Drugs In The Water

The water is not only being contaminated, but they have infiltrated the water with drugs. This is truly dangerous for anyone who might be allergic to these chemicals that they are putting in the water. And it is happening without any regard to the safety of residences throughout the area. Who knows what the negative impact is. I have contacted the power company about this situation and if it is still happening, they share some responsibility of this.


The Money & Gjonaj Realty & Management

Recently Gjonaj Realty & Management throughout a whole office of equipment. I was able to create a video documentation of these items, which were in the basement.

I have witness a similar situation with a non-profit “socialist” organization and a Church I attended in Fayetteville, NC. Upon a month of being at these places, I notice them purchasing a lot of new things.

In simple terms, they were paid off to keep quite about the targeting I was experiencing.

In reference to Gjonaj Realty & Management, they were paid to move in these terrorists and to cover for their illegal activity.

Such activity includes the contamination of the water system within the building. But having a facility, which to operate from have given them access to various food establishments.

The crimes are very well compact that the average person don’t recognize all the new faces who have moved into this building.

The building is located in the northern section of the Bronx in New York City or, 275 E. Gun Hill Rd. b/t Putnam Avenue and Perry Street.


City Of New York Mayor’s Office

here’s an email response I received regarding harassment


Thank you for contacting the City of New York. Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate agency for review and handling.

For future reference, your service request number is 1-1-536897689.


The City of New York

This is an auto-generated system message. Please do not reply to this message. Messages received through this address are not processed.

Thank you.

The information you have provided is as follows:
Form: Customer Comment
Topic: Other
Street Address: 275 GUN HILL ROAD
City, State Zip: BRONX, NY 10467
Country: United States
Work Phone: (347) 285-7954
Im a targeted individual of organized gang stalking electronic harassment, and non-consenting remote telepathy brain research. I have been placed into a cointelpro, eugenics program and it has had a very negative impact on my life.

I have documented these crimes since they happened over a year ago and have not received any assistance.

Im currently residing at 275 Gun Hill Road in the Bronx. Since residing here over a month ago, I have been followed around by groups of people, which involved food and water contamination.

But there is one situation that is bothering me the most. Several apartments have been used for this criminal activity. One such apartment is 5B which is in direct proximity of my apartment.

Contaminated water is being pushed in and the result is nausea and burning of my skin.

Please check out these websites for more info about this subject:



Bones are cracking and muscle pain

Because of the constant use of microwave and radiation weapons on my body, I’m experiencing pain throughout my body and bone cracking. This is coupled with contaminated water being pushed in from a neighboring apartment and stress. I have contacted about the important nature of these events. This is on-going since the offenses have not subsided.


Dream Manipulation & Memory Retraction

This is the result of attacking my head last night. Inducing false dreams and manipulating of past events of my life and an uncontrollable heartbeat.

But this involves the contamination of water and food sources, the use of many people for the purpose of attacking them with electro-magnetic energy weapons, and character assassination.

The money used for this program is enormous and unspeakable.


Water Green-Blue and My Leg IS Burnt

Because I’m talking precaution of what I eat and drink and keeping my body invulnerable from these non-consenting experiments, there has been an aggressive campaign to contaminated my water. Also, while I was sleeping last night, I was constantly being burnt from the apartment at 275 Gun Hill Road Apt 5b Bronx NY 10467. It has been very continuous as they constantly stimulate my butt muscles, penis, and various parts of my body. I have taken pictures of my leg showing you how intensive the burns are.

An affidavit is in the making. If the entire NYC got to be torn down to get to the bottom of this, so be it. THERE’S GOING TO BE FUCKING HELL TO PAY!!!

PS: As I’m writing this my head is being attacked by satellite. My nose feel like it is about to fall off. And I lay dying from this system of evil demons and sapients.


Sinus Headache

Yesterday I was woken with a severe headache/migraine which lasted throughout the day. But towards the evening, it went away. Today was pretty much the same thing. I notice high concentration of chemicals in the water. This refers to my last blog about the blueish-green colored I saw in the water.

My health is deteriorating from the acts of these government terrorist. And this is all due to forcing me into these tuskegee like experiments that can potentially end my life.


Water Contamination

The water is blueish-green color and have a very strong scent of chlorine. There are indeed other toxins in the water being pushed into the apartment I’m residing in, but it will require lab work. I have taken samples of this water as evidence that the contamination is consistent with non-consenting research and organized gang stalking.

There is a lot of movement from the apartment below me and I notice water being turned on when I’m in the bathroom. It is for a brief moment. I also notice the water pressure dropping constantly as I’m using the sink or bathtub.

I do not hear anyone running their water on the side of me. It is a contelpro tactic to surround a target and this is definitely what I’m experiencing.

As stated above, I have contacted the politicians stated earlier and have not received a response.

All parties are liable for not doing anything about this situation. It is there duty as public officials to protect the public.