Changes On The Way To The GSS Website

Dear Readers,

Government Sponsored Stalking.INFO was established on January 1st 2010. Since than, the website has not had a significant update.

Due to both targeting and spam, the GSS website was left with a simple structure. This simple structure allowed the website to be brought back up, in case the site got turned off.

But the simple structure is not working anymore, as my needs have changed.

The website is structured as a basic blog directory that readers use to keep on top of the latest news, while, at the same time, seeking resources that will enlighten them.

This is good, but it does very little to keep a person coming back. So starting June of 2015, more emphasis would be on making the website more interactive.

Individuals will soon be able to communicate with each other in an interactive chatroom, send private messages and post event announcements.

Because I have been able to get a handle of the spam that was plaguing this website, individuals will have the opportunity to post messages that will be seen by other readers. Special privileges will be alloted to trusted individuals.

Moreover, space will be dedicated for ads to raise revenue for projects that are in the pipeline. For instance, I still have an interests in starting a safe house community. And if you have been reading the posts recently, I plan to have a radio gig to address our concerns.

All of this is tentative, so nothing has been finalized.

Government Sponsored Stalking is not an organization, it is an information website based on my evidence. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Christopher John Brunson


Government Sponsored Stalking Yahoo Groups (GSSYS)

Spam Will Not Be Tolerated! Changes On The Way



Because of the targeting, I was not able to moderate this group. Jeff, if you want to help moderate this group, please contact me on Facebook. This will no longer be a PUBLIC group. Violators will be remove immediately!

I’m sorry to those individuals who value our cause. All new members must be APPROVE first.

Christopher J. Brunson

Parker Wayne Is Now Moderator


Parker Wayne is now the moderator for Government Sponsored Stalking. He will be able to remove violators. This will remain a public group, because my inability to dedicate time.

I can reset the moderator privilege to limited email. please let me know what you want PW.




Formulating a plan to finalize the “Safe House” Proposal

Re: Formulating a plan to finalize the “Safe House” Proposal

Dear Interested Parties,

Targeted Individual Coalition For Self-Determination will oversee this project to it completion. The project I speak of is: “Safe House” Community Cooperative Proposal Revisions >> Interested parties are asked to complete an Affidavit. The Affidavit must be less than 10 pages. Assistance in completing your Affidavit will be arraigned by schedule.

Meanwhile, our next meeting will take place on Friday, February 3rd at 9p EST (6p PST). It will occur on (call: 724-444-7444 code: 83319 # pin: 1 #).

The purpose of the meeting is to formulate a plan to finalize the “Safe House” Proposal. Once this has occur, we can start working on several projects to bring these goals to fruition.

Below is our mission statement and statement of principles.


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GSS Friday Night 9PM EST or 6PM PST Conference Call 12012

Government Sponsored Stalking (GSS) Conference Calls are held every Friday Nights at 9PM EST or 6PM PST. The call is hosted on or call: 724-444-7444 code: 83319 # pin 1 #

Topic: This is the second call that we are going to be discussing the importance of starting a TI controlled “Safe House” Community Cooperative. Comments and questions about this project is welcome, so please join us.

Main points: Purchase land in Upstate New York between $20,000 to $35,000

Purchase storage containers for our living quarters. Each storage container will cost (minimum $500 maximum $1,500 per container (includes shipping)).

Purchase machinery used for organic farming (cost and types of equipment have not been decided yet. Discussed in next meeting).

Purchase 2 transportation vehicles.

You can find out more, click here >> “Safe House” Community Cooperative Proposal Revisions

Your participation will gladly be appreciated.

Chris J. Brunson


Yahoo Groups:


Other Conference Calls:

KELB: 724-444-7444 code: 80812 # pin: 1 (Wed./Sat. 9P EST)

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IDEAS For Community Cooperative: Timber Frame Cabin kits

IDEAS For Community Cooperative: Timber Frame Cabin kits


Design Contest



Log Cabin Kit

Log Cabin Design Tips

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IDEAS For Community Cooperative: Food Coop Initiative

Food Coop Initiative (Funds programs)

2012 Grant deadlines have not been announced yet. We do expect to have some funds available for both rural and urban startup support in 2012. Please do not submit requests at this time.

To get a general idea of the grant requirements, you can look at last year’s forms. There will be some changes in 2012 including eligibility for urban co-ops.

A group of growers, consumers and community business promoters have banded in the Red Wing area to form an integrated food system that promotes sustainable and organic agriculture from field to plate

Does your co-op have members that would like to learn more about cooperative economy, history, and philosophy? Are they interested in finding out about different cooperative models and the industries in which they are applied? Are they curious as to how people in other parts of the world organize into cooperatives? Do they wonder if there is a cooperative solution to economic challenges in your community?

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IDEAS For Community Cooperative: Land For Sale

IDEAS For Community Cooperative: Land For Sale

Abandoned Farm with stunning Views and well kept fields only 23 miles from the PA border in beautiful Chenango County, one of the best places in NY to own property.

41.3 acres of wooded land located on a quiet paved road about a mile from US 11.
A year round stream flows through the land. There is 1859 feet of road frontage, and some level places for possible building site or hunting camp. The forest is mostly northern hardwoods with a large % of sugar maples( great potential for a hobby sugar-bush). Taxes about $500 yr. NICE RECREATION LAND OR HOME SITE FOR ONLY $35,900

Great hunting land across the road from State Land! 2 adjacent parcels being sold together 25.46 acres ( 06.112) AND 20 adjacent acres that have 855′ of rd front on Cummings Rd. Lots of wetland, mostly wooded!

Wonderful endless possibilities! Property features garage with 2 car stall one stall is 14×18, and the other 10×10. Possible in-law apartment according to SDG, 832 sqft considered 1 family residential 2 bedroom with bath, kitchen , and living room. New Hartford School. Sauquoit mailing address.

This piece is a charmer! 16.63 acres on a super quiet country rd.
This land has over 3,100′ rd frontage and a good mix of open with scattered nice looking pines and great places to build a home… about half woods with some great pines, oak and more. there is a stream and a good McAdam rd.
Stick built home only
Schools are Unadilla Valley. A great place to put down your roots!

SORRY YOU MISSED THIS ONE-UNDER CONTRACT!Fantastic waterfront property on Kasoag Lake! 6.3 wooded and private acres with a cleared, level area near water. Great camping spot! 450 feet of waterfront in cove. Shared ROW with a gated drive and dock with neighboring property. Motor boats are permitted. stream runs along property line, great property!

Central Finger Lakes building lot / recreational property. Excellent whitetail hunting.
Mineral and gas rights convey to new owner. No gas lease recorded with the proeprty today. Adjoins an approx 8 acre parcel MLS R169278, with same owner.
Updated survey.

Owner financing available.
Purchase price $34,000
$14,000 down
$20,000 loan @ 6% for 60 months = $386.66//month

Log style home with adjoining 21 acres also avail. With house and all avail land = min of 47 acres avail with lots of road frontage. Rural country setting on quiet road minutes to Rushville, NY, and central to Naples and Canandaigau areas. Come take a look.

Maps avail upon request. Email
Survey completed.
Mark Moon (315) 694-1229
Jim Moon (315) 694-1235

Land rises up and there are beautiful area views of the Mohawk Valley, neighbors are farms and country properties, several good spots to build and there are opens areas, pines brush and trees- property will need perhaps some brush hogging to suit.
Herkimer county
Directions between Paines hollow and Starkville on 167 (south side of road)and Weeden road- (350′ in from Weeden property starts and then property has 400′ road frontage map sent upon request

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IDEAS For Community Cooperative: Models

IDEAS For Community Cooperative: Models

These are Cooperative Models that we can follow.

A small town in North Dakota has taken on the problem of rural food deserts. People in the town of Bowdon, North Dakota, formed a cooperative to re-establish a grocery store in the town, and ultimately got the store re-opened.

Interested in eating locally grown produce, supporting sustainable agricultural, helping to ensure a fair living for farmers, keeping your food dollars local, celebrating nature, building soil, conserving water, engaging in community cooperation and securing a resilient future?


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“Safe House” Community Cooperative Proposal Revisions

“Safe House” Community Cooperative Proposal Revisions
Building A Safe Community Through Organic Development
Idea to start Community Cooperative

Purchase land in Upstate New York between $20,000 to $35,000
Purchase storage containers for our living quarters. Each storage container will cost (minimum $500 maximum $1,500 per container (includes shipping)).
Purchase machinery used for organic farming (cost and types of equipment have not been decided yet. Discussed in next meeting).
Purchase 2 transportation vehicles (described below).

The business plan will outline how money is generated and what it will be used for.

Option 1. Between 25 to 50 Targeted Individuals (TI’s) will save at least $1,000 by February 2013 (12 month period). For instance, let say you have $100 in your pocket in February 1st, by February of the next year, you should have accumulated $1,000.

Option 2. Between 50 to 100 TI’s will be asked to contribute increments of $25, $50 or $100 per month. These amounts should accumulate to at least $1,000 by the 15 month.

Click HERE for our savings program

Option 1 and 2: Individuals who choose Option 1 will have first pick on land location, since their requirement was fulfilled in 12 months.

Option 3. We will seek out donations from wealthy individuals who believe in our mission. The mission described here is: To develop an environmental friendly atmosphere that fosters community organic growth business through farming practices.

Option 1, 2 & 3 can be combined to minimized the timeline to reach our goal from 12 months to 6 months.

Option 4. A non profit organization will be started by the 6th month. It will assist us in the grant making process and supplant our cooperative ideas.

Option 5. A non profit organization will be started by the 6th month. It will assist us in the grant making process, however, it will complement our cooperative ideas instead of replacing it.

Note: Starting a non profit organization will cost $150 and $500 for tax exempt status.

Option 6. We skip the non profit organization idea and seek foundations that grant monies to community cooperatives who grow organic produce.

Note: We have identified one such organization that grant these kind of entities. It is called Food Co-op Initiative. Grants are as high as $10,000 and can be applied for start-up costs. We can also seek grant support from government agencies such as the Food & Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture. A good website for researching potential government grants is:

Option 7. Once we have met our financial deadline for purchasing the land, we could apply for a loan from a banking or credit union institution. This will finance the storage containers, farming equipment and transportation vehicles. This corresponds to Option 1 and 2 only.

Option 8. TI’s who support the cooperative project could start an online business. The business will have to file papers as a partnership, which protects the owners of this new enterprise. Filing fees are about $250 and hosting an e-commerce website generally cost about $150 a year. In order to meet our deadline, the business must generate the amount needed to purchase the land by the 12th/15th month.

Option 9. TI’s who support the cooperative project could start an Investment Club. The investment club would consist of several individuals who would make decisions on stocks that they want to buy. Most experienced investors could trade OPTIONS, which would generate the necessary money needed to purchase the land. In order to meet the deadline, the investment club must generate the amount needed to purchase the land by the 12th/15th month.

Option 8 and 9 will operate as separate entities from the cooperative. Business owners or Investors would agree on the contributing amount. For instance, the amount agreed upon could be from 35 to 65 percent of the total earnings towards the cooperative.


We are currently looking at purchasing land that is between 10 to 30 Acres. The land will be located in upstate New York and must be ideal for farming. Furthermore, the land must be large enough to accommodate between 31 to 52 storage containers. However, a larger share of the land must be dedicated to farming.

Depending on the size of the land, it can be partitioned into two (or more) parcels of land.

Option 1. All 51 storage containers will occupied one parcel of land, which the rest will be used for farming.

Option 2. 21 of the 52 storage containers will occupied two parcels of land. Farming will take place in two locations.

Miscellaneous Items: Alternative Energy, Security, Shielding and Transportation

Alternative Energy

Solar Panels (cost: $500 – $1,000)
Wind Turbines (cost: $800 – 1,600)
Storage Batteries (cost: $500 – $1000)


Cameras (16 camera DVR system cost: $1,000 – $2,000)
GPS Jammers (cost: $200 – $500)
Water Integation System (?)
Fencing (cost depending on acres: over $5,000)
Dog (cost: varies)


2 vehicles will be purchased

Van (cost: $1,000 – $2,000)
Pick-up Truck (cost: $1,500 – $2,500)

Individuals will contribute a small percentage to cover GAS and Maintenance.

Farming Equipment

To be discussed in next meeting.

Your Obligation

Interested parties are required to complete an AFFIDAVIT that is no more than 10 pages long. On request, you will be assisted in fulfilling this obligation when time becomes available.

Contact US

Suggestions? Feel free to contact me via email at: or call: (980) 285-7954.

Next Meeting Date: Friday, January 20th
Time: 9p EST
Location: (Talkshoe) ID: 83319
Call: 724-444-7444 code: 83319 # pin: 1 #

Chris J. Brunson


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“Safe House” Community Co-operative Proposal

“Safe House” Community Co-operative Proposal

Plan to start safe house.

We are seeking suggestions from members of the Targeted Individual (TI) community to begin the process of:

* starting a safe house community
* raising funding for a safe house community
* purchasing land for a safe house community

This is my idea and all suggestions will be welcome.

1. Formulate a meeting, which we will discuss the details of this project.

The project will encompass a business plan that will outline how money will be generated.

Option 1. 30 targeted individual will save at least $1,000 within a 12 month period. For instance, if you have $100 in your pocket by February 1st, you should have at least $1,000 by January of 2013.

Option 2. We will seek donations from interested parties that agree with our ideas. Donations is not grant making.

Option 3. Option 1 and 2 could be combine if goal could be narrow down to 9 months.

Option 4. A grant proposal could be develop to get seed money for the project. The project will be funded in stages until we meet our goal of raising enough money to purchase the land.

Option 5. Several TI’s could start businesses that could generate enough money to purchase the land.

Option 6. A single business can be created by several TI’s that could generate enough money to purchase the land.

I’m not too clear on how long Option 5 and 6 will take to generate the necessary funds to purchase land. Because of several risk involve, Option 1 is my overall preference. However, can we commit as much as 30 people to save around $100 a month for this project? Committing Individuals is one thing and getting them to agree on how this safe house project will run once it is up and running is another thing. That is the purpose of meeting, before we decide on the final project.

Once we have met our financial goal, we will then discuss the project 1. location 2. size 3. cost .

The final decision will be made by majority vote, but we will make some concessions.

Once a location has been found, we need to discuss what kind of construction will happen on the property. Several suggestions have already been made, but more ideas are needed.

The property must be big enough for 31 cabins. There must also be enough land for farming.

Option 1. Purchase one parcel of land.

Option 2. Purchase two parcel of land.

The idea of two parcels of land allows us to work with a much smaller crowd. It allows more land for farming use. Downside: The cost can be more than 1/3 than the latter.

Structure: Security, Alternative Energy, Community Duties, Transportation


* cameras
* gps jammers
* water integration
* fencing
* dogs

Alternative Energy:

* solar panels
* wind turbines

Community Duties:

Chores will be assigned to at least two persons per day. Chores will include organic farming, but it would be the upkeep of the property. Exactly how this will be needs further discussion.


This is very important. We need at least two vehicles to assist individuals to and from their destination. Gas and maintenance cost will have to be discuss later. Vehicle used for hauling produce will be part of the equation.

As you can see, this can work.

This is a fast proposal. I just want to get the torch burning. But it can happen next year if we are committed.

I like to add that AFFIDAVITS development is an absolute necessary to reduce infiltrators from setting us back.

Any suggestions??

Chris J. Brunson

PS: The project will be run by 1) Kelb (if it mission statement allows it), 2) a newly formed non-profit 3) a co-operative structure (this model allows us to lobby as a group for stronger legislation protecting whistle-blowers, victims of electronic harassment and human experimentation), 4) An LLC or Company business structure and 5) A coalition such as TICSD.

I’m going to go with #3. It offers flexibility. The downside: we can’t grant make, but we can seek donations. Donations can come in the form of membership (501 C4). Another topic.

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