September Journal

9/1 XPD-9611 – YMA-7306 – KNG-8878 – 600-547 – KLM-138 – VWS-8053 – XZJ-1753 – MUD-TACO – XPO-8871 WW – XPT-2100….

.. ..

9/4 11:30A 1 DEFEND WM in white SUV…..

YNY-2253nc. was parked at the side of the tower – Blue pickup truck (pic not totally clear) YWY-2253 or YWY-2257. white older man w/ beard had computer in vehicle. He was working on it w/in 50ft from the tower on the side of the road. There was a black and, or, hisp. male inside the tower facilities. License # KEW-8453. He had virginia plates. Info: Verizon wireless site # 209 site ID # 816074. Tower location was 519 29th Street Newport News va. 23607. FCC Tower Reg # 1006908. Spoke to T-mobile Jason Employee’s ID #12430458 and Sonya E. ID # 1991338. T-mobile wireless P.o. Box 37380 Alberquerque, NM 87176-7380….

.. ..

9/5 Went to Richmond Va. Library. Came back and notice memory out of camera and the red light indicating that someone entered the vehicle. They were various criminals in the library and one made a point to sit right next to me. They really have an affect on the services in any institution that they enter until that facility become unuseable. I have taken a picture of a black and white criminal in the library. The white one was the leader, he was sitting at the personell station…..

.. ..

9/6 Conference Call: I did not hear anything about the rally that is suppose to take place this week (Sept. 10th – 12th). Just the same kind of stories. I did hear about a printed newsletter being sent out to members who don’t have internet access. This will be an expensive proposition to the organization when these members can access the internet services of the library. The money could be better spent on advertising explaining the technology and organized gang stalking…..

.. ..

Within 20 miles from DC: R51-427ny CRN-8830ny VRY-49Hnj VZK-76Mnj ELO-1192oh NAY-HUBva (handicap) 1322nj pulling black trailer KLL-8328va GDF-8104pa DRF-8379pa N BUTLERva JPF-4684va 778-386dc EHS-825md HA-456dc DH-3643dc C17851dc DH-7460dc 16ST NE 2800/RHODE ISLAND ST. 1600 BY-9593dc 75F-E80ny CK-9087nc BM-0802dc CJ-5431dc 779M582md SDD-590md DB-3417dc ….

.. ..

9/7 Got up at around 9a. Throughout the night I felt tingling throughout my head and feet. Once I turned off the cell phone the sensations went away. I also felt more relax. The cell phone interferce with the brain frequencies and some activitists have such that it also manipulates brain manner. The operator can receive “data” or info. from my brain. This includes memory, behavor and functionality. On a wider scale this would include anyone who were in range of a cell phone tower or device. Any operator is able to gather personal or secret information from the user without their knowledge. And to this makes the technology that the cell phone frequencies operate on illegal. It also is a grounds for a future lawsuit as this technology has been manipulated for purposes other than communications. ….

9/7 CK-9206DC Rode Island St. CS-8207dc XPS-4001va CJ-4927dc JFD-4FOmd CZ-6998dc 4FFM1md DYI-5309oh? DH-1005dc CT-6496….

.. ..

KGP-4428va AM DA-3869 CZ-7723 WPJ-7199nc DH-4428dc FAA-0671md ….

.. ..

9/8 6:06P Rhode Is. Av. B42067 green truck 6:09p 44V-417md 9D4-X34md CW-8452dc? DE-8718dc? CV-6340dc fdc117md cw-6290dc cf-3903dc black pickup truck SBF-T07md….

.. ..

9/9 south from R IS metro train sta. 6:49p DA-5987DC 6:57p BE-7605dc 01799TTmd MM IN TOW TRUCK…..

.. ..

9/10 4:11p CC-2917dc 4:16p CV-8661dc 4:22p CV-3309dc 4:26p CR-0537dc 4:27p 736-077dc 4:36p CT-1579dc 4:38p CT-6537dc 4:39p 7FH-95Hmd 4:41p HCT-D51md 4:44p 94W-473md 4:46p 698M122md 13335md BF-7365dc CC-5008dc DH-6798dc CP3444 DF-0072 HAX-D76md CX-9707dc ICE-M77md BW-3643dc DE-4357dc CZ-9653dc DA-6298dc CK-7821dc JXL-547md BF-7365dc CC-5008dc DH-6789 ZEZ-V45WNmd 1839va DC-3006dc BV8960dc CCR-845md 369W345md 633-M31md AL-6136dc LBM-765md DA-0132dc 42505MBmd CU-5728dc AC-6136d 6:00p 17th St. NE (3100) JACKSON ST. NE (1700) IRVING ST. (1600)….

.. ..

DH-7470dc(2) AQ-9322dc DG-3070dc AD-2985dc DF-8923dc A99-3222dc BK-9845dc DB-6328dc….

.. ..

9/10 I visited the senate two buildings and dropped off my cover letter and affidavit. I filed at almost every office except the offices who could not make a duplicate copy of these documents. I have indicated this on the businesses I requested. I visited offices of the senate and the house of representative and only received a call from the capital police. It was from a “cop” named zimmerman, but the call could have come from anyone. The call was to discourage me from filing anymore documents with these representatives of our country. But I was not deterred. I the 8th and 10th day of Sept.. I had a chance to stop by Jan Sckowonsky office. Her staff was not very helpful and appeared to have been coached by someone outside this office. He claims to have no knowledge about the hearing that Jan was going to have about the CIA’s role with crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, it appeared that a CRIMINAL was stagging as a rep. of a non- profit org., but I was not able to substantate this was correct. ….

.. ..

9/12 DF-2795dc 9DW-N30md 27518M0md 21581CBmd CT-1786dc 471-V05fl MML-434md DF-1995dc CF-0946dc 6DY-784md BG-6758dc ….

.. ..

9/12 Attended march to capital. Seen Beth from Florida (original from mass). We had lunch and shared some exper. Took pics of some of the gang stalkers. KCU-3770va. KEX-8630va. ….

.. ..

5:57p 6VK-549md two mm 0380M3md….

.. ..

9/14 Made visit to the public library to check on mail. Change date on letter to congress and made trip to House of Rep. left affidavit to most of the reps. Plan to make trip to ny soon. Will be visiting the United Nations and filing my affidavit there…..

.. ..

9/16 Wheaton Forest Park 6DL-H29md BM 2:37p 35411MMmd 6CNC54md University Blvd and Georgia Avenue 11400 block, 6DKZ68md 5:58p 9FBM25md….

.. ..

9/17 1EK-M35MMmd 8:19a green car JC Penney/Target Shopping area in Silver Springs MD. MM parked within 2 parking spots from me. 194248md 9440 Staples on Georgia Ave. This was 9:54p BW light silver tan car…..

.. ..

9:57a KNJ-7403va. WM Black Car Same Location….

1:03p XNE-1275va


August Journal

8/1 10:00a VSR-6711 (Jesus on front plate) at former KFC parking lot int. 85 across from McDonald. Older BM in blue/grey ram 350….

10:16a VSR-4911 same location as above. White car….

10:46a VSS-4336 mexican man in grey car….

11:15a XVA-2797 WM w/ baby grey car….

11:27a EKA-9095(ny plate) WM ….

11:35a XUP-8283 WM….

11:41a YYH-4397 WM 3 in red pickup truck….

2:23p YTP-4250 W. Perris St./Market DT Durham….

2:42p IT’S-ME Same Location….

2:52p -ITV-3338 Same Location….

3:45p WNC-9563 Same Location ?….

4:04p 000-00PIN Same Location….

.. ..

8/2 7:35a Went to bathroom outside McDonalds at DT Durham. Stayed inside bathroom less than 5 minutes and seen BM standing outside. He went back into the place with a minute of seeing me. Then about 3/5 minutes, I seen another BM with a small blue car with the L# RTT-7807. This was around 7:45a. He parked at the very end of the McDonald Parking lot and stayed- -in his car for about 4 minutes before going inside the resturant. ….

4:10p MTA-1772 black lexus at Fayetteville Street. BW in vehicle…..

4:30p VRM-4521 BW in car…..

4:31p IS-VZU Dark Burgandy SUV….

4:55p XTU-1564 White Car BW-BB circle around several times…..

5:09p 638-lyn (Fl. Plates). BM in white car ….

5:29p YRJ-1009 BW in car. and WRM-4649….

6:55p XNL-1625 BW drives in and out of an empty parking lot at the Amtrak Station….

8:14p YYM-8273 Liberty Avenue….

.. ..

8/3 I was attacked throughout the night by laser typed weapons at all parts of my body. The weapons were turned up at extreme levels and could not sleep the entire night. There was nothing I did the previous day or week for the justification of this kind of torture. This is the kind of brutality that exist in the United States of America and I will have my day in court!….

.. ..

On top of that, my alarm was setoff repeatedly. ….

.. ..

I’m under 24/7 thought monitoring, dream manipulation and behavior modification. I’m criticized and mocked constantly by the thoughts I have. They used trigger areas to let me know what I’m thinking. Dreams consist of sexually explicit content involving children and adults of all sex. Occassionally these dreams consist of beastiality or sex with animals. ….

.. ..

Violence in these dreams is very evident. This is involves people and animals. There are really bizzard dreams that is transmitted to me. ….

.. ..

8/3 9:00a remp 1684065 Kerr Drugs at 1812 Holloway Dr. Cindy Sauls (sales). Reese’s Butter Cups each had broken sides. The kit kat was broken on the side and top. I have video tapes of both candies. That is over $2 worth of product I could not eat. This is a constant occurance of switching good products out in place of contaminate products. I suspect that a facility or warehouse have been open for this particular purpose. Some of the workers of the establishment are brought into the store but most brought into the reason the contaminant foods should be on the shelves. The contaminant foods are for the purpose of the experiments as are the gang stalking groups that were hired. As I’m shopping in the store, these criminals use this “opportunity” to go inside my vehicle. Once they are inside my vehicle, they poison my food and water. And they place electronic receptors in and outside my vehicle. This is for the purpose of the technology to interface with the satelight. Meanwhile, various “people” in cars park next to my vehicle for the purpose of reading information off those receptors, which they will use for the targeting later. The targeting consist of mainly laser type weapons and neurological technologies. They target my eyes and my genitals and this is the reason why they put everyone’s health in jeapody. This is the kind of U.S. domestic terrorism that occurs in this country and due to the lack of safeguards, it goes unnoticed. Useless dream manipulation is also and everyday event and most of the dreams are irrelevant to real life circumstances. ….

.. ..

Eating the contaminant food cause digestive problems, diarehia, dizziness, headaches and other biological effects…..

.. ..

8/3 WTF-8863 BM back of Dollar Tree at Liberty Street….

Same location. XTX-2023, PTS-7804, TXN-4973, VVY-2136, VVY-4509 BM in tan pickup truck, WS-5068….

3:38p YVB-1450 BM in white older car….

3:39p YWS-4546 BM and WW in white old blue vehicle…..

3:51p TTX-4907 ….

4:23p USR-1019….

4:33p WXC-2002….

4:54p YVR-5954 ….

5:03p TXN-7782 ….

5:28p VSR-7376….

5:36p XNN-6347….

7:37p Magnum St. XMR-1215 BM inside car ….

Off route 55 near int. 85 shopping plaza XZB-9139….

7:40p BM grey car. parks within 20ft. from me…..

8:20p XZA-7519 WW w/ sunglasses tan car….

9:27p YYH-6711 older bm in dodge ram…..

11:00p temp tags 16476561 Libery Avenue/Holloway….

11:08p VMF-7546 Dollar Tree (Mexican Man w/ Burgandy mini van…..

.. ..

8/4 11:29a YTL-9735 White or Hisp. Male in light blue car. Doesn’t move vehicle until he see’s me filming. ….

.. ..

6:15p RZV-7767 BW Former Walmart Parking Lot…..

6:16p MSF-9212 WM Same loc. as above. ….

6:21p VZA-2564 WW….

6:28p XNL-1554 WW….

6:36p WYM-1736 BW….

7:02p YSR-1191 BW….

.. ..

8/5 YVB-99….

9:10a TXP-2934 Big Antenna on car ….


5:04p TXY-9636 WW Food Lion Parking Lot….

VWX-4007 Shell gas station WW Blue Car I.85….

.. ..

8/7 DOXI-DAD, SWP-1581va., ww w/ glasses Michaels….

.. ..

8/5 Went to Food Lion (#0223) MVP Customer #46132477435. Purchased chicken, salt, beans, although I have not experienced any symtoms, notice perp activity inside and outside the store. Went to dollar general. Brought striped cookies and garlic pepper salt. Experienced slight stomach pain from the cookies. Seen bm without id stocking the shelves in the store. Came across license plate VZN-5182. ….

.. ..

Visited two BP stations to get water. Experienced immediate effects of salavia build up in mouth nose and eyes. ….

.. ..

11:25a Man walks dog from the front to the back of the parking lot. He did not cover the entire parking lot. Just the area where the back of my van was facing. ….

.. ..

Noticed guy sleeping in car w/in 45 ft from my vehicle. His license plate # is XTX-4922va. LABTECH Corp. company vehicle traveled slowly by me on the interstate KFB-8339va. BW (and black child in vehicle) situate themselves on interstate to monitor my bio frequencies. XSX-6904, XXS-9455va. XPS-2708nc, LJW-9699va. SXS-8376va. SUV. XWX-2396, WWP-5304va. PVT-5301, JEH-1500, YYK-4887va., YST-7689va. YMN-5675nc. VRR-8345nc. HWY 158. VPM-3206va. ….

.. ..

8/6 KLD-6253va Target of 264. AKK-9337 same location, ….

.. ..

8/9 XDX-3615 Kmart/Big Lot off of 264…..

YXS-8749 4:43 AM Sunday. 6EX-B12md JUZ-9339 Lab Corporation….

659-TTG. 5VFANSva. 10:40a,. JNJ-6677 10:46. XSY-4864va. Volvo 10:51a…..

.. ..

8/9 KJN-7730, XVH-2723va. 1106a JDJ-1878 11:07a….

.. ..

8/10 Lady drove black jeep parked opposite of the parking area in Virginia Beach grilled area. It was around 9a. When she arrived and 9:15a when she left. She did not get out of her vehicle. Photos were taken. ….

.. ..

At 2:30p. I took a picture of my leg, which has been burned by these weapons. The upper right side of the leg near the genital chamber is swelled upon disbelief. They are several regions or scares throughout the swelled area. ….

.. ..

Continued attacked of my leg might required medical assistance, beacuase skin tearing is imminent. The attacks on my leg happens all times of the day, but is especially noticeable when I

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Happy New Year

Dear blog readers,

It has been a very challenging 2006 and it amazes me that I was able to make it to 2007. But it was my faith in GOD that brought me through. And with that, I’m thankful.

However, those challenges have not disappeared. I’m still not in a desire living situation to conduct the kind of business that will make me successful. So, until that becomes apparent, I must continue to strive for what would bring me to the same level I was in 2005.

With that said, other than my undesirable living arraignments, I’m dealing with a system that does not want me to recover from my injuries. For instance, if you have not notice, the library system that you use is inflitrated with surveillance devices. These surveillance devices track people’s movements throughout the facilities. But also what people don’t know about these systems is that they track what websites you visit and it even goes as far as correspond with governmental (and private) entities that might have put you on their list as an enemy combative.

Please don’t write this off as paronoid thinking, but do you remember the “no fly list” that several people (known activists) were being placed on? Well this list has been distributored throughout the United States (some segments of the world) and sends out an alert when someone is picked up by these systems.

There have been various specialized security forces hired to monitor these systems. There mission is to intiminate individuals who have been placed on this list and to make it hard for them to conduct business in these institutions.

Face Recognition Technology is only one method that is used to indentified known “suspects. There are other modes used, which I will get into in future blogs.

But first, answer these questions…

Why are there security guards in libraries.

Why are there camera’s in libraries?

Why do library require so much information about you before you are given the privilege to use there system?