September 2016 Journal


Notice: This will be the first official journal since June. I’ve been using my time to document my evidence with the use of video and this project is completed. I plan to upload most of the video evidence on Photo Bucket (which is an unlimited storage platform for digital media) and a few more on Youtube.

9-1 After consuming a salad and sausage attacks to my stomach increased in the form of directed energy. Later after waking up in the morning attacks included my left hand in the form of directed energy. It felt like electricity was going through my left hand, but it was the attached technology that was felt through my stomach. Also unexplanableable blurry vision, which is taking time to go away. This is something the perpetrators were doing right before leaving for new york.

9-1 Went to pick up mail in Woodlawn, Bronx. I received only one parcel and had not communicated with this establish since about February. Than I went to the United States Post Office to certified a piece of mail that I mailed over 2 months ago. I had it certified this time. As I was waiting online the typical perpetrators were there. I have video footage showing this.

9-1 After my mail visit, I decided to walk to Cross County Mall in Westchester County. My first visit would be the Micro Center. This is a retail outlet that specializes in computer hardware, software and technical services. When I got into the door I was confronted by several sale’s associates. This was very unusual. I was trying to find the keyboard that I purchased the last time. So after the third sale’s person asked me “can I help you” I responded “yes.” After he looked up my last purchased of the keyboard, eventually the manager showed me a similar keyboard, but was made by a different company. Instead of being $6.99 it was $14.99. Meanwhile, as I was dealing with that last sale’s person, I noticed directed energy around my right foot toes. Than later I noticed him reaching for his cell phone device. I have video footage of all of this. When I was about to check out, I notice that over 90 percent of the employees was African decent. This is a 90 percent white area in an industry that is dominated by white males. Not surprisingly the manager was black as well. It is nothing wrong with hiring blacks males, but they wanted to make me comfortable in the store. I was not. They also knew my stance on hiring black males and that is why they set it up this way. But every single one of them were perpetrators and the only purpose they were in that store was to shoot directed energy at me. This is how it is to be a targeted individual.

9-1 As I was circling the area, I eventually came across stop & shop. Stop and Shop is a grocery outlet in this region and they have been growing exponentially. The products are better than the local stores in my neighborhood supermarkets, so I stop here. I was immediately confronted by stock people. As I was in the store, I seen the typical carts with boxes. Some are siting in alse waiting to be unloaded on the shelves and some have empty boxes. I’ve seen mostly blacks males stocking these shelves. Some of them actually looked like they had some time in the bin. So here we have a 90 percent black male population in a store that is in an area about 90 percent white. They are being bus in from somewhere and the video would have clearly showed this. If I had not lost my memory chip from my spy sun glasses, I would have been sitting on a lot of evidence. The sun glasses uses a pop up design and it probably got lost this way. Next time I will use my clear glasses for the store, unlike the sun glasses, it has a lock in design and accepts 32gb unlike the sun glasses, which only does 16gbs. Anyway, clearly many of these kats are paroles and they have an agreement with the courts to perform this “civil” duty. Well this civil duty ensure that the government has unlimited arms and legs just so they can keep an able body under their directed energy protocol.

9-1 6:30p Stop & Shop 111 Vredenburgh Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704. Phone No: 914-378-9311. Manager: Carlos Candelaria. Purchased Pinera Country White Bread, Pinera Tomato Basil Bread, Entenmanns Chocolate Donuts, Arnold Whole Wheat Bread, Mars Snickers Candy, Hershey Mini Candy, Red Grapes, SB Chicken Wings 4lbs. Garlic Bulbs, SHBF 93% Ground Turkey and SBF Hot Italian Sausages.

9-1 Immediately upon arrive to my destination, I ate the Entenmanns Chocolate Donuts. Then the nano crystalline – smart dust began to build up in my mouth. This was noticeable by the surrounding directed energy. Than I ate some Red Grapes and it too had the presence of nano technology in them. Although the attacks started with my stomach as directed energy resulting in bloating, indigestion and gas, it soon included my legs and feet as if electrical current was going through them. And later in the evening my right hand was attacked with spasm like sensations. These spasm attacks is a symptom of them remotely placing the technology in my hand.

9-2 Upon consuming the Hershey candies that I purchased from Stop & Shop attacks to the arms became noticeable. These attacks were muscular in nature. Than stinging pain to the right foot toes.

9-2 Increased Diapheria like symptoms after consuming grapes and Hershey candies.

9-2/3 Throughout the night into the morning the typical directed energy attacks to the feet.

9-3 Attacks to the right foot big to joint and induced muscular pain to the right arm. Hacking of my computer internet connection as well as the firefox browser components.

9-4 After being woken I experienced an induced rapid heartbeat. During the morning directed energy attacks to my left foot was felt.

9-4 Increased attacks to the stomach after consuming boiled and than frozen ice herbal tea water, ground turkey and bread I purchased from a yonkers, ny Stop & Shop and collared greens I purchased from Aldis Gun Hill Road, Bronx, New York. The result is I felt directed energy going through my index finger. I than chopped up some fresh garlic, which help to decrease these attacks.

9-4/5 Induced tiredness, which kept me sleep until late in the morning. Signal attacks to the right foot and I placed zapper on his part of my body. And attacks to my right finger joints while getting up.

9-5 Constant pressure directed energy attacks to the nose. The result is snoring sound and build up sinus around the eyes and nasal area.

9-5 Water spilled into the downstairs apartments. I was running the sink hoping that eventually the loop warm water would turn into hot water. That didn’t happen all day. But the kitchen water is always scaling hot, which was explain earlier in this entry. Between the perpetrator connected devices and how this building boiling system is structured, there is no hopes in getting hot water in this place!

9-6 I went to sleep close to 6A this morning. I was moving some files from the defective drive to the new drive I purchased from Best Buy. The most recent downloads were all inaccessible, but files on the internal computer hard drive plays well. Something happened to cause the external hard drive to go out the way it did, but the restoring program did manage to bring most of them back. After most of this function was completed, I went to sleep. I than woke up at around 10:15A. Although I had a slight rapid heartbeat, I could feel noticeable directed energy coming through my right arm and hand. Than after getting out of the shower, it was my right leg and feet. After walking around a little, the attacks stopped.

9-7/8 Both days I went to sleep in the morning and when I woke up there was energy directed at my feet. When I got up I noticed the directed energy was on my right arm as well. It felt like electronic current was going through this part of my  body. Each time I put the zapper to the feet that was being attacked, the other feet would be attacked. This went on until I got up and start moving around.

9-8 After consuming the food that I purchased from Stop & Shop, the attacks always began at the stomach and than it is directed in other areas of my body. These attacks were felt as pulsing to my left and right temples. When I drink the tap water (which is boiled for an hour and than frozen) the attacks pick up to include my right arm particularly and left arm. I can than feel pulsing in the upper joint of my two arms and the signal sensation increases at this point. It feels like electricity going through this part of my body. And soon it feels like muscular pain. The attacks also includes my elbows in the form of stinging. That is just them remotely putting the technology in this part of your body. The attacks could also be felt in my knees and legs and muscular pain and directed energy. Although I had experience something similar to  this outside, it isn’t as involved in an apartment. These individuals are right up on you. The other day when I went into their apartment to clean up some water that I spilled from the apartment above, I see that they were two African American women there. The apartment looked like they had recently moved in. It was furnished, but you all know how an apartment looks when someone has been there a while. They were nice and very accommodating so no one would suspect that they were involved in targeting someone with directed energy weapons. However, many of us are aware of what is involve and apartment that is looks this tailored is always suspect.

9-9 Sister’s birthday. She had past sometime in late March. There still isn’t a death certificate for her and her death is still under investigation. Before going to sleep this day, my computer was shut off. I never had this computer shut off on me.  It just goes to show you that when you are this close to these individuals, they can remotely shut off and turn on things without your intervention. I was getting tired after a long day attending to my business. Anyway, after falling asleep, I was given the usual dream. There is never a night I can go to sleep without these induced dreams. But this one involved a memory retraction, so that is why I’m listing it here. Memory retractions is a period that they access that could have occurred several years or decades ago and put it in the storyline in your induced dream. So it is an extra layer of BS that you have to process, which mean your mind is busy. This is good for them as they able to program these technologies into your body more effectively. Before getting up in the morning, I noticed the directed energy at the base of my right foot. So I put the zapper on that foot. When I woke up again, I see that they moved the attacks to the left foot. When I get up, the attacks disappears.

9-10/11 Each night that I slept in this period continuous attacks to the feet in the form of directed energy. However, 9-11 was particularly worse as I experienced an induced rapid heartbeat and induced dreams from the area I left, which tells me the person doing this is from or working from the area that I left. Not too long ago as I was walking a NYC area and as I stopped to ask a guy a question, he had a noticeable southern accent. At first I thought maybe he was visiting from out of town, but there are no coincidences in this program. Everything is by design. And if you suspect that it something you fear it’s not, than you are right for having this thought.

9-12 8:30A Went to sleep around 3A. When I got up up my left arm was shaking, which included my left hard. This also include some slight shakiness to my right hand and right arm. And then I noticed 3 strong pulses to my nose as if my sinuses was opening up from a stuffy nose. But it was embedded technology in my nose. Then I seen deep line gashes above my nose. I have seen these gashes before, but they were more noticeable than previous days. I believe these embedded gashes have a lot to do with the attacks I felt today.There was noticeable technology in the rice I ate yesterday. As I was eating the rice during several occasions I could taste the technology being activated in it. The technology can be activated from surrounding directed energy. Not long did I hear somebody come out  of the adjacent apartment.

9-12 For the first time I actually heard water running for an extended period of time. So I decided to turn the water on to prepare for a bath. I immediately noticed the flow of the water fluctuating. Than when I turned the water off, no longer could I heard water running from the adjacent apartment. It’s not they heard me turn the water on. Listen. Those white buds (sometimes different colors according to rank or position) are not being worn to listen to music, it is worn so there bosses (handlers) can communicate with them. The handlers are the ones who can see every move I make and read my mind. So they were instructed to turn the water on, so they can turn on the system that is connected to the water system to push nano technology (and other technologies) and chemicals through the pipes. That’s why when you get into the tub or shower, the signals increase. The technology that they push through the water interacts with the technologies in your body. A similar experience is gotten when you consume foods that have been tampered with and tap or bottle water that you drink. After getting out of the tub increased attacks to the feet was felt.

9-12 Attacks to my stomach in the form of directed energy increased after drinking the boiled ice water that I prepared a couple of days ago. This tells me that the nano technology (other technology) and chemicals are still active in the water. Then the attacks moved to include my knees, t;oes and feet as directed energy. There was also needle pricking to my right hand fingers. And attacks to my head was felt. No matter water I drank, I never felt like I had enough, because of what is contain in it.

9-13 3:30a When I went to sleep and woke up, my entire right arm was shaking, which included my hand. I could feel it from the upper joint and the elbow. Then I noticed the bloating from my stomach. I have a high level technology in my body and that’s why I’m getting these symptoms. Once I move around, the shakiness to my arm is gone. The attacks get worse when I eat or especially drink the tap water and in the night and just before getting up in the morning. This is similar to what i experience outside but much worse. Rarely does my arm shake when I get up. As a matter of fact I can count only twice this had happen. And I have been sleeping outside since 2011. But I’m not near infrastructure or people. However, devices have been placed in areas surrounding me that I can’t get to.

9-14 After waking up I immediately noticed an induced rapid heartbeat and shakiness of both of my arms. The attacks also included my toes and head. I had drank the tap water and ate some bread and chicken the previous day.

9-16 Induced rapid heartbeat and stimulation of private parts. The day before attacks were hardly noticeable. So I think they build up the tech that I consumed the previous two days.

9-14/16 Strong pulsing attacks to the left and right temples during this period. This is experienced especially in the kitchen, bathroom or laying  on the floor in the center room. But when I stand up in the center room, the attacks are not present. What does that sound like to you? There are individuals standing around the clock near closes wall of the apartment I’m at. I hear them as I come into these areas. Anyway, the pulsing attacks usually turn into signal attacks later to the areas they are attacking. And it has already been clarified that the directed energy manipulates the technology in your body.

9-18/19 Throughout the night into the morning experienced an induced rapid heartbeat each time I was woken. And each time I woken, I had a very tired feeling as if I hadn’t slept for several days. The last time I was woken, I had shakiness particularly on my right hand and arm. Later as I was preparing my bath, the attacks also included my left ankle. What brought about these attacks was consuming some marshmallows in the evening. When I bit into it, there was a noticeable sensation as if someone had placed technology in them. The marshmallows were way past their consumption date, so it could have just been place there for me to consume them. Also the cheerios and soy milk had noticeable nano crystalline – smart dust as the attacks increased thereafter.

9-19 When I look in the mirror I notice more nano residue on my face and particularly right above my nose. They are much darker in color than my complexion. They also produce line marks in the skin and that is where the “wrinkles” come from. When I use both the citric acid and the dmso, this part of my face starts to tense up or take on a different shape. And when I applied the solutions to the entire face, the intense pain can be felt in the areas where the nano technology was applied. For instance, I felt it on my left and right temples, nose and forehead. These are the areas that has the largest amount of nano technology. How the nano technology get to these areas is through directed energy. When I consumed the food that has the nano technology, there  is an increase attack to the stomach. That is the criminals of this organization using directed energy technology to access the nano technology. So now we talking about dna here. Than you might feel a burning sensation to the part of your body that they are applying the nano technology or you might feel a pressure attack. Then later you will notice that it is signaling or directed energy feeling like electrical current to those parts of the body. That is them programing the nano technology to do certain things to that part of your body. Both the head, face, stomach and feet are important areas for them when they are attacking your body.

9-19/20 Went to sleep around 11p and was woken around 4:15a, because some boxes had fallen. After that occurred I immediately heard two apartment doors open up and than the elevator. All this happened in a frame of less than 3 minutes. So the sound of the boxes must have interfere with something they were doing to me, because I did not move a muscle. Meanwhile, after hearing all of this, I did noticed I had an induced rapid heartbeat and it is not because of the boxes falling. I had train myself a long time ago not to react to sudden change of noise or sounds that might interfere with concentration. And this had happened many nights before, so I had became somewhat immune to it. Anyway, it appears that new people and or, high level people are being used and that could be why the sound of boxes falling startled them and the course of instructions could no longer be met. It also meant short-term assigners had to leave because their purpose could no longer  be met. It does appear to be that way, since a continue cycle of new people are always part of the equation in my targeting. This is the spiritual component – these are occultist.

9-20 Went back to sleep at around 5:45a.. When I got back up, it was around 9:30a. When I walked around I suddenly felt different energies directed at the heal of my right foot. During sleep the criminal organization had programmed the nano technology in my feet and I felt it as multiple signal points being transmitted upon.

9-20/24 I don’t really log my situation in if the attacks are almost none apparent, so that is why you have not heard from me in a few days. But the 23rd was different and that is why you are seeing this post. I have consumed more than I should of the tap water, which was made into a tea and oatmeal and whatever else I could find in this crazy world. And as expected the attacks were beyond anything you can imagine. But I have developed techniques to deal with the attacks. However, that isn’t why I’m writing this log. The reason why I’m writing this log at 3:45a, is because, I have taken DRASTIC steps, which involved going into the cabinet and grabbing some baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I knew already that once I consumed these two items, I was going to deal with the SHIT as HORRIBLY and AS IRRITATING as possible. As expected, when ever this method is done, they will turn their weapon systems UP to maintain and regain control. It started with the vibrations and than it was the pulsing and burning of different sections of my head. I use to think this was them adding to the tech in my body, but it felt very FORCED. When I said FORCED, it wasn’t what they usually do when they are successful. They are very specific. This wasn’t very specific. There was light 10 different places they were hitting my body. With this kind of arraignment, they would never make their mark. But the AGGRESSIVE TARGETING is a small price to pay to break down this control they have. And I know from experience if I switch things up a bit, I usually comes out the victor. Do not be impress with low targeting. They are building up to something more grandiose in the future. So always do something even when your targeting is low. Brain Mapping attacks just means regrouping to me – or maintain or regain control. Vibrations felt throughout the entire body is the same.  At this point the specific stuff they were doing earlier is gone. That is where my attention has been in later years. So pay attention to the specifics, not the AGGRESSION. If they are burning you or doing some of the older stuff, that is a good sign. If they are doing some new things, that is a bad sign. That means they have been able to map that new element into their system. Just pay attention.

9-24/25 Attacks immediately to the stomach after consuming fruit and ice cream. Than the feet and later the eye brows in the form of stinging. So the technology was in the food and after consuming it, the technology was taken from my stomach and than burned into the above areas. The result is these areas of my body became access points for the directed energy. Also, continuous pulsing of my nose throughout the  night into the morning.

9-25 After consuming the Cream Of Wheat attacks were first felt in the stomach. Than attacks to the feet and knees was felt as directed energy. And burning of my elbows in the form of stinging was felt. Also continuous attacks to the left temple in the form of pulsing attacks, which sometimes was felt on the left temple.

9-25 Diarrhea symptoms developed later in the day, which several times I had to use the bathroom. The symptoms is coming from the combination of the nano crystalline – smart dust in the food and water, constant attacks to the stomach by directed energy technology and increase intake of vitamins to build a strong resistance to the targeting.

9-25/26 Woke up to shakiness to the arms and hands, which felt like current was going through them. But that is them accessing the attached technology that they remotely embed in my arm while I was sleeping. I also noticed numbness in my hands and right arm. When I go into the bathtub, I could feel the energy through my right foot.

9-26 My quota is already almost up and it has not been 15 days. The quota is the amount of bandwidth that is offered each month. You have the option to purchase more and I’m already on my second payment. So it is very possible that someone is surfing the internet underneath my connection, which is why it is running out so soon. Had I gotten DSL, this would not have been a problem. Plus, my connection is always dropping. I’m in an apartment situation and any of the surrounding buildings could be responsible.

9-26 My Aunt has been stalling this moving job  for over a month. Yesterday I absolutely had it. I had purchase tickets for a schedule date. If she is not ready by than, that would be on her. But the stalling is just their tactic for me to stay here. They have uploaded a lot of this shit in her mind that each time she say she going to do something, she does the complete opposite. There is absolutely no benefit in staying in NYC as the Targeting limits me to access to clean drinking water and the option to leave the place any time I want. When I’m in North Carolina, I have the option to sleep in another locations and drinking water never consist of tap water. It is a much better environment for me and less favorable for individuals targeting me, because it is not climate controlled. So when it is very cold, it something I look forward to, because I know not too many people would want to be outside. However, the targeting never goes away, it just doesn’t get to the level I’m experiencing daily in NYC.

9-28/29 Went to sleep around 11:30a. Early in the morning attacks was felt on the feet and knees in the form of directed energy. At one point this part of my body was engulfed in directed energy technology. But while I was sleeping the nano technology that I consumed after in the night was embedded in this part of my body and they were simply programming it with the directed energy. Before waking up after being woken several times, I had an induced rapid heartbeat and than I felt strong pulsing to my nose. This was them putting the nano technology in my nose and this was done by elevating my heart rate. After this time, I could feel the technology being accessed by the directed energy. It sounded like snoring, but that is the effect of how they access this technology. Also continued attacks to my eyebrows in the form of burning and than directed energy. The burning is them embedding the technology to this part of my body and the directed energy is programming the technology.

9-29 I used the skin detox agent on my head and face. When I observed it, I could see where they embed the technology to this part of my body. It was lighter in color and the agent form a crystallized substance in this area. Than the burning came in the area where this technology is and than the signaling attacks. At this point the attacks increased to the knees and legs briefly. So targeting this area of my body cause the technology to take on an aggressive form. Also attacks above my nose was felt.

Summation: This month suppose to end my official visit in New York City. But I’m waiting for several things to happened before I depart. In this month attacks were mostly felt on my arms, nose and eyebrows in the form of directed energy, burning, muscular pain and pulsing. Chemicals are still being pushed into the water system, although at times the water does appear to be normal. The targeting always appears worse in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom where they are close to adjacent apartments than the living, which sits in the middle.

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New York City April 22nd – June 24th

My experience in New York is an exactly replica of what happened on my last visit to this location. Increased electronic, aggressive stalking, widespread food contamination and fluid contamination and a rash of physical attacks associated with these criminal organizations.

As has already been documented, aggressive electronic stalking involves the use of wireless communications such as a cell phone, radio frequency device, pulsing device, pulsing system and pulsing radio frequency gun.

Widespread contamination of local businesses that sell food and liquids. Store rooms are stocked and shelves are emptied and restocked with contaminated food/liquid (or food/liquid is reconditioned for the purpose of attacking my body).

When I consumed the food and liquids, attacks increase throughout my body (or specifically areas that are being (GPS) or targeted.)

The severity of the attacks depends on the amount of people in the area, how an area has been setup for these attacks.

And area are setup with ethereal devices to aide in the attacks to my body. Attacks to my body has immobilized me in ways that can affect my health. There has been many days that I was too weak to move normally.

Such symptoms includes, headaches, nausea, bloating, forced defecation, gas, muscle pain, tiredness, burning sensations, false dreams, etc.

As many know, the criminal control is done wirelessly, which means that anyone in the vicinity of the targeted individual becomes the perpetrator. There are fewer individuals who are actually perpetrators (because of their access to pulsing devices, ethereal devices and other technologies). This is because we have all been implanted with these devices.

The devices are breath in, place in our water systems, and in our food. This control method is short-term as the process has to be repeated again and again.

Criminal infiltration has been happening for a long time, but this kind of infiltration is such to destroy any nation. If you look at the history of corruption, you will begin to understand what I’m talking about.

Well, as I wrap up my visit in New York, what this has shown me is that no matter where you are at presently, that someone, somewhere will be there to send you the signal of death.

Good day.

November 2010 Journal

11-2 Attacks in my genitals around 3AM while lying asleep in sub-freezing temperatures.

11-2 Family Dollar Store #7562 4700 Cumberland Rd. 910-425-7753. Noticed delivery truck at the side of the store. Purchased butter danish style cookies 884118098131, Ferrara Pan Lemonhead 041420126345. Felt streams of electro-magnetics energy directed at different points of my head. And Lance Toastee Crackers 076410093000. Saw white woman entering the store around 9:40AM and leaving the store without purchasing anything. On top of that, she did not leave the parking lot.

11-4 Mini Van rode closely behind me, which is tailgating on Grove Street in Fayetteville, NC YEH-4816nc.

11-4 ZZA-7508nc Rode through the abandon parking lot while I was in a sitting position. A man on foot came through around the same time. There were no reason for these occurances to happen, except that these are normal people going about their business. They are part of a large network of organized criminals who are equipped with sophisticated devices that transmit and recieve signals. These signals are used for non-consenting experimentation on human subjects. The technology that they are feeding off of is nano-micro technology that was placed in my vehicle, food, water and the surrounding area. I also seen TTA-6807nc Red Pickup truck rolling through the parking lot area.

11-4 YEH-4860nc and ZZA-7508nc drove through the abandon parking lot b/t southern avenue and candem road.

11-5 Purchased Food Lion Spaghetti 03582600828, Paste Sauce FL Band 03582603599, Johnsonville Blats Sausages 19.76 oz 077782014563.

11-6 Went to sleep around 8PM and got up around 12AM. Although cold, I did not notice any problems with my sleeping. Later I did not a signal being transmitted to my right foot. It felt like someone was grabbing at my feet with a pair of pliers. It was continuous. What it appears is the nano technology that they placed underneath the vehicle is interacting with the technology that was consumed through the food and water.

11-7 I went back to sleep around 4:15 A and while I was lying down, I felt constant tingling on my foot. Later, this energy was directed to various parts of my head. Because of the nature of these events, I could no longer sleep.

11-7 IGA Carlie C’s Store #840 800 Cedar Creek Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28312. Phone # 910-483-3489. The manager is Richard Copeland. Purchased 2 Campbells pork & beans 051000112859, Chef Boyardee Spaghetti & Meatballs 064144043224, Chef Boyardee Big Beetaroni 064144043347, IGA Rd Soda 2 Liter 041270039147, Brim’s Crunchy Cheese Curls 028293474100, Noble Florida Tangerines 033383103167, Upon consuming these products, I felt transmissions to various sections of my head and repeated attacks to my ear by electro-magnetic weaponry. The attacks to my right ear is particularly painful.

YWD-3337 Pepsi LN 100 waiting in parked area. Missing Hubcap.

11-8 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc Store #471 2636 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28303 910-486-9050. Purchased Delmonte Spaghetti Sauce 02400001110, Pagasa Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies 070952000830, Fast Bites BBQ Rib Sandwich 60201 071421106169 “2” Fast Bites Fish & Cheese Sandwich 60202 071421106176, Hunts Ketchup 027600382493, “2” Bars Classic Franks 005900000982

11-8 0263nc Parked at broadcast studio on person’s street and wilmington rd.

11-9 I was woken at around 6AM. Upon standing up, I notice immediate rapid heart rate and unstabled nervous system. The weather was about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, which was 45 degrees. The shakiness of my arm and hands was very noticeable. Just before putting the vehicle on, I saw a vehicle in another parking lot. And just before driving off, I saw a pickup truck driving from the parking lot to the street. This lot is not attached to the lot were the other vehicle was situated. I have seen this before. I believe the whole area is wired to receive my bio- signal and a vehicle does not necessarily have to be line-of-sight to me. The technology that has been placed in my vehicle also allows for these criminals to manipulate my nervous system and to gather frequencies imminating from my body. This then allows them to attack various parts of my body that have been targeted. The first part of my body that I notice being attacked is my genitals and between my legs. I have taken pictures and video of this area. The damage is pretty intensive. Then they target my head, At this point I feel extreme electro-magnetic activity on different parts of my head. It is like someone plugging an boken outlet in the wall and attaching it to my head. The air space that these satellites operate from is very regulated. There are specific government agencies that monitor satellite activity and report on their activity. So these government agencies are very much aware of what is happening to me and other targeted individuals who are experiencing this. But it is the duty of the Justice Department to stop this activity and to hold these agencies accountable.

11-9 Carlie C’s 600 Cedar Creek Rd Store #840 Fayetteville, NC 28312. Tele no. 910-481-3469. Manager is Richard Copeland. Purchased Powerads Lime 9003345734, Power Ad Zero 049000050707. Upon consuming these products, I experienced increased sinus pressure, flu like symptoms, fluids aligning itself to my ears, eyes and nose cavity. Glossiness around eyes that resembles blurriness.

When I first entered the store, I notice a large amount of perpetration focus around the beverage section. This is information they must have gotten from reading my brain waves, because I felt very dehydrated. The man power being used to stock these contaminated goods on the shelves is pretty notice for this time of the day.

VPN-1895nc Vehicle follows on Russell Street and then turns left on Person’s. YWB-9544nc tailgates from back end. Drove in Parking lot (FAMILY DOLLAR). ZSF-6052nc waiting in parkinglot. YSH-1219nc Right in front I’m seeing this activity. More regularly, vehicles parked in front of stop sign, blocking view from parking lot – which then allows access to my vehicle. YZY-9035nc lead car with park lights. YWA-2508nc Dollar Tree Parking Lot missing hubcap. WR-799nc and B7-5004nc. Followed by HR-2031nc.

11-11 I woke up throughout the day and each time my heart rate was extremely rapid and I was shaking. Yesterday I purchased some ice from a Gillepsie location. The ice was contaminated like everything I purchase. Several times throughout the night same places, smart dust or micro technology that interacts with the chemicals that was placed in my body through the malicious contamination of the food and water. That’s why when I consume these products, the criminals target my stomach when I wake up. Then they attack my genitals. This is all part of the horrific government sponsored human experimentation that I’m being forced to endure.

Blue vehicle ZTT-5121nc followed me. YVS-2158nc while on owen drive.

11-12 Was woken at around 7:30A with a rapid hearbeat. But earlier I felt constant tingling on my right feet. At this point someone placed nano technology underneath my vehicle to transmit a signal. And since the chemicals that was put into my food allows them to transmit these signals to different parts of my body. They focus the signal to my feet. By focusing the signal to my feet, they are able to target the rest of my body. Meanwhile, after they have compromised my nervous system, they start burning my penis and the area surrounding it. This includes my anus and the area surround it. This was all morning. When I’m woken up and leave the area where I slepted at, a number of perpetrator vehicles converge in the location that I’m traveling. When I’m driving, if they are not in front of me or in the back of me, as I’m driving, they are entering from the side streets. Sometimes they are positioned at parking areas near stores. This gives them time to coordinate a signal attack on my body. Some follow me the distance I’m driving and some turn off to make room for the next patch of vehicles that is loaded. This vehicle travels a very slowly behind or in front of me. The other vehicles feed off of this vehicle. The powerfule signal can interact with the chemicals and nano technologiees that I digested earlier. Nano Technology (SMART DUST) has been purposely placed in my food so that these vehicles and satellites can manipulate my body. I can feel various parts of my body vibrating and is a result of the technology being manipulated within my body. Also, if I park in a non-traffic area, the car traffic is at a minimum. Within 5 minutes (or less) the car traffic increases. The criminals working behind the scenes direct this traffic in what ever location I decide to pak at. They are using mind manipulation technologies to achieve ultimate results. They are doing this through satellite technology and land base stations. It is an obstruction of justice and an abuse of government authories. I have witness how this technology manipulate individuals within my presence all the way back in the 1990’s. It is pretty intensive to go into right now.

11-11 IGA CARLIE C’s #850 1770 Owen Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304 Tele no. 910-484-3270. Purchased Ground Beef 22010440296, Dunn, NC 28334 910-892-4174, Russet Potatoes Nature’s way 0333857321342, Upon consuming the ground beef, I was immediately atacked by electro-magnetic weaponry. The pain was so intensive that I had to move to another location.

11-12 Family Dollar store #0068 2873 Owen Dr. Fayetteville, NC 910-485-1015. Purchased 12PK Dr. Pepper 078000082166, FP peanut Lentils 400120176706 and Ferrara Pan Lemonhead 6-5 oz 041420126345. Developed immediate negative reactions to the food. It was so contaminated that I had to drink a lot of water (which was also contaminated). When I consumed the lemonheads, they immediately attacked my head. It felt like someone was sticking my head with needles.

11-13 Witness Chemtrails in the over an area I visit regularly. This is the day after I did a show on this subject. I was able to galvanized over 20 people on my conference call. And I plan to do a follow-up program about this manner. It most likely would be monday when I do my audio journal. Yesterday’s show was interrupted by an broken connection.

11-14 D2V-6367oh Skibo ZVZ-6017nc Civic Skibo Rd. 2VW-2537nc. Swerve into lane once he (driver knew I was turning off the highway). VZV-3845nc sitting at the Hess Station without purchasing gas. Was there when I got there. 2ND-3628nc same as above. Wilco Hess #228 Fayetteville, NC 28304 3706 Raeford Rd 910-484-3346. PXV-4641sc Driving slower than usual – lead car. JG3SONSnc following me for a long distance. slowed down and still refused to change lanes to go around me. NYC6206nc following closely to the side of me while traveling on 95 North. ETA Uva. coming off shoulder. ZTF-7805 white car/female. MSE-7805nc following closely. N95. They rent a lot of rental vehicles. The one I notice the most is budget and Uhaul trucks. Most often these are used as lead vehicles which other perpetrators feed off of. These vehicles usually transmit a very strong signal (as proven by video evidence uploaded on and The signal can be felt on my head or mostly near my forehead. Sometimes it is in the form of stinging and jerking of the hair folical. These are implants that was consumed through the malicious contamination of food and water sources.

License Plates: Perpetrators, a lot of them usually have 4/5 diget plates. Sometimes the side of the plates have 2 digets. Vehicles following in groups of two’s in front of me is very common. The vehicles travel slowly and are coordinating the targeting together. But before it gets to this point, several perpetrator pass very rapidly, which is perperation for the above.

Certain Perpetrators call in the frequency that is gathered off my vehicle or body. They generally hang behind my vehicle. TTL-3191nc, XGM-5283va Tractor truck driving slowly as lead vehicle. 40085MZmd white vehicle. JKT-7079va 95N 20M Petersberg VA. XZC-8002va. Slowed down behind me, would not change lanes. Y3B-300va Felt transmissions come from vehicle after existing I95 N. AZG-930sc GPSing my location. ZRG-490 nj. One headlight I95 25 miles to DC north. 8EYY95md 44 miles into md. I95N one headlight PLJ67Lnj riding behind me with no other vehicle in sight on a 4 lane highway. HFX-0399 no hubcap Van Cortlandt Pk S. NYC.

11-15 Took a trip to Rhode Island to put my cousin stuff in the storage room. He had recently died from unknown circumstances and an autopsy report will determine the cause of death. After completing this task, we went to the Pautacket Police Precinct. Immediately upon arriving in the parking lot, one of the police officer’s who arrived a short time later (minute) took immediate notice of my presence. It was like he knew I was going to arrive in the area. Then, one police officer after another came into the parking lot and each one took notice of my presence. When I purchased a soda and energy drink, police officer’s coming out of the station house had smirks on their faces. When I turn the cap off, the soda came pouring out as if it was shaken earlier. The soda had many bubbles in it, which alert me to the presence of smart dust and other chemicals that make the nervous system suseptible to electro-magnetic weapons. Then I consumed the energy drink. Immediately felt a surge going through my entire body that made me feel nauseau. I felt pressure in my nose and eyes and thickening of my salivia. The contents were laced with contaminates that I decided to save the bottles. Further investigation will have to be made about the chemicals contained in it. Anyway the item was a Diet Coke 0490450 and Glaceau Vitamin water 786162150004.

11-18 I found my tire deflated after driving on it for a short period (200 yards). I had to call AAA to change the tire to a spare. I was able to document the incident, which occurred on Van Cortlandt Park East near Naier Avenue/233rd St. in the BX NYC. I then took the tire for inspection. The tire did not have any known lacerations, just that someone let the air out. A similar situation occurred in Fayetteville, NC, but this was a laceration. Surprisingly, the laceration did not deflate the tire.

Before call tripple A, I notice a dark blue tripple A vehicle driving towards me. There is no coincidence in this program and the perpetrators very well knew that the tire was deflated, BECAUSE THEY DID IT! AND THEY KNEW I WOULD HAVE TO CALL TRIPPLE A! BECAUSE THEY KNEW I RECENTLY SIGNED UP WITH BECAUSE OF ANOTHER SITUATION. This was all show for the criminals to see how I would react to this situation. It is part of the inhumane experimentation program I was placed in. I also realized later this was a stagged event that had nothing to do with anything but intimidation.

11-18 License plate: AGE-4663ny parks right in front of me within 5 minutes of me consuming food that I purchased at Pathmark earlier.

11-18 Pathmark #294 371 Central Avenue. Hartsdale, NY 10530 tele. no. 914-949-0680. Purchased Freihofer’s Stone Ground 100% whole wheat bread 071330601496, Food Basics Crunchy Peanut Butter 041310450031, America’s choice Pineapple Preserves 754807466247 Food Basics Sandwich Slices (Cheese) 041310026014, and American choice McIntosh Apples. The bread was heavily contaminated and resulted in a burning sensation on my head by electro-magnetic transmissions delivered by satellite. Notice heavy presence of gang stalking activity inside supermarket being restocked with contaminatedd goods; particularly the soda section. Hostess 100 calorie packs were heavily contaminated. The bar code to this item is 045000011694.

11-22 I woke up several times throughout the morning and did not feel anything unusual. But when I stood up, I felt pulsing to my head. The vehicle was also warmer than it had been previously. Since laying down, I did not know of any attack to my genital or the area surrounding it, which is a clear sign that something elese is going on. And generally it means that they have successfully connect their equipment to my brain waves. The equipment involves the use of electro-magnetic energy and ionized and non-ionized radiation. The smart dust they put underneath my vehicle makes my body suseptible to these transmissions as it too is transmitting a signal. It is being controlled by the satellite system.

11-27 Woke up several times with an irregular heart rate and unstabled nervous system. The day earlier I left my vehicle unattended and know nano technology and micro technology was placed inside the vehicle. When I went to bed, I felt electro-magnetic energy throughout my body, but particularly felt jerking on my legs, feet, back and head. It was like someone driving a screw driver through these areas.

After driving from the Cape Fear Plaza location, I immediately felt stinging on my genitals. The night earlier I sprayed water underneath my vehicle, which cleaned up some of these nano tech particals. It is pretty obvious that someone placed this technology underneath my vehicle after I went to bed. I also notice transmissions near the heal of my feet.

11-27 Flowers Food Str #415 Goldsboro Bakery Tolar 4606 tele no. 910-483-4773. Invoice #70593 11:12:39 AM – Cashier Jane. Immediately upon coming into store property I saw one of these delivery trucks racing to the storage area. When I went into the sotre, I did not see the store clerk. Then after a minute or two, she was there rolling the goods into the store. It was like she was in a rush, which she was. I have seen this many times and it is an effort to fill the shelves with the contaminated goods (products) used for remote human experimentation. It is unbelieveable the extent of this madness. But I have video tapped the events. When I left the establishment, I saw two familiar license plate tags. The first vehicle had temporary plates and the second vehicle had four digits. This is typical perpetrator vehicles. Then I notice a tan vehicle parked right beside mine. I did not see these vehicles when I first entered the store’s parking lot. And none of the occupants ever entered the establishment.

Purchased Lemon Meringue Pie (Table Talk) 011233084606, Nature’s own 100% Whole Wheat Bread 072250037129, Cupcakes (BLUE BIRD) 072250003445, Donuts (Blue Bird) 07235901189, Blackburn’s Apple Jelly 070270501200, 2 Cherry Cheese Danish (Blue Bird) 072359101158, 2 Jelly Swirl (Blue Bird) Honey Bun 07235900704, Apple Danish (Blue Bird) 072359231492, Iced Honey Bun (Blue Bird) 072359350666, Nature’s Own Cinamon Raisin Bread 072250008624.

11-26 Just before entering Fayetteville, NC I saw a sherrif vehicle parked in the emergency lane. It was dark and appeared to have no one in it. I have seen many vehicles parked in the emergency lane like this one, and shows the extend of the criminal organization that exist in this country.

11-27 Notice a lot of directed energy surrounding the vehicle. I can feel it on several parts of my head. Notice a large presence of perpetrator vehicles missing hubcaps traveling the road. GRACE 23 Park lights on. License plate # VSF-8064nc upon coming out of parked area, I immediately saw pick up truck. It was coming from the side of the road opposite side of the road. The vehicle had it’s headlights on and the occupants were a white man and woman. The man was on his cell phone, which is an indication that he had dial up my location, while I was parked at the parking lot. I have taken a picture of the subject. ZND-7526nc stood at stop sign without moving.

11-29 TNF-5451nc, GRLNBOYZnc Harbor Freight.

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