical sensations include stinging of my genital, buttocks, and upper leg.

They have disfigured my eyes, which I was able to take pictures of. The disfiguration includes swelling and indentations markings on the upper and lower eye lids.

Upon leaving the apartment, I return to find that chemicals have been placed into the lotions and some screws were removed from the electrical box.

Please note that the result of these chemicals in the water have lead to the burning of my skin.


Cable Service

I received cable service today after ordering yesterday. Earlier I subscribed to Verizon DSL. It tooked them approximately 2 weeks to put the service on. This left my Aunt without telephone service for 4 days. This shabby behavior is part of the corporate culture of the United States of America. It also explains why my basic rights are being abused.

The change was to implement an access point to be use to promote my business. Verizon did not offered wireless, so I had no choice to switch. It is about a $10 difference, but well worth it.

Currently I notice drops in the service as I such webpages. This happens very frequently and relates to the crimes happening to me. This includes water and food contamination, electronic targeting and character assassination.

PS: I’m forced to have inferior service, because the government can’t get a handle on the crime.


Demonic, Sadistic Programing Of Innocent Citizens

I have been placed into a very well financed, demonic, sadistic program against my consent. I’m regularly followed by groups of individuals who’s purpose is to gathered information about me. This information is then sent to the people who is prepertrating this crime against me. The information is gathered through cell phone devices which are programmed to feed off of human organisms that were attacked with microwave transmissions. The tactics used are cointelpro in nature.

The money is a big factor in this assault on my life. But this can only happened with the assistance of the federal government. This gives these demonic spirits unlimited access to money that they paid the people on the ground to gather data.

The abuse of my GOD giving right to be left along involves stinging to various parts of my body. But the primary goal is to conduct the brain “research.”

The overall goal of the brain research is to control everyone through technology (similar to the movie “the matrix.) But there is another twist to this violation of my human rights.

Robotic technology. If they can use this “data” to surplant this technology into existing technology, they can effectively wipe humans off the face of the earth. And they will if they allowed to continue this “research.”

It is much deeper than the research. The research is sideline by the demonic nature of this program. These individuals are devil worshipers and unless we do something about it, they will hold dominance of GOD worshipers.