The End Of The American Empirer

The end is near, so get ready for some very unimaginable stuff happening to the American people.

Anytime a “free” society is about to end, repression of free speech becomes more evident (as in my case). Government starts to put more emphasis on maintaining order than protecting free will.

They also start to hire and co-op the institutions that average citizens rely on. In my case, it was the church and the police department. In other cases, it includes family, friends, and colleagues in the work place.

This informant stuff is to keep a watchful eye on anyone who goes against the establishment.

But what is so striking is the amount of technology that is being used to silence individuals. And it is happening to more and more people, no manner what race, ethnicity, sex or age they might be.

And the perpetrators comes in all different shape and sizes. Race and age does not manner, since they can also include your family member, pastor or close friend.

And lets not forget about the military. Anytime a world power is about to loose it’s might, it is the military that steps in. They start targeting innocent people for no reason as a display of their own power. But more importantly, they use these people as instruments to control vast amount of citizens.

First it starts with a few uncommon people and then it extends to activists and whistle blowers. When it gets to this point, than it becomes widespread and no one can stop them (except GOD of course).

The United States is at a stage of total collapse. For the unseen eye, it has been happening for years with the passing of new laws, rising inflation, lack of moral value when it comes to the public and so on.

Now it is so bad that almost the average person can see some remembrance of the collapse

But it all starts when the government starts enforcing unnecessary laws and corruption. This would never happen in a democratic society, of which the United States has never been.

The mere fact that this country was founded on the blood of native indigenous people should tell you that for a democracy to exist, it must include the first people’s.

As I sit down here to another superficial “Thanksgiving” dinner, I could only imagine how many native indigenous and African lives were lost, so the American people can be fooled once again into believing that this was for the public good.

And isn’t! and Americans will soon begin to rely the truth behind these holidays.

But it will be too late for most people.

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Van Purchased

Purchased a van for the purpose of sleeping in it. Plans is to upgrade the antenna system that will give me greater range.

Anyway, a little detail about the van. I purchase the Van from SC. It was formerly a telephone truck and has been modified with a extended roof and electrical system. The electrical system has no use unless 1) it is plugged into a power station or 2) converted over to work with a solar powered system. I would rather seek to convert it to work with a solar powered system (wind power as an addition).

In order to accomplish this task, I will have to remove the air/heating system that is above the van. And than I can lay two 4/panel systems on the roof. This is coupled with an antenna system that will carry fm/am/shortwave/tv/wifi and two-way radio communications.

But first I need to talk to someone who is familiar with incorporating the solar panel into the vehicle infrastructure. This is coupled with the construction aspects of this job.

I must factor in cost, before anything happens, since it must correspond with my overall goals.

Anyway, I find sleeping in my new vehicle a breath of fresh air, compare to my car. However, the car is still a better way of saving gas on longer trips outside the area.

Thanks for reading.


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X-Ray Glasses

There goes my Business Suit money! I had to buy me some X-Ray Glasses so I can protect the persistent assault that is being done on my eyes with Microwave Frequency transmissions. This is beside the amount of money that went into purchasing a signal jammer, aluminum foil, window tinting and mylar blankets (which has not been very effective). The cost of these items have range in the hundred, which could have purchase a wardrobe of business clothes I was going to use to market my businesses.

I have saved all the receipts of the items I have purchase and will be used as evidence in my onslaught. This includes gas and food. If you add up all these costs, I spent way over a thousand dollars for these items.

It is a shame as a law abiding citizens, I can’t expect government to work for me.

Not only have they made me homeless, they have the comfort of torchering me, while I spend more money to protect myself.

But GOD will get me out of this dilemma and at the end I’m going to come out the victor.


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