February 2016 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

2-1/2 Attacks to the feet, toes, legs and joints. Throughout the night into the morning attacks was in the form of stinging and muscular pain.

2-2 As I was walking to the Ramsey Street Business District as I was walking across the dept. of health of cumberland county I see two women talking. Most people would not think of it. However, they were standing in a parking lot away from the building. It was pretty obvious they did not park here, because this parking lot only housed government vehicles and it was gated. They later left from this position. As I was coming back from Ramsey Street BD, this time I seen a single individual. It was a female dressed in uniform and she was gpsing on her cell phone. She clearly fit the description of what Targeted Individuals would identified as perpetrator. So it was clear to me that a transmitter/receiver (transponder) was setup in this area and when I walk there the first time, the two women was calibrating it as a targeting point as what seen by this uniform individual. The purpose of placing these transmitters in the area is so passing vehicles in the area can programmed these devices to attack implants that are in my body. I seen the same example of two women in the Ramsey BD. They were in a parking lot and they look almost the same. A transmitter was being calibrated for this area as well.

2-2 12:32p Ollies Bargain Outlet on Ramsey Street. Phone No. 910-822-3116. Manager: Dawn When I originally went into this establishment I picked up 3 mouse’s for my computer. But that is not what I left with. Anyway, the sale’s person that was processing my order was “CONNIE”, which I seen stocking new items in the food section. What was included in my order was: Ergo Cultivat, 14 oz Gourmet, Scotts TB Sta, 11.5 oz Pepper and 7oz Fruit FI.

2-2 1:10p Big Lots Stores #5310 NortGate Crossing 3915 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311-7673. Phone No.: 910-488-6901. Manager: Diana. Purchased: Corn Flakes 24 oz, Honey Nut Chex Cereal, Original Ancient Grain RA, FF Edamame LT Salt 4 oz, FF Edamame Wasabi 3.5 oz, Wafer Triple Chocolate 5, ST Dalfour ORG ORIG GRN, Polar Coconut Milk, 13.5 oz, Oatmeal Raisin Granola, 10 inch Frying pan, Fresh Finds EVOO 16.9 oz, Homogenized Milk 64 FL oz, Dare Maple Cream cookies 12.3oz, Krunchy Melts Rainbow VA, El Sabrosso Salsita TC, EL Sabrosso Guaca chip, Riceland Brown Rice 2lb (very heavy amounts of crysallized technologies – smart dust)

2-2 When I got back to my home base, I had to work on the field that lead to my homebase. It had been cut by an inexperienced Lawn Mowerer. The grass was cut too low that it became dirt and mud. Unfortunately, the amount of rain in the area just made it worse. So now walking and pushing my cart through here is a real challenged. It is the only real exist out of the area, so I had to buy some grass seeds and plant them (Scotts 3lb bag Turf Builder Grass Seed Tall Fescue Mix and Scotts 3lb bag Turf Builder Starter Brand Fertilizer and gardening tool to move the soil. The package says it takes about 2/4 weeks to grow – water daily. But it is February and it still gets below freezing.

2-2/3 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the right/left thigh in the form of stinging was felt. Also attacks to the feet, toes, back, hands and fingers were felt as well. I consumed only the Rainbow Vanilla Meringves. The symptoms/attacks was not this strong the night before.

2-3 Large presence of nano crystalline smart dust in the Erin Baker’s Home Style Granola Oatmeal Raisin from Big Lot! Later in the night I consumed some items that I purchased from Ollies and the Snicker Peanut Butter had noticeable nano crystalline smart dut technologies in the.

2-3/4 Attacks was mostly felt on my hips in the form of directed energy. Stomach and then aggressive attacks to the head in the form of directed energy.

2-4 4p After waking up from a short nap a strong signal sensation to he heals of my feet was felt. It felt like electrical current was going through it.

2-5 The Bauucco Wafer Triple Chocolate Cookies, Fresh Dry Roasted Edamame and Liberty Orchards Fruit Chocolates from Big Lots all had the presence o nano crystalline smart dust technologies. Upon consuming these items increased attacks to the stomach and the other parts of my body existed.

2-5/6 In the night continued pulsing of my right arm, some attacks to my head and heals of my feet after sleeping on my back.

2-6 At around 5p Aggressive attacks to my right foot in the form of directed energy. This happened while online.

2-6 Nano crystalline smart dust was in the corn flakes and chex. I’m not sure if it was in the honey and milk that I consumed. All these products were purchased from Big Lots!

2-6 Throughout the early part of the night increased elevation of the heart. Attackswas also felt on the feet (which was several times I the day and legs. Other attacks included hands, fingers, joint, arms and toes.

2-7 After using my second computer for the first time in a while, I noticed immediately it hd been messed with. I did not noticed the familiar icon in the bottom. When I clicked on the network icon in the setup menu, it was not clickable, but te other settings (volume, power, etc) was working fine. So they modified the network settings for the 30 minutes I was surfing the web. Unlike my primary computer, this computer is run by a controlled processor that stores minimum software operations. What they did was entered this processor through a back door that was purposely embeded into this system. This is the same thing that Apple computers is fighting and this is evidence of why it makes sense.

2-7/8 Thoughout the night into the morning Iexperienced an induced rapid heartbeat, attacks to the top of my right foot (similar to electrical current), burnin of my right hip, directed energy to my right shoulder blades, diaphreia symptoms and some stinging to my toes and joints. When I woke up the last time I had an induced headache and I felt directed energy through my nose.

2-9 This is the second day I ate the split green peas with the noodles and aftr falling asleep and waking up, I’m now inflicted with an induced rapid heartbeat. When I first opened the bag of green split peas, I seen a powdery substance coming from it. So I ran it through the water several times. I also placed the noodles in the water. The targeting always start with the stomach after consuming the food. Anyway, the split green peas came from IGA and the noodles came from Food Lion. So the extent of the malicious food contamination is extreme.

2-9/10 Some times the attacks don’t becom noticeable until after I had been woken – which I had an induced rapid heartbeat. Other symptoms included body vibrations, burning and iching sensations. Also attacks to particular parts of my body was felt. They were my head, dream manipulation (which occurs daily) but this time compounded with induced hallucination, feet, hand, toes, shoulder blade, arm joints, arms, fingers, eyes and eyebrows as if current is going through it. Also induced urination throughout the night.

2-10 The brown rice that I purchased from Big Lots had considerable amounts of nano crystalline smart dust even after washing it with water, I had to throw the rest of it out.

2-11 15:05 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #4902 336 N. Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 28301-5175. Phone No. 910-484-1388. Manager: Belinda. Purchased Pinto Beans, French Bagette, Baked Beans, Hand Sanitizer, Peanut Butter (which I can consumed, because in the past the large amount of nano crystalline smart dust in product – now used with mouse poison), John M. Hot Sausage, Plumrose Ham, Crinkle Cuts 20oz., Chicken Stripes, Meatballs, Broccoli, popcorn Chicken, TJ Farm Vegetable and Lima Beans.

2-12/13 Constant pulsing of my middle right foot toe throughout the night into the morning.

2-13 Attacks to the head after eating the circle a Ranch breast strips and popcorn chicken I purchased from Dollar Tree.

2-13/14 Throughout the night into the morning continued pulsing of my right arm, dream manipulation (which happens daily) induced by hallucination, stinging sensations to the thighs, toes and fingers.

2-14 Valentine’s Day. Noticeable nano crystalline smart dust in the T.J. Farms Select Stir Fry Blend, which I purchased from Dollar Tree on Eastern Blvd.

2-17/18 The presence of smart dust technologies was tasted in the white potatoes that I purchased from Eastern Blvd Food Lion.

2-18/19 Attacks to the toes and the toe joints, attacks to the middle of the forehead was continuous throughout the night, attacks to the right/left arm and arm joints was felt as well as the elbows in the form of stinging and muscular soreness.

2-20 10:59a CVS Pharmacy 404 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC Phone: 910-484-9370. Manager: Teresa. Purchased Dove Caramel Mini, Dove Dark Almond Bag, VRTNB Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, VRTMN Almonette Cookies, EA Trolli Sour Egg, Wonka Laffy JLY BN, GE Fire Balls and GE Winter Green.

2-20 Purchased several items from the Rowan Street CVS store. The jaw breakers was ok, but I experienced forced bowel movement once I ate the Dove chocolate candy. Then I consumed the wintergreen candy and I could feel stinging pain to my right/left jaws. I did not have these symptoms before consuming these items.

2-20- Attacks increased after consuming Laffy Taffy Flavored Jelly beans I purchased from CVS.

2-20 Later in the evening attacks was felt on the neck, shoulders, arm joints in the form of muscular soarness.

2-20/21 Attacks to the toe and feet and constant attacks to the stomach. Also attacks to the hands and fingers in the form of stinging and directed energy technology manipulation.

2-20 14:53 Dollar General Store # 01353 3445 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7643. Phone: 910-630-0078. Manager: Frank. When I went into the store, it looked like it had just been stocked. But there was several boxes still near the alse. Anyway, I purchased Bush Grillin Beans Bou, Smoked Turkey Collar Greens, Chunky Road House Chili, Cbad Beefaroni, CV Spanish Rice, CV Tuna W. NTRL Smok and non food items.

2-20 After later consuming these items from Dollar General, the spanish rice had noticeable nano crystalline smart dust as well as the Beefaroni. The Beefaroni was so watered down, it tasted bland.

2-21 From Citizen’s Against Harmful Technologies. ORG: Global Positioning System Implants (GPS) can determine the location of a person anywhere in the world instantly and precisely. Implants for humans are called “Personal Location Devices (PLDs) by the industry. The GPS implant devices is inserted under the skin using a needle and it remains in place until surgically removed. The implant would communicate its location via radio signals to nearby cellular towers, which communicate with satellites. Unlike a simple RFID or Verichip, a GPS Chip can communicate over distance of kilometers.

2-22 For a while now Firefox browser won’t open attachments. It won’t let me copy and past text messages from one area to the next.

2-22 12:48pDollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #472 3646 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7646. Phone: 910-482-0038. Manager: Jessica. When I first entered this establishment, I saw all 4 of the sale’s people stocking the store. Anyway, I purchased Long Grain Rice, Pinto Beans, Chix Fried Stead, Crinkle Cuts 20oz., Tater Rounds 20oz., TJ Farms Vegetable, Tilapia Filets, Chicket Nuggets, Meatballs, Steamed Corn 10oz., Popcorn Chicken, French Toast Stick, Broccoli, Nissin Ramen 5pk, Kidney Beans, Westsoy Milk, Garlic Pepper Salt, Sausage Roll 10oz. And SA Swiss Cheese.

2-22 Noticeable smart dust technologies in the Circle A Ranch popcorn chicken I purchased from Ramsey St. Dollar Tree. Immediate attacks to the head in the form of stinging, which was then followed by continuous pulsing. Tech residue in mouth during different periods was experienced.

2-22 The seal was removed from the West Soy Plain Low Fat Soy Milk. This product is from the Dollar Tree Store on Ramsey Street.

2-23/24 Rapid heartbeat several times throughout the night. The Nissin Top Ramen Beef, Chicken Flavor Top Ramen had noticeable nano-crystalline smart dust technologies.

2-24/25 During the night after being woken attacks to the chest in the form of directed energy. When I turned away from the point of contact, I developed gas like symptoms. This happened twice. Then the third time being woken attacks to the right foot in the form of electrical current.

2-25 Large presence of nano crystalline in the rice and sardines. Attacks felt on right hand and back after consuming meal.

2-26/27 Throughout the night attacks to the head, stomach, toes, toes joints, face, hand in the form of stinging and directed energy. Also attacks to the arm joints in the form of muscular pain.

2-27/28 Did not eat the entire day and the targeting was very minimized throughout the day, night and into the morning time.

2-28 Attacks to the body after consuming the rice meal. They immediately includes my hands. Later pulsing of the right arm was felt. Then stinging of the feet and legs.

2-28 4:15p Attacks to the right arm and right arm joints. Continuous attacks were also felt on the left foot in the form of directed energy and muscular pain.

2-29 Did not eat the entire day. The symptoms was minimum to my right arm joints, right arm and stomach. Some attacks to the heal of my feet and stinging to my right leg.

Summation: The targeting was mostly felt on my arms and arm joints in the form of directed energy, muscle manipulations, stinging, and induced muscular pain. A lot of the emphasis has been about causing pain and affecting my ability to function properly. This also included hacking into my computer and causing me to get up in the middle of the night to relieve myself.


Purchase Land For Homeless TIs

gss van
I am seeking your financial support to purchase land. The land will consist of 5 to more acres. We will use it as a safe haven for individuals who are being targeted with electronic harassment and organized gang stalking.

Electronic harassment is a form of torture that involves the use of micro-wave weapons. These weapons are experimental and there use is highly classified. However, they have been known to cause cancer and disabled a person inability to live a normal life. We have been in contact with the government about this problem, but it has been difficult to get them to stop.

Organized Gang Stalking are individuals who have been contracted by the United States government to carry out these illegal experiments. Their role is basically to assist and enforce instructions that is given to them, which includes gathering and reporting data to their superiors.

The land will house a garden and a place for the Targeted Individual to congregate without worrying about some of the harassment that we endure on a daily basis. In the later months, we will use the land to encourage economic independency by encouraging entrepreneurship, which is key to rebuilding our lives.

For instance, we plan to sell some of the produce that we grow to the public. And the other idea is raise awareness by making clothes that highlight our position.

If you believe in Human Rights and want to give us a chance to be whole again, will you consider a kind financial contribution today?

Please click link to Donate: https://www.gofundme.com/93hsbphg

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January 2016 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

1-1 1a Attacks to the nose produce snorting sound. Electro-magnetic directed at my left foot big toes, which feels like electrical current on this part of my body. 1:30a Electro-magnetic energy directed at my head. It feels like electrical current and it is continuous. 6:18p Electro-magnetic attacks to my index finger. It felt numb as if current was going through it. Also attacks to the right center of my head was felt in the form of pulsing.

1-1 10:42a After consuming the macaroni and sausages meal, bee sting attacks to the left foot big toe was noticeable. 2:40p Attacks centered around my mid-section (hips). Before this time attacks was felt both on my left and right foot. 5:01p Attacks to my right foot big toe in the form of bee stings. 7:30p Heard someone in the area and sometime later I could feel energy directed at my head.

1-1/2 Throughout the night into the morning attacks was felt on the right shoulder blades in the form of signaling. Then the second time I was woken attacks was felt on the top of my right foot in the form of electrical current going through it. This was similar to when your foot fall asleep. Also, I continued to feel signaling on the front of my head. It is now around 2a.

1-2 After waking up I felt refresh compare to the night earlier. Later in the day attacks to the head was felt. When I went online attacks  to the stomach was noticeable. After eating the corn that I purchased from Food Lion, attacks to the feet and legs became evident. Then in the evening after 6p, pulsing of the right hand thumb was felt. 6:37p Increased muscle manipulation attacks to my legs and earlier my knees was experienced. 6:40p My mouth became filled with nano crystalline particles. 6:55p Attacks to the right center of my head was felt.

1-2/3 It was colder than it has been for sometime, which required more blankets than usual. During this time, attacks was felt mostly on my upper right  arm joint in the form of pulsing. Some stomach  and foot attacks existed as well.

1-3 The sun did not come out like the day before, so my power consumption will have to be minimized. The generator that would have increase my run time was stolen, which was indicated in last month/year journal. With that said, attacks are centered around my feet, stomach and upper right leg joint.

1-3 Attacks to the heal of right foot started, while searching the internet. It is continuous and has not stopped even after the third hour. Now I’m knocking my feet together and the attacks to this area of my body has stopped temporary.

1-3/4 Throughout the night into the morning attacks was felt on my right foot. It was continuous. Then I noticed attacks to my right elbow in the form of bee stings. And at around 2a after being woken I had a slight induced rapid heartbeat.  Then around 2:30a after hearing dogs in the area and someone in the immediate area, I felt attacks to the left side of my head right near my ear. It felt like a device was attached to this area of my body as the energy was particularly strong.

1-4 7:30a Constant pulsing of my upper left arm joint. Later in the day I cooked and ate dry beans with sausages. The present of nano Crystalline technology was evident. After nightfall attacks to the stomach increased. Then aggressive attacks to my left foot in the form of signaling and pulsing. Later when I bang my feet together and decided to lay on my stomach, the attacks to this area of my body stopped. But when I turned sideways and upwards, the attacks started up again. Other attacks included bee stings to the right leg and signaling attacks to my right hand.

1-4/5 Because of the approaching cold I went to sleep earlier. But when I woke up the above attacks occurred. The second time I went to sleep and was woken, I had an induced rapid heartbeat. Now attacks included my mid-section, neck, shoulder blades and toes.

1-5 10a While typing on the computer, increased attacks to the stomach was felt.

1-5/6 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks to the stomach was felt. The directed energy attacks became more aggressive during the late morning hours. Then after being woken from one of their vivid dreams attacks were primarily felt on the upper leg joints in the form of signaling. And later muscle manipulation of the legs, knees and upper arm/shoulder joint. At one point I felt energy directed at my left temple. So the morning wasn’t no different than the previous mornings, except it was 18 degrees.

1-6 Because of the thief of my personal belongings, one of the TIs suggest that I create a campaign on GO FUND ME. This was a very good idea, so I did. There is no reason to continue to be homeless when I can get some help. But I’m not one to take handouts unless it includes other TIs going through a similar situation. So I piggyback on a project I created some years back. It involves creating a safe house for TIs to find a safe haven from the targeting. You can read more about clicking this link: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=1087 So the campaign has been created to reflect this interests. However, if you feel I should recover the items that was stolen from me, which amounts to more that $700, you are welcome to create a campaign on any website that will support it. I’m going to limit this to $1500. The remainder amount will be used for relocation.

1-6 10a After being online for several hours, aggressive and repeated attacks to my stomach is now continued attacks to my right arm 11:20a.

1-6/7 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the stomach. Some attacks to the feet, hands, toes and legs was felt. Also attacks could be felt on the shoulder lades and right arm joint.

1-7 Constant attacks to the stomach throughout the morning. Some leg and foot attacks.

1-7 In the night attacks increased to the left leg. I particularly heard someone in the area putting down smart dust. The smart dust allows them to attack me from another location. The attacks are muscle manipulation of my legs. Also stomach attacks was felt.

1-7/8 Throughout the night into the morning attacks increased to the leg joint (knees) in the form of muscle manipulation., Tis also included the upper right arm joint and right shoulder. Stomach attacks varies throughout the night.

1-8 9:30a Other than attacks to the stomach, first time attacks to my left shoulder blades. 10:30a Pulsing of my back was felt. It was sporadic. This was followed by attacks to my right hand thumb, which feels like electrical current was going though it. Also attacks to my right foot was felt as was my stomach.

1-8 1:15p Heard vehicle revving (pushing acceleration) behind the warehouse approximately 5 minutes and then leaving a short time later. I have experienced this in the past when vehicle (pressing gas pedal without moving or just guiding without the ignition on). The engine itself creates electro-magnetic waves. This allows someone with cell gps phone device to multiple their reach to their target. We all know that these devices can communicate and manipulate the implants within our bodies.

1-8/9 Throughout the night into the morning attacks was primarily felt in the stomach and legs. Some attacks was felt on my head and right hand.

1-9 Attacks continued even though I have not eaten or drink water since Wednesday. The attacks were directed at my right leg, right foot, right hand thumb, stomach and head. Anyway, the reason why I’m still in the area is due to the fact that I can not leave the area until all my things are in the storage room. Once this happens I can leave the area more often and I can sleep in any area at any time.

1-9 Recently I posted an ad on the gofundme.com page. It was about raiing $20,000 for more that 5 acres of land. What would be on this land have not been decided. But I have spoken to several TIs who are living in their vehicle who might find the purchase to be a benefit to them. I have already mentioned in my 2012 safe house proposal (see here: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/?p=1087) that no one will be charged for taking resident on this land. But they would have to follow guidelines that will be developed. Household chores will be voluntary and will not be a qualification for being on the land. The website can be found at: http://www.gofundme.com/self-efficiency I have not decided if this is going to be a non-profit, sole proprietorship, cooperative or private corporation.

1-9 Towards the night I heard the presence of these pulsing devices in the woods and the primary warehouse where the attacks are coming from.

1-9/10 Throughout the night into the morning attacks was felt on my leg in the form of bee stings and signaling. Some attacks to the feet in the form of signaling that felt like electrical current through this part of my body – but the symptoms quickly disappears after 3 minutes. Later attacks to my upper right arm from the elbow to the joint was felt. It felt as if directed energy was covering the entire section of my body.

1-10 Since attempting to charge my laptop, I noticed immediately that the orange indicator wasn’t lighting up. The orange indicator tells the user that the laptop is charging. In the past the criminal organization would manipulate the charging mechanism of which the orange indicator would flash. At this poin the laptop would not charge. This is very different, because, not only do you not have an idea if the laptop is charging (usually it oul be if the orange light is not showing), you have no idea if the unit is plugged in until you turn on the machine. Although the laptop charges with the machine on the amount of power usage is a lot greater. Because my power requirements have been significantly reduced because of a stolen generator, due to days of little sun it is almost reduced to nothing.

1-10 11a Strong signal attacks to my right forearm causing the muscle to move. Later on while online I felt enegy directed to my right foot big toe joint in the form of pulsing.

1-10/11 Nothing unusual this period more like typical but not terribly alarming.

1-11 The targeting still exist and does not top even though I haven’t eaten since Wednesday. But the difference is, is the severity of the targeting is minimized. There are many implants in me and until they are removed, the targeting will continue to exist.

1-11 As I was researching several websites, I came across a website that was mentioned in the FFCHS newsletter. But during this time (a couple of weeks ago) I did not care to look at it. But when I visit today, I was very amazed that it had very useful information on it. For instance, it talks about the system that is used on Targeted Individuals and how the cell phones play a role in this criminal activity. You can visit their website at: Citizens Against Harmful Technology

1-11/12 Same as the previous nights.

1-12 This day was different. I received a message from a TI who told me what she was going through and wanted to donate a house to us. Although I was elated to receive the news I had a lot of questions, so I text her to tell her when she would be available by phone. Later she emailed me that she will call me in an hour. But 10 minutes I received a series of calls. Thinking it was her (since my phone screen is broken) I picked up the phone. No one answered and the phone began to ring as if I had made a call to someone else. This happened several times until surprisingly she called on the fourth ring. It was less than 45 minutes that she said she would call. And later I found the call was listed as coming from Idaho instead of the state she was telling me she was calling from. I’m very aware how another phone can patch into another phone while in a call. Blue-tooth allows this. But it also allows information from that phone to the other phone signal, which in returned is carried by your phone signal. In other words, a TI can be targeted through a series of phones without them even knowing what is going on. It is not until they get off the phone (in many cases while on the phone) that they notice attacks getting worse. Sometimes they take a different form. For instance, I felt directed energy to my left side-burns. I never experienced this attack to this part of my body. Later some directed energy to the right knee. So it was pretty obvious that the purpose of this call(s) was so they can target me. Had I looked into this matter more, I most likely would not have engage in this criminal activity. Be careful who you talk to on your cell phone and watch for pipe dreams.

1-12 GSS got is first donation for the Purchase Land For Homeless TIs. We were very excited! Although it will take some time to reach our goal, we appreciate support that we have received since we create the campaign.

1-12 A campaign for $1500 will be posted by a fellow TI tomorrow. It is in regards to items that were stolen and relocation. I hope it goes well.

1-12/13 Of course when the night came the attacks became more apparent. Attacks to the legs (particularly the thighs) in the form of bee stings was felt. Directed Signal attacks to the knees and elbow were present during different periods. And after being woken, a surge of energy to my chest was experienced, but it did not result in an elevated heartbeat. Also some attacks was felt on my fingers and toes, but mild in comparison. If I had eaten a day before receiving that call, the attacks would have been much worse. But because I have not eaten since Wednesday, the presence of tech is very low. At least I can manage the attacks somewhat by not using the cell phone and fasting.

1-13 Attacks to the right foot in the form of signaling.

1-13 1:13p Azel Food Mart 602 Gillespie St Fayetteville, North Carolina 28306-1544. Name given “SAM”. I don’t shop here often, because it is a very small store and is easy to stock and infiltrated. When I come up to the store I see two guy rushing from it to the parking lot. I seen this kind of behavior many times before so suspicious set in. When I go into the store, no one but the clerk was there. I immediately noticed the selves have been recently stocked. So it was clear to me why those guys rushed out of the store. I also understand that there is a shelf life for the nano technology that they are placing in the food. Because there is no real government over site on protecting the citizens from this kind of criminal activity, these criminal gangs (contractors) are able to switch out the original items with their own reconditioned ones. Anyway, I purchase Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs and Ravioli (Instead of the typical orange color it was closer to dark brown) Peanut Raisin Mix, Armour Beef Stew Can and Little Debbie Powered Donuts. The price came up to $9.40. So not only am I subjected to inferior products, I’m very over-charged! Also, the receipt does not indicate that I purchase these items. All it tells me is that I purchased something with the correct amount listed on the side. The only other real information is when the transaction took place. Because I did not pay with card, because of the clientele that patronize this establishment (which is one of the reasons I don’t shop here often). I end this entry by saying that had I not have my stuff stolen as soon as I left the area on December 28, 2015 to go shopping I would not have ran out of food last Wednesday. And because I was becoming severely weak from not eating, I was forced to choose the closes establishment. This of course is compounded with the fact that I’m hit with micro-wave directed energy technologies 24 hours a day and seven days a weak by government contractors.

1-13 As I was consuming these above items I also noticed that they were degrade of flavor and it looked like they were soaked in some kind of solution. It was one the worse things I have eaten in a long time. But when you have very little government over site, that is why these things continues. For instance, proper government over site would allow me to bring these items to there lab. Then, the lab is able to determine what else is in the food besides the listed ingredients. I also recommend that it should be mandatory for cameras to be place in these kind of establishments to thwart any possible infiltration. And government regulations should insist that the receipts that businesses issue should list the product name, the bar code numbers, price, clerk’s and manager’s name, store name, store address and phone number to corporate headquarters.

1-13 Soon as night the attacks became more noticeable. Instead of just the bee stings, which was associated with last night attack it now include muscle swellness. But when I observe where the swellness was coming from the area felt harden. So it was clear that the food that I eaten had the technology in it and now it was at the very bottom of my feet. Before this occur attacks to my stomach was felt. The stomach is a repository for consumed nano technology, is then moved to other parts of the body. And as the criminal network was htting my stomach I could taste the technology as crystals around my teeth. Of course this quickly disappears as this is just tech residue. Although the technology was concentrated to the left upper regions of my left foot (which is where my pinky nerve toe is) later it also included my right foot. In this case it covered the entire upper region of my right foot toes. At this point I could not even move my toes. Other attacks include bee stinging to my head and individual toes and fingers.

1-14 I wrote a review about this company and posted it on inside government: http://snap-retailers.insidegov.com/l/51689/Azel-Food-Mart I know nobody will investigative this, because it would have never gotten this bad. But documenting these crimes now will give future results later. Besides, there is only so much they can cover up until the public finds out. Time is of the ESSENCE! And remember this: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” and if you continue to rely on these businesses for your “food” than “YOU WILL BE WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BE”.

1-14 2:30p Attacks to my toes in the form of directed signaling at my entire row of Left foot toes.

1-14/15 The targeting was very minimum compare to the night before. I did not consume anything the entire day and I kept my water consumption down. Later I found out the water had been contaminated. I had left the area to go to the store without taking my water. You would not noticed the contamination until you drinking the water, which immediately attacks to my left ear occurred. I also noticed like a thick liquid that will settle down in my throat. This was a daily occurrence after drinking something that I brought in a store or drink from the tap. This think liquid did not stop until I start to exclusively drink rain water.

1-15 I got up around 7a to move my stuff out of the area. I had accumilated a lot of stuff in the are, which resulted in the thief that occurred on the 28th of December. However, as I was moving my stuff as I came back to the area where I left part of my things, I seen a guy taking my stuff and putting it in his vehicle. When I told him this was my stuff, he ignored me. But as I got closer, he told me that the manager of this business told him he could have this stuff. But I was persistent, so he decided to go into the business to speak to the guy. Note: This is the same business where most of the criminal activity is coming from. So it was very clear to me that I was being setup for more directed electronic attacks. When the manager came out it was pretty obvious that I was in the right, so this guy laid off my stuff. But there was two additional people. A female who physically attacked me for safe guarding my stuff and an old male who told me that he was going to call the police on me. I told him he can if he wanted to and that I can verify that this was my stuff. It was all scripted. But the police are very bad in this town when it comes to blacks. I can remember someone admitting to taking my items in the presence of the police and the police than grilling me about my identity. This was 2007 right after I wrote a complaint about racial profiling. The next day I see two guys (what I know understand to be stalkers) acting suspiciously. Then a 2 weeks later I called the bank about a correspondent that I mailed out to them regarding a transaction that was in dispute. They told me they never received it. I mailed it a block from the police station. Later, the first day I moved into my home, a young mail police officer asked me if I lived here. It was out of the blue. This was now February 2008. A month later, I see a cop just parked right outside my house. When I asked why he was there, he told me “non of my business”. This was before the overt organized stalking and the electronic harassment that drove me out of my home. The organized stalking did not get bad until I moved to Durham NC, which was around August. And the day I was forced out of my home because I couldn’t sleep, because of the electronic assault. I went to city all to speak to the mayor. As I was in the lobby in walks community affairs officer Saunders. She is the homeless coordinator. I was homeless when the incident first occurred. My homelessness stems from a 2005/6 incident that involved micro-wave weapons at a building I was rent from for 13 years. It involved the head of security and the manager of the building. I had complained about a security guard about messing with my mail. So this retaliation forced me out of my building and later into the state of Virgina. Please understand that the harassment did not follow me outside my building. It was just that I could no longer afford to rent in New York after loosing my government subsidize apartment. Anyway, to make a long story short, this Saunder’s person had a smirk on her face and she followed me to the elevated as if she had business to take care of. Meanwhile, my body was trembling with the affects of the micro-wave attacks that I experienced earlier. Of course not only did I not received a call from the mayor, I had to leave Fayetteville.

1-15 17:00 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc 336 N. Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 28301. Manager Will. Purchased Fast Bites BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich, BBQ Rib Sandwich, Fish Sandwich, PPR Jack Cheese Burrito, Bologna, American Cheese, Plumrose Honey Ham, Merita Dinner Roll, Crackers, Vegetable Crackers, Beef/Bean Burrito, Bean Cheese Burrito, AA Batteries,  Food Container, Bread, Mirror, Onion Rings, Steak Cuts, Sweet hearts, Southgate Chili, Honey Beans, Chicken Soup, Kidney Beans, Black Eye Peas, Long Grain Rice, Garlic Salt, Nissin Ramen and Can Opener. The store started with a few “customers” and then began to get crowded. When I was shopping at the frozen food section a young female suddenly rushes into the freezer to grab an item almost knocking into me. Than a short time later an older man came into my perimeter pretending to be interested in some bread in the area. It is important to understand the presence of individuals represent electro-magnetic fields of energy. These fields of energy have been pre-programed to interact with the implants that are in your body. And certain areas of the store have been setup with transponders that in return interact with the individuals carrying devices that give off the electro-magnetic field of energy.

1-15 As I was consuming the beef burrito I immediately noticed nano crystalline in it. Then shortly later I see a young female walking towards me. I have walked this area many times and it is rare to see someone in this area around this time. I also notice attacks increasing to my stomach and then my left eye in the form of directed energy. Later it also included both my big toes feet.

1-15 As I was trying to lay down I noticed spasms throughout my body. They included my hands, legs, feet. and arms. The attacks of my hands was throughout the day. And at one point my lower right arm was attacked viciously after the altercation at the warehouse, which the manager was clearly a participant and my feet at the storage room. But these attacks were beyond anything I ever felt, because at one point, I could not move my right arm without it going into a spasm. When I moved my body, the spasms would start forcing me to stay still. And most of the time I had to lay on my back, because this was the only position that the spasms would start up.

1-15/16 After a while the spasms disappeared, but the attacks didn’t. Both attacks to the right and left foot big toe was felt each time I was woken and attacks to the stomach was continuous.

1-16 All the fast bite sandwiches had nano crystalline in it. Many of these crystalline formed around my mouth after consuming it. The sweet hearts candy was sprayed as they were unreadable and the texture was not smooth and broken. So it was repackaged after the alteration was done. To find a group of people who would go through so much effort just to be able to use directed energy micro-wave technology on an unwilling subject that they made homeless and unable to live a normal due to the malicious conduit in front of them.

1-16 Continuous pulsing of my left foot. Incredible amounts of nano crystalline in the second beef burrito I tried to consumed. It was so badly altered that most of it was thrown away.

1-16 Induced aging. Increased lines around the eyes and above the nose. Skin looks dry and unhealthy.

1-16 Around 5p pulsing of my right foot toes. The vegetables and original crackers from monet had the presence of nano crystalline. Mouth became filled with the technology during different periods.

1-16/17 Throughout the night into the morning constant attacks to the stomach . Then later attacks was felt around the toes in the form of bee stings. Just like the big toe the smaller toes were attacked right where the toe nail meets and the back end of it. Also attacks to the feet, legs, shoulders, fingers, hands, leg joints, finger joints, elbow, forehead in the form of pulsing was felt. And I experienced an induced rapid heartbeat.

1-17 6:30a heard calls from perpetrators, which was coming from the warehouse area where most of these attacks are coordinated. And at around 7a attacks to the left shoulder was felt. It was in the form of continuous pulsing. I asked the spiritual Gods to remove this attack several times and it was granted.

1-17 The silver state brand pepper jack cheese had noticeable nano crystalline in it. It was purchased at the Eastern Blvd Dollar Tree. Over 90 percent of the products were contaminated.

1-17 Induced Sexual Arousal and Induced Hunger after eating contaminated food.

1-17/18 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the stomach and toes like yesterday, but stinging attacks to the right thigh was felt as well. When I turned to the other side, the attacks to this area of my body stopped.

1-18 MLK DAY.  It was a very cold sunny day. Temperature will reach only to 39 degrees. So I decided to prepare my meals earlier. I cooked the fries and onion rings I purchased from Dollar Tree, which I added garlic salt. All three of these items had nano crystalline in them. The salt had a noticeable amount and would have to be filtered in the future. Unfortunately, it would be like filtering ketchup. It looses its usefulness at a certain point, but to avoid some of the worse targeting, this is the best I can do. Later I consumed the Ramen. It to had nano contaminates. So maybe  a few items might have not gotten altered. Anyway, after consuming these products attacks increased to my stomach.

1-18/19 In the night aggressive attacks to different parts of my feet, toes, legs, arms, head, hands, elbows, fingers and knees were felt. This was more noticeable when I laid on my side. Although some of the attacks were in the form of signaling, other attacks took on the form of muscle pain and be stings. Also later in the day I experienced an elevation in my heartbeat moments before waking up.

1-19 Like yesterday, but colder. Bcause of the severity of the attacks, I will not be eating for a few days. Attacks were mainly felt on my legs as bee stings and than signaling followed. Like yesterday night the temperature will be in the teens. Because my generator was stolen and I had to take all but one solar panel, my electricity has been reduced to almost nothing. And two days ago, I found out my regulator gave out, which means my propane hotplate is out.

1-19/20 Some of the targeting but less severe  than yesterday. Most was stinging sensations to the thighs.

1-20 Earlier, muscle manipulation on my legs and joints were felt. Consumed the Cobblestone rolls and Chili with beans that I purchased from Dollar Tree on Eastern Blvd. It had the presence of nano crystalline. Soon afterwards I felt needle like pain to my left eye as if the criminal organization was inserting technology in it. So it is understood that my stomach is a DNA pass-through for technoogy to other parts of my body. In other words, once the technology has been consumed it is taken by the directed energy and applied to other parts of body.

1-20/21 After being woken several times, I could see vivid images. The imagines were as clear as looking at something in front of me. It did not matter if my eyes was closed or open. Although this form of attack was happening for a week, it was more noticeable. The imagines also affect the thought processes and concentration. Most time they come up during thought, so memory of things is greatly reduced.

1-21 It has been a while since I went uptown, so I made it a priority to take this trip today. In order to be back in the area before 4:30p, I have to leave early. See, I need to drop off some things at the storage room (an extra trip I have to make due to the thief of my property), which adds about 20 minutes to my trip. It takes about 2 1/2 to get to uptown retail district where I pick up mail and buy food.

1-21 12:34p Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #472 3646 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Telephone No.: 910-482-0038. Assistant Manager: Revna. There was no General Manager in the store, but I was told that the District Manager was in the stock room. When came back after checking, the DM now refer to as Pam was not in the store. I seen Pam in the Eastern Blvd store. She has been around for a long time. Anyway, I purchased chunky chips Ahoy, Windmill cookies, Circle A Ranch Chicken Breast Strips and Meatballs, Pecan Chocolate Chips, Mr. Freshley’s Buddy Bars, Naturally Selected Fruit & Nut, Indulgent Mix, Gourmet Mix, A&R Pomegranate dark Chocolate and Acai & Blueberry, Sugar Babies, Lemonheads, Cinkle Cut Fries from TJ Farms Select, Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews and non food items.While shopping in the stopping in the store I noticed Revna coming into the isle a few times dropping off stuff and than a few more people coming into the same isle. This happened several times. And older male that I saw once was now in a different part of the store that I was shopping at. A younger male who I saw early seem to be rushing, passing by me several times. And when I got on the line, there he goes again behind me. These attacks of directed energy are very coordinated and are done by several people at different times. The important thing about these attacks is they never let you be in an area of the store along.

1-21 12:44p Dollar General Store #1353 3445 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7643. Telephone No.: 910-630-0078. Manager: Frank. When I first came into this establishment, I seen no one. Than Frank appeared with an older female employee that I have seen in the past. But I did not see the young female manager that I have seen before. I was told by Frank that she had moved on. I always knew he was the top perpetrator in this store location, so I knew her days was numbered. Her tenor there was everytime I went inside the store, it was filled with unpacked boxes. Anyway, as I was shopping I see this Frank person on both cell phones texting. I have video on youtube showing this exact same pattern. The phones are blue-toothed and each menu represents a targeting point. They are devices in the store (as each store is setup with devices to work with these phones) that are there before I enter the establishment. Anyway, I purchased Progresso soups, tuna, coconut cremes, circus peanuts and non food items. Later after consuming these items, I did not find any overwhelming contaminates. But I have not brought food from this establishment for a very long time.

1-21 When I picked up some of my mail, I head back to the storage room. I needed to return some items and pick up a generator. The time was good so I decided to make a phone call. I have not been online for 4 days and did not use my phone a lot. But after talking to one of my colleagues, I can see why we have not cross that path as a Targeted Individual community. The in fighting is just ridiculous! When Derrick Robinson was forced out of Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance you thought there was light at the end of the tunnel. But I’m not stupid! I knew the lack of progress was much bigger than Derrick, but of course he did not help. I have tried in the past to organized TIs and were reluctant to follow proper protocol. At the end nothing was done. But this situation is different because it involves several parties who all feel like they have a stake in this organization. If you are not aware, Delores is credited for assisting the board members in removing Derrick Robinson from the board. She is also credited in bringing Eric, Ken Rhoades and later Shelly on the board. Unfortunately, the opportunity that she gave these individuals was not reciprocated. Instead, they decided to conjour up a lie to give reason to remove her from the board. Remember, if it wasn’t for Delores, Derrick would be there and we would be in the exact same place when he was president. These individuals OWE THEIR LIVES!! to this woman! KEN YOU SHOULD REALLY BE ASHAME OF YOURSELF FOR MISLEADING THE TI COMMUNITY AS IF YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON. YOU PLAYED THESE TWO BLACK WOMEN AGAINST EACH OTHER BY MAKING DARLENE PRESIDENT AND REMOVING DELORES. THE WHOLE PROCESS WAS FLAWED AND YOU KNOW IT!!!! What you need to do is relinquish your duties as a board member immediately! Everybody knows Darlene is a conflict personality and there is no business for her to be a board member. Besides, the president position was suppose to be dismantle, because we could see how it played out with Derrick. Derrick the PERP who’s faith will be with GOD when that day comes!!!!! Don’t follow in his path KEN! GET OUT! AND SAVE YOURSELF FROM ANYMORE EMBARRASSMENT!

1-21-25 For the past several days I have not been on top of my journal, because of the controversy surrounding Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance FFCHS. As you know the situation is pretty complicated, because it involves two groups of people. Although I support Delores’s group, I honestly don’t know where this is going. I did get to speak to Neal. He runs an organization called Citizens Against Harmful Technology CAHT. The information that is presented on his website (http://www.citizensaht.org/) beyond anything that I have seen covering TI issues. He holds his own conference calls Talkshoe Phone Number: (724) 444-7444, Call ID: 139744 #, Pin 1#, Moderator: Neal Chevrier Time: Sundays at 8:30 pm EST/7:30 pm Central/6:30 pm Mountain/5:30 Pacific.

1-26 17:00 Food Lion #0475 3308 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC. Tele # 910-864-8213. Manager: Letiza Greene. Purchased FL Brand Sharp Chedar Cheese Bar, FL Brand Broccoli Spears, DME Cut Corn, Mueller’s Thin Spaghetti, FL Brand 1000 Island Salad Dressing, FL Brand Bow Ties, FL Brand Small Shells, 2 Bottles of Prego Chunky Tomatoes Onion & Garlic and Tomatoes Basil & Spies Sauce, Jen O FST 80/20 Turkey, Short Link Smoke Sausages, Bosc Pears, Yellow Onions 3lb., Gala Apples, Naval Oranges 8lb. bag, FE Flat Spinish and FE Bacon Caesar Kit. While shopping at this establishment several individuals was seen several times. For instance, an older man was seen in the vegetable section and later after checkout. An older woman suddenly has an interests in the salads that I was looking at. You could put a 12 foot ruler between us – she was that close for the few seconds I stood there. My appearance does not warrant people coming this close to me unless they are carrying a device that shoots directed energy. Later as I was in the frozen food section, I see a man with dark shades on. I can understand sunglasses outside in full sunlight, but not inside a store where a person’s vision is greatly compromised. He was again seen while I was online checking out my items. Then a young male after coming from outside the store rushes to get behind me. So it is very clear to me that the attacks are timed and coordinated and each person represents a sequence. Later after consuming several of the products at least 90 percent had the presence of nano crystalline smart dust technology in them. More on this subject later.

1-26 17:33 IGA Carlie C’s 2738 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303 Tele # 910-483-8454. Manager: David Null. When I came into this establishment, I came into the meat section and seen three men talking. Two of them look like employees of the store. The third guy was a customer that I seen later and Dollar Tree. Anyway, I purchased Hayes Green Spilt Peas, HT Large Limas Beans, Fryer Leg Quarter Chicken, CC Fresh Pork Ground Sausage, Smoked Turkey Tails and Tray Tomatoes. As I was checking out I again seen one of the employee’s that I seen in the meat section. He was now talking to the manager. Employee’s often get finished with their stocking duties once I get on the line for check out.

1-26 17:47 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store # 471 2636 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303-4144 Manager: Frank (which I seen going out of the office when I entered the store). Anyway, I purchased Snicker Fun Size, (I seen a stack of boxes in frozen food section that looked like it just got stocked) Fast Bites: Spicy Chicken Sandwich, BBQ Chicken Sandwich, BBQ Rib Sandwich, Meatballs, Candy, Garlic Salt, Ice Honey Bun, Hot Dog Buns, Glazed Apple Pie. Not surprising, later it was found that all the Fast Bites had some nano crystalline – smart dust contamination as the targeting quickly gotten worse after consuming them.

1-26 While walking from Dollar Tree on Fort Bragg Rd I noticed running into a “mother” and a “child”. Then I seen a young woman standing next to a building and soon as she see’s me, she grabs her cell phone, which was concealed in her belongings. And sometime after walking I see the first guy ahead of me on his cell phone. As I cross the street, another guy was coming up from the other side of the sidewalk. I’m now in the middle of the street. The reason was because I could feel attacks to my right foot big toe, joints and feet in the form of stinging and burning. From the presence of people I past earlier to The area setup with smart dust particles the result was attacks to this part of my body. After getting towards the train station, a jogger appeared before me. I would see this jogger again. Nothing is by accident and everything is by design. Everyone you see is participating.

1-26 After eating the Fast Bite Sandwiches, a white fan came into the parking lot, which it then enter the store property. It was way after business hours. This prompted me to leave this area, which I settled in an empty parking lot across the highway. A short time later a SUV slowly entered the area where I was sitting. Again, this prompted me to leave the area. Meanwhile, I noticed a buildup of nano crystalline – smart dust in my mouth. As I was walking along Eastern Blvd I see the gate opened to a Clegg Pest Control business. Then I felt a strong energy surge directed at both of my feet and my legs as I was walking past this facility. As I made it up the road I vehicle is now in the driveway of this pest control business. Because of how these signals work, I hid behind the wall of another business. After 5 minutes, the vehicle that I seen earlier was gone and the gate was closed. The way this program works is that if they expect you to be in the area, they will place individuals in businesses as targeting points. When I eat, it allows the criminal organization to beam their weapons to me more directly. It is a very short time span that this occurs. Anyway, I noticed a constant pulsing attack to my right leg. It did not matter where I walked. When I got to my homebase, although the signal attacks to my right leg disappeared attacks to my right temple became noticeable.

1-27 The oranges that I purchased from Food Lion had noticeable amounts of smart dust nano crystalline in it. Due to this factor, increased directed energy to the back was felt and constant attacks to the left temple was experienced.

1-28/29 Diapheria throughout the day into the night. Symptoms increased around 3a after constant attacks to the stomach with directed energy weapons. It was around 32 degrees.

1-29 Went to the storage room to pickup the generator. I have to place the generator into the storage room when I leave the area. There are entirely new people in the area and that is the result of the thief that occurred on Dec. 28th.

1-29 The presence of what Targeted Individuals refer as perpetrators increased after consuming the food which is laced with nano crystalline smart dust technologies. For instance,  as I was pumping gas the clerk stopped his car in my perimeter and young male strikes a conversation with someone in their car, but they are not pumping gas. When I leave the gas station a white car and burgandy SUV passes by me with both individuals gpsing my location. As I was walking back to my homebase, one of the houses known for having perpetrators – a guy suddenly come from it, now he is ahead of me. Then shortly later a biker perpetrator circle the area. He is seen several times. Before getting to the main street, I see two vehicles. The second vehicle parks right next to the GORE business entry way. I have seen this pattern before. And then he circles around, which now in is coming in my direction. All in a span in less than 30 minutes.

1-29/30 When I settle down I heard a very loud booming sound from the perpetrator business. Then small booming sounds from the direction of the woods. And not long stinging and burning of my right/left thighs. The attacks of my thighs have been on-going throughout the week.

1-30 Contamination can be tasted in the shell noodles and Pregeso Spaghetti sauce that I purchased from Food Lion. As I was consuming these products I can taste the technology being activated by the directed energy in the area. The ending result was attacks to my stomach and than my right thigh in the form of stinging.

1-30/31 Large amount of nano crystalline smart dust technologies in the rice. The rice was purchased from the Eastern blvd Dollar Tree. Upon consuming this product attacks increased in the form of pulsing to my right foot big toe joint. Also attacks to my right/left foot toes and right/left thighs in the form of stinging and burning. And attacks to my stomach, ears and head was noticeable.

1-30/31 Throughout the night into the morning attacks was felt to my toes, feet, legs, head, arms, ears, hands, fingers, eyes, joints in the form of stinging, burning and muscle manipulation was felt. 

1-31 Called the Citizen Against Harmful Technologies conference call and the information was presented well. The moderator, Neal covered relevant issues that can serve as a counter-balance for the targeting that we receive. This call starts at 8:30p EST and can be found visiting: http://www.citizensaht.org/

1-31/2-1 This concludes the JOURNAL for the month of January. Although the night wasn’t as cold, the targeting existed to the stomach, toes and thighs. It was in the form of stinging and burning. Attacks was also felt on the head, which feels like electrical current is passing through it.


Chris J. Brunson Responds To Derrick Robinson FFCHS Removal

Chrisopher John BrunsonDerrick RobinsonThis was originally part of a journal entry for November 2015: Radionics and Counter-measures. As FFCHS (Freedom From Covert Harassment is Taking a different direction, I have been wondering what would come of this new direction. First of all, for sometime, FFCHS for has been sending letters to the government to convince them that these crimes are happening and they need to stop. And each time, the government just denies it is happening. And recently, FFCHS has jumped on the bandwagon to support Amy Anderson in her fight to get legislation past in her jurisdiction.

It soon became a national campaign to get TI’s to contact there council members to get some recourse in this manner. Then we had the billboards that Ken Rhodes came up with as a focal point to getting some resolution in this manner.

Note: I had mention the council member idea back in 2008. That was 8 years ago! And in 2010 the idea developed into an Affidavit program that would be sent to key politicians in the state and jurisdiction that TI’s reside at. Unfortunately, that was placated into a PETITION that was made to resemble an AFFIDAVIT, which was sent to the Justice Department. Of course, it blew up in Derrick’s Face and the people who followed his misguided way.

But this was by designed and that why every time a TI such as Ken, Myself and AMY comes up with an idea, somehow this DERRICK dude (which some people are fooled by him being a TI) would come in an MESS IT UP! I sure hope that is not the direction that this new “PROGRESSIVE” FFCHS is taking, because I rather it not exist!

Anyway, I had since moved on from the Affidavit idea. Majority of TI’s did not want to sign on to it, because it would take a lot of work on their part and we are reliant to a criminal government (organization) that is at war with the American public. So I have upgraded my focus to RADIONICS and Counter-measures on dealing with the targeting.

The reason why I’m so supportive of Radionics, is because I experienced it as a member of Human Protection Software Suite performed by Mellhedek. He has shown me that relief can come from this technique.

If TI’s can just put all there complaints aside, they can learn more about this technique. There is a learning curve to this, but it is well worth the time to free ourselves from this criminal program that is call Human Experimentation.

For me, it is more than Human Experimentation, it is a program designed to destroy free will and the ability to experience life the way GOD intended it to be. With that said, I can only wish the “NEW” FFCHS the best and if it lives up to what it is telling us, I will lay down the RED carpet.



November 2015 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

11-1 Talkshoe. Audio Journal will be post-pone until later this month due to my visit in New York. Audio Journal is an audio compliation of events happening each month concerning the crimes I’m experiencing. Audio Journal can be heard the first week each month and can be found by searching for 83319 – which is the Government Sponsored Stalking channel.

11-1 8p Key Food. 3515 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, NY 10467. Telephone No.: 718-881-8790 Manager: Jason. Purchased Key Food Brand Pasta Spaghetti 8, Prego Meat Sauce, Razoni Thin Spaghetti 9, Brocolli and Key Food Brand Hot Dog Franks.

11-1/2 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks started with a slight heartbeat, but mostly directed at the toes and feet. So there was some minor contamination. I was not anticipating going into this store, but years earlier I have been in this store before. The store did not look like stocking has taking place recently, so the goods much has been stocked several hours ago. Anyway, the Key Food store was about to close when I checked out.

11-2 Aggressive attacks to the stomach and some feet attacks.

11/2/3 Aggressive attacks to the stomach and feet.

11-3 Aggressive attacks to the stomach and feet. Every time I go to the bathroom, I heard someone in there. When I turned on the water, it sounded like something is connected to it. I could feel the chemicals in the water as I was in the bathtub.

11-3 Rapid heartbeat the first time I woke up from a nap.

11-4 Attacks was concentrated to the legs and feet. Some attacks could be felt in the stomach. And of course attacks on the toes, specifically the big toe was felt.

11-4 Script Program. It follows where ever you go. So the stuff they were doing in the location you left, it is repeated. The way the perpetrators (contrators) follows the exact same formulas even though some areas consist of more people (Fayetteville vs New York City). Devices. When I’m in the woods, they placed devices around me, which they sometimes control from another location. In an apt situation, “tenants” are equiped with these devices, which they follow you around. When you are on the side of Apt B, they will be doing most of the targeting, but when you moved to another section of the apt Apt D will target you. If you on the top floor, attacks can be felt below If you are in a bottom apt, attacks can be felt below. I’m in a apt that has a court yard. They are four buildings in this court yard, so if I’m sitting by a window, I can be hit by anyone of those individuals in any of those buildings. I have even experienced attacks from police helicopters, which I forgot to mentioned, because what happens to me in New York City is so overwhelming and involved. When I’m in Fayetteville, NC military aircraft pass high above so it is less noticeable. The only way I know is how my electronic act. I was on the train and one of the perpetrators (contractors) was talking on his cell phone asking his handler if he could reach me. The perpetrators on the ground are just there to enforce what the guy on the computer manipulating the satellites is doing.

11-5 Computer Hacking. I left my computer online while I went to do something. When I came back, the screen was black. So I first thought it ran out of power, so I replace the battery. The screen was still blank. This has happened before on another computer, so I wasn’t surprise. I had to go on another computer to find files that would allow me to flash the bios. I had already downloaded files, but the computer refused to flash from the USB. So immediately was thinking about purchasing another similar computer, because I had some important files on a hard drive. Unlike the Acer, this is the only Asus I have. I have to lug 3 computers with me every time I go out so my computer aren’t hacked. But at least I can get to a computer if one goes down. Anyway, I kept reading up about the Asus computer to see if I can find out why the screen was blank. Later in the night, I was able to see that the computer wasn’t blank at all. It was just dark. That information really helped me. Earlier I was looking at blank screen, black screen, flashing bios and now how to fix a dim screen. Because this wasn’t a black screen, there was a easy solution. Besides, what is used for recovering from a black/blank screen is very different from a dim screen. F2 constantly and going back to default and save F10. And Then F9 continuously. Alt F6 fixed the dim screen. It was about 3A when I found this out after waking up.

11-5 7:30a Woke up and my arms and body was trembling. I also had a very rapid heartbeat and continuous pulsing of implants directed to the joint of my right foot big toe,. When I got up, the trembling, rapid heartbeat and continuous pulsing of implants directed to the joint of my right foot big toes. But the attacks of my right foot big toes started again as I became stationary. Last night I ate late and was on the INTERNET way in the midnight. And what I know about this program, attacks increase in the night, because these crimes operate on the cover of darkness.

11-5 Attacks mainly coming from Apt. G. Attacks could be felt on my toes, feet, legs, stomach, back, arm joints, finger joints, knees, hands, eyes, ect. But there was a noticeable changed when I situated myself away from the side Apt. G is on.

11-5/6 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the legs, stomach and feet was felt.

11-6 Attacks to the feet, particularly the right foot big toe and bee stings to the right leg.

11-6/7 Attacks increase throughout the night into the morning. The attacks are felt through the floor, which is the apt below me “A” and Apt G on the side of me. When I go to the bathroom, I hear someone turning on something (more likely a water pump designed to push chemical tech through the pipes). I also noticed some activity heard from the apt B same floor. This is why I don’t live in an apt. I stay in the woods, because I at least know who is right in front of me.

11-7 I spent this day traveling to pick up some binds. The binds is to organized my aunt’s apt. When flag a taxi, I notice someone with a set of white ear buds in there ear. He was in the vehicle, which he got out.  I have video documentation showing that my perpetrators wearing these instruments. Earlier I had discussed to my aunt that I we need a mini-van to pick us up because of all the binds we were carrying. So this vehicle was brought in to pick us up, which was a staged event. I also notice a lot of directed energy directed at my toes as we were being transported to the residence.

11-7/8 Attacks to the feet, legs, toes, arms, hands, elbow, eyebrows, eyes, nose, ect. Vibrations of energy could be felt on my feet, legs, eyebrows and hands.While every time they hit my nose with the directed energy, it was like snoring. My elbow,m toes and legs was like bee stings,.

11-8/9 I moving too often to notice anything happening to me. But as I laid down in the room adjacent to Apt. G, attacks to the legs, toes, feet and other parts of the body increased. I also experienced a rapid heartbeat and uncontrollable shakiness of the right arm. Attacks also felt on the arm joins and eyebrows.

11-9 I was informed from that Ken Rhodes was recently elected to the board of directors of Freedom For Covert Harassment & Surveillance (FFCHS). Last week I called the Saturday call and they were discussing his role. I introduced myself briefly, but nothing has come of it. This was why. For sometime, FFCHS has been closed off only to a selected few that Derrick controlled. But I’m still confused whether this “new” direction is going to fix things. The good ole boys network is very scary to me, even though changing the old guard is good.

11-9 Train ticket made for Thursday morning, which would end my two weeks visit in NYC. Later in the even I received a buzz from downstairs and then someone rang the door bell. However, my Aunt alerted me that they did not want to show themselves.

11-9/10 Attacks in the form of body vibrations, legs, feet and hands was very common this period. What was particularly noticeable was the continuous pulsing of my noise which each hit produced a snoring sound. This practice was common during the early part of the targeting. Burning of the ears were also felt. The result of this is hearing lost of my left ear.

11-10 After consuming the food and water, attacks to my left ear increased. I could feel the build up of technology at the very back of my ear. So there is a certain level of nano contamination in the food. What this tells me is that the general public food is being contaminated on a smaller level as the attacks are minimum to certain parts of my body. With that said, because of the severity of the attacks to this part of my body, the result is 80 percent hearing loss on my left ear. Attacks can also be felt on my legs in the form of bee stings and feet as vibrations. Some attacks could also be felt on my toes and fingers joints.

11-10 Everytime I go into the bathroom, I hear a faucet being turned on, but it quickly disappears. It is pretty obvious that they have something connected to the pipes. This was exactly what I experiences in 2012 and 2009. 2009 was in another building and the result was a major water leak into adjacent apartments. I even have a video documenting this. Of course the pipes could not handle that much pressure being put through them and they start leaking. What this tells me is how vulnerable the water system is. If someone could buy a $200 water pump and hook it into water system without detection, just imagine how those who mean Americans harm can use this method to their benefit. Placing water pressure detection systems is all that is needed to prevent this problem. But when the state engages in this practice (Con Edison working on the street pipes outside the building; Washington DC power Utility working right outside the congress building, etc) then it becomes very clear to me that the terrorist war is really against Americans by our own government!

11-10/11 Attacks to the Knees, leg joints, head, left eye, stomach and left ear. When I got up to go to the bathroom, I heard a loud bang. It sounded like they were moving the pulsing device around. I had experience something similar when I was in Fayetteville and it has been documented on this website. From what I know, these devices can easily be moved from place to place and they put out a very direct energy in the area that it covers. Also, I did get a very vivid dream (which happens everyday), which resulted in a rapid heartbeat, but it was nothing unusual.

11-11 Radionics and Counter-measures. As FFCHS (Freedom From Covert Harassment is Taking a different direction, I have been wondering what would come of this new direction. First of all, for sometime, FFCHS for  some time has been sending letters to the government to convince them that these crimes are happening and they need to stop. And each time, the government just denies it is happening. And recently, FFCHS has jumped on the bandwagon to support Amy Anderson in her fight to get legislation past in her jurisdiction. It soon became a national campaign to get TI’s to contact there council members to get some recourse in this manner. Then we had the billboards that Ken Rhodes came up with as a focal point to getting some resolution in this manner. Note: I had mention the council member idea back in 2008. That was 8 years ago! And in 2010 the idea developed into an Affidavit program that would be sent to key politicians in the state and jurisdiction that TI’s reside at. Unfortunately, that was placated into a PETITION that was made to resemble an AFFIDAVIT, which was sent to the Justice Department. Of course, it  blew up in Derrick’s Face and the people who followed his misguided way. But this was by designed and that why every time a TI such as Ken, Myself and AMY comes up with an idea, somehow this DERRICK dude (which some people are fooled by him being a TI) would come in an MESS IT UP! I sure hope that is not the direction that this new “PROGRESSIVE” FFCHS is taking, because I rather it not exist! Anyway, I had since moved on from the Affidavit idea. Majority of TI’s did not want to sign on to it, because it would take a lot of work on their part and we are reliant to a criminal government (organization) that is at war with the American public. So I have upgraded my focus to RADIONICS and Counter-measures on dealing with the targeting. The reason why I’m so supportive of Radionics, is because I experienced it as a member of Human Protection Software Suite performed by Mellhedek. He has shown me that relief can come from this technique. If TI’s can just put all there complaints aside, they can learn more about this technique. There is a learning curve to this, but it is well worth the time to free ourselves from this criminal program that is call Human Experimentation. For me, it is more than Human Experimentation, it is a program designed to destroy free will and the ability to experience life the way that GOD intended it to be. With that said, I can only wish the “NEW” FFCHS the best and if it lives up to what it is telling us, I will lay down the RED carpet.

11-11 This is my last full day in the STATE of NEW YORK. As I’m walking I experienced the exactly same kind of car stalking here. Vehicles would meet me at the intersection or they would be parked in certain locations with individuals in them. Also, a large amount of pedestrians in the area. Several perpetrators was seen with white earbuds and they were clearly engaged in “surveillance” (gpsing the area using cell phones). Woodlawn. When I got to my mailbox I was entertain with electro-magnetic energy directed at my knees and head. It is very common for the criminal organization to setup a location (residence or business) when they know you are going to be there. Yonkers. As I was walking, I came across a big intersection. It took me about 30 minutes to arrive at Yonkers Avenue. This is the main street for the city of Yonkers and is very popular amongst motorists. This is the first time I felt a strong signal sensation directed at my left elbow. I’m very sure that the device that was placed in the Woodlawn business lead to this experience. I also noticed as I was walking, I came across residences with strong electro-magnetic surges. I ended my trip at cross county mall.

11-11/12 Went to bed early due to my long travel, which would happen at 6a. I made the mistake of calling a conference call. It was a replica of the FFCHS calls of the past. There was no strategy or networking, just a lot of complaining. I was using my Aunt’s phone, so it was unlimited. When I get my new phone, it would not be unlimited, because I’m not interested in entertaining these kind of calls or the people associated with them. I rather spend my time on-line writing my journal and researching possible healing methods. But if FFCHS takes a more counter-measure direction, I will give it my time. There are two people that should be given considerable consideration. John Mecca and Melledek. There is no reason that after 10 years, perpetrators should be able to use cellular phone to manipulate different parts of the body and mind. It is a total embarrassment on our part that this has not been solved.

11-12 Amtrak. I headed to the train station, which I arrived early. The train left on schedule. As always, they were several individuals seated. They were space apart, but was close as two empty seat apart. This allows them to be in range of hitting me with their devices. Each stop new people will come on. The first set would immediately be in my perimeter. However, eventually a young Caucasian male sat behind me. This was an exact duplicate of my trip going to New York. Everything I deal with is very scripted and systematic. Anyway, eventually a Caucasian female sat directly across from me. Immediately she was on her phone. So it was pretty obvious why she was there. I also noticed that the conductor who took my ticket did not take a ticket from her. He also placed a blank stub right above her seat. When I turned on my computer, she immediately placed her cell phone in her bag. I could connect to the wifi, but I couldn’t surf. The perpetrators have hacked my machine, which I later found by watching a male passenger surfing on his computer. Anyway, to make a long story short, this female left without showing a ticket. The conductor was gone as well. Note: It is not uncommon to use fillins for the purpose of stagging certain people around you for hiding their identity. Meanwhile, the next person occupying this seat across from me was an African American male. He wasn’t as active on his device as the female, but the Caucasian male behind me was extremely active almost the entire time. Then there was an older Caucasian male that came on later that sat by the African American guy. He immediately strike a conversation with the African American guy. Although brief, it was noticeable. It told me there was an association. This was especially true after I got up to walk around. I had been sitting for 7 straight hours and it was starting weigh on me. But judging by this Caucasion guy response when briefly talking to this AA guy, he thought it had to do with how he was gpsing my area implants. So it is very clear to me that the only reason why these individuals are on this train, is so they can hit me with their technology. INSANE! Anyhow, Wilson was a BIG stop for a lot of passengers. I was the only person in this car getting off at Fayetteville. This was in-reverse from my trip in 2014, where a large amount of people got off the same stop. What TIs have to understand that the attacks are very coordinated and where these individuals get on/off, where they sit and how some use there devices and some don’t is by design. In all, the attacks was mainly directed at the feet and head. Some attacks could be felt on my legs, stomach and left eye. When I got out of the train, I felt continuous pulsing of my left foot. It did not matter where I was at. I did eat the day before, which I should have done. But walking into Yonkers did help.

11-12/13 Fayetteville. Arrived around 4:30p. When I got back to my home base it was the same as usual, but wet. The pulsing of my left foot remained until I got up around 11p. Later attacks could be felt on my stomach. I did not eat anything. Had I eaten, the attacks would have been more involved, but I sufficed!

11-13 Heard grass being cut near warehouse. This is the first time in months that this has happened. I know they place technology in area using this method.

11-13 Ate twice. First meal consist of crackers and peanut butter. The second meal was French salad dressing, crackers and salmon. It was the salmon that was heavily contaminated, because once I consumed it, the electro-magnetic attacks increased. It was directed mostly to my stomach and later my chest near my heart muscle.

11-13/14 Was woken several times in the night. It was particularly a cold night so I went to sleep early. Sleeping allows them to do several things to you that being awake doesn’t. The first time I was woken, a rapid heartbeat did not occurred, but I heard a familiar motorcyclist coming into the warehouse and than leaving a short time later. I have heard this individual for years, so I know he is on the payroll as a contractor. Anyway, when I was woken several times thereafter, I had a rapid heartbeat. Things don’t happen to you by accident, it is very well plan. Also attacks to the right and left foot (big toes and upper regions), bee sting attacks to the right and left legs were noticeable. At around 7/8am attacks could be felt on the right eye.

11-14 Powdery substance coming out of oatmeal package. This powdery substance is most likely nano technology. Later after consuming this product, attacks to the stomach increased.

11-14 I seen four dogs coming into my area. They were not stray dogs. It clearly looked like they were being directed by the criminal organization. The dogs themselves have been implanted and they are carrying GPS collars. The dogs allow the perpetrators to be hidden and they can travel through brush much easier, because they are lower and have protective fur.

11-14/15 In the early part of the night attacks to the legs, neck, ears, feet, toes, neck, eyes, stomach, ect. was continuous. Also, several times I was woken, I had a rapid heartbeat. When I turned towards the left, signals increased, which was directed at my stomach.

11-15 I ate mostly tuna that I got from my aunt’s house. I did not notice any type of contamination and the targeting did not appear to exist after consuming these items. However, there is still the presence of nano contaminates in my body from past consumptions, so targeting still exist on some level. As been my experience, sometimes they might build up these nano pathogens in my body to create new modes of targeting, which happened after not eating for 3 days several weeks ago.  Also have to take in account, the type of food I’m eating, which might assist in blocking their ability to carry out these attacks. I’m not fully clear what is going on, but I do know that the presence of crystallized nano (smart dust (sensors)) almost always lead to more attacks.

11-15/16 Throughout the night into the next morning, I did not experience the attacks that I did the previous nights. However, I did noticed that I heard a loud popping sound coming from the warehouse opposite of the main street.

11-16 I ate the second can of salmon, but I did not drink the fluids that was in the can. I think this helped, as contamination always starts with the fluids first and than the product being targeted second. Also, within an hour after eating, I left the area. This did not give the perpetrators a chance to setup the recently consumed nano technology in my body the way they want to. Later I did noticed a guy in an unusual place as I was leaving the area. So this told me that there was a device in the immediate area that this perpetrator was working from and that this method allowed them to track me while I was mobile.

11-16 When I first got to the storage attacks were not present. After talking to the attendant, the attacks became increasingly noticeable. The attacks was directed mainly at my ear. I’m also aware that this individual was brought into this position for this purpose. I have documented this. Not Surprisingly, the attacks disappeared with minutes after leaving this facility, which tells me there is a device present. Note: During the early part of the targeting, rows of individuals would be rolling into this facility. Not a single person came on the scene. So they don’t need all the people, because I have a high level of implants in my body that can be program on a specific frequency and the present devices can be accessed by passing vehicles on the roadway.

11-16 17:24 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #4902 336 North Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 28301-5175. Telephone # 910-484-1388. Manager On Duty: Thersea. Before I even got into the store, the presence of perpetration was obvious. The first individual I came across was a hot dog “vendor”. I had seen this individual in the past at this same location and another Dollar Tree location. So he was a staging point of electro-magnetic attacks. Then I got into the store, there was a guy who look like he was involved with the store some kind of way. What I know to be true is that they would bring in outside perpetrators (usually African Americans) to stock an establishment with the reconditioned (contaminated) goods. But they aren’t the ones usually doing the alteration of these products. Anyhow, as I was shopping I notice a “customer” all the way in the back. This is usually the place I start off first. Then soonafter, a lot of other “customers” now seem to be concentrated in this area. Since they know my shopping patterns, it is pretty obvious what’s going on here. I also noticed the manager opening up a new line. This is the area where my shopping cart sits at. So this was a staging point for someone to go into my property – most likely water and other food items that might be accessible for contamination. Luckily I did not have anything but water and that was locked into a cabinet, which I built over a year ago, to keep the perpetrators from contaminating my items. Anyway, I purchased Onion Rings, TJ Farm Broccoli & Cauliflower, Natural Select Snacks; Indulgent Trail Mix, Chocolate & Nut Trail Mix and Tropical Trail Mix, Tri color Rotini, Jennie-O Turk Bacon and Vegetable Oil.

11-16/17 Almost the same as yesterday, no known attacks that can be describe in detail.

11-17 First consumed the Trail Mixes that I had purchased from Dollar Tree Stores and I could taste notice crystalline nano tech in items. Later I consumed the onion rings, frozen vegetables, vegetable oil, jennie-o bacon and technology could be tasted in all items.

11-17 After waking up from an induced nap, I first noticed a rapid heartbeat. Having a rapid heartbeat during the day has not been common for quite some time, so it is pretty obvious that it came from the food. Had I not consumed the food, the attacks would be almost non-existant. Besides nano-technology, they are placing chemicals like drugs and neuro-toxins in the food. Everything is well-documented here and if someone was doing their DAMN! jobs! this shit would not be happening. Anyway, the contamination of food is a direct connection to the electro-magneted program (which some people say are remote human experimentation) I been placed in. The criminal program is operated by hired government contractors!

11-17/18 Attacks to the stomach was persistent as was bee stings to the legs. Also felt signaling to the left foot toes and upper regions, which resembles electrical current to the body. The entire time I did not experienced a rapid heart beat, although I could clear feel the criminal organization remotely embedding the consumed tech to my heart and right chest. Also pain could be felt in the upper right arm joints and attacks to the knees where common.

11-18 Over have of this month has past and no Audio Journal. Because of my trip to New York and the complications of getting thing back in order in Fayetteville, I fail to remember about doing the journal. Also, I do not have any phone service at the moment, except a couple of prepay services, which defeats the purpose of doing the call. AJ might have to turn into something I’m uploading, than a live call that people can call in after the recording has ended. It sure will save me on per  minute charges, as I don’t see no reason to pay for unlimited services. There isn’t a TI community that is big enough or serious enough or worth of my time. And I’m not crossing my fingers that FFCHS is going to get it together. The same problems that existed before Derrick still exist after he is long gone. For me, the problem has always been the “TI” community that some people are still believing that is bigger than what it is. If you only know by my interactions with a lot of people, I would be surprise if it is more than a thousand and my assessment is not limited to the states either.

11-18 As I was leaving the area, I could feel attacks directed to the right leg in the form of bee stings. It was continuous until I got to the downtown area of Fayetteville. At this point the technology that was in my body was no longer available for direct GPS tracking. Earlier, I had eaten peanut butter that I got from my Aunt’s house in New York. Almost everything that consumers purchase is contaminated with nano technology, but the amount of the technology is considerably lower. So this explains why after some time, the attacks disappeared.

11-18 Food Lion 342 N Eastern Blvd Ste 2. Fayetteville, NC 28301-5160 910-485-8886. Purchased Cobblestone Bread Company 18 oz., Food Lion Brand Yellow Onions 3lbs., Ball Park Brand Beef Franks 30 oz., 2 Food Lion Brand Hot Dog Buns, Sunkist Texas Red Grape Fruit 15 lbs., 4 4664 Tomatoes, Nature’s Place Organic Navel Oranges 3 Lbs. and Food Lion Brand Boneless & Skinless Portions Chicken Breast with Rib meat 2.5 lbs.

11-18 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store # 4902 336 North Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 38301-5175. Purchased Lemon Canes, Sweetarts, Butter Cookies, Hunts Ketchup, 2 Progressive Soups, Relish, 2 Circle A Meatballs, 2 Steamed Corn 10 oz., Hand Sanitizer, Body Wash, 2 Kidney Beans and 2 Black Eye Peas. When I went to check out a woman dress in black and red act like she was having trouble making payment. This is one of the tactics that they use to program devices according to the implants in my body. Sometime two or more people are used. In this case, it was the cashier and the customer. Right before checking out, I felt a strong signal directed at my right arm in the form of vibrations. When I step away from the area that the cashier was, the attacks stopped. When I came back, the attacks did not return. I learn how to step away from attacks like this one by walking away as soon as they start. This way, they can put a lock on me. Also, the line became full with “people” as soon as I was ready to leave. I swear, that every single “person” that was a “customer” in this store was on this line when I checked out. I believe this had to do with the peanut butter I ate before leaving the area. The peanut butter had mild levels of technology in it. This is partly how they control people around you.

11-18/19 Throughout the night into the morning attacks directed at the legs in the form of bee stings. No other attacks were noticeable.

11-19 Upon consuming the Cobblestone Bread nano particles were tasted in this product. This was consumed with the John Morrell Sliced Ham, which ate seperately, did not detect any nano particles in this product. Also was able to taste nano particles in the Grapefruit and Oranges, which was neatly stacked in the produce section, before purchasing it. Almopst immediately, attacks was felt on my stomach and then my feet. The attacks was continuous and now I feel something similar to electrical current in both of my feet.

11-19 After waking up around 9p I had a rapid heartbeat. Also attacks to my feet and legs was noticeable. Mostly a tiredness feeling was felt.

11-20 Went back to sleep around 2a and was up around 7a. Attacks to the stomach, hands and feet was noticeable.

11-20/21 Woke up with a neck spasm. The pain was felt at the very based of the neck

11-21 Sometimes it takes me several days to figure out what lead me to react the way I did. In this instance, it involved an establishment called Roses. Roses is located 336 N. Eastern Blvd., Suite 3 Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301 Phone: 910-484-1254. The business is owned by John William Pope under the name Variety Wholesalers. John is an active Republican who runs a think tank and could be responsible for the right wing direction the state is going (stricker voter registration requirements, abortion, illegal immigration, redistricting, ect.) Not too long ago there was a protest against him. Because of the lack of businesses in the area and not having a car I’m forced to patronize this business. But if things was different, I would not – both for political, social and reasons because of me being a targeted individual. Since being a regular customer of this business, I have been inflicted with contaminated products such as cosmetics such as peroxide, grease, lotion and food items. I also dealt with plan harassment from employees around shopping in store. These are stagging point tactics to the electronic harassment. But at first thought, racial profiling, The way I was able to piece together by piecing all the facts in my mind. To understand went on is how the electronic protocol works, which is more effective when a person is under stress. Anyway, when I first entered the store, two individuals came in the store. They appeared to be in a rush. One particular individual made a point to walk as close to me as possible. I saw her again in Food Lion. When a person walks close to you, they are hitting you with the electro-magnetic device that is concealed on their persons. The device is set at certain frequencies to manipulate the implants in your body. They are usually the first staged of attacks. Then I seen an older guy standing in the very back of the store. I later found he was near the underwear section. Earlier I was thinking about purchasing underwear – so they read my mind and this guy was a stagging point. I knew that, because the way he was standing, it was more like he was waiting for a bus, than interesting in underwear. Anyway, soon as I got to the back of the store, the clerk who I seen earlier was calling security to check the alse. This isn’t the first time this tactic was used on me. At first thought, it was racial profiling, but my mind took me back to the point when I rushed back to the front. When I got there I seen a man on a ladder. I did not seen no ladder before. Time is of an essence, because I rushed to the front of the store, they didn’t have time to program what they placed in that ceiling. So I went to another part of the store. I immediately noticed store employees stocking “new” food item. This is generally the case for many stores I shop at, which is part of the systematic alteration of food/drink for purpose of maintaining the electro-magnectic control of my life. Anyway, the guy that was “looking” at underwear was now on the line. He left the store shortly before I enter the line. But he wasn’t gone for good. I could clearly see her looking in his direction. He was standing outside the store, but not close enough that you can get a good view of him. The clerk that was working the register was now glaring at him, even though he wasn’t so visible in the window. It was real strange. Somehow this guy came back into the store. There, he got a scan of an item he just purchase. I just thought they needed him in the store at that particular time. Then I seen another “customer” come rushing to cashier. Each time I’m being hit with these electronic devices. I had eaten peanut butter that I had brought from Aunt’s house.

11-21/22 Rapid heartbeat several times in the night into the morning. Also continuous attacks to the stomach was felt.

11-22 Attacks to my computer resulted in me having to flash my hard drive. The problem first started with firefox – the inability to download the browser, because of a manipulated inactive connection.

11-22 After consuming the meal with the Progressive Sour attacks to the legs in the form of continuous pulsing was felt. Later in the night it also included attacks to the stomach.

11-23 Early in the morning attacks to the feet was noticeable.

11-23 Towards the later part of the day attacks in the form of bee stings increased to my legs. But other attacks occurred throughout the day as well. They were directed at  my feet, hands, stomach (which was continuous), toes, fingers, head and eyes.

11-23 It was particular cold this evening so I went to sleep early. I experienced my first rapid heartbeat and than my second. However, I was woken more than 8 times and non followed after the initial attacks to my heart. I did experienced continued vibrations, which varied in strength. But more noticeable was the pulsing of my left leg, which was continuous throughout the night. I would go in and out. Also stinging of my right leg happened during certain periods.

11-24 Around 1a I heard someone in the area. At this point the attacks increased, but disappeared shortly. I have develop a way to dispell some of the attacks. Then at 3a I heard a car alarm and a truck backup sound signal. I have heard activity around this time before. This is the warehouse on the main street and is the perpetrator paradise. Anyway, I heard further activity in the woods around me and the attacks increased again, but they disappeared shortly. The attacks were mainly directed at my stomach and legs. I also felt attacks to my neck, arms, shoulders and fingers.

11-24/25 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the legs in the form of bee stings, shoulders, arms in the form of muscular pain, stomach, toes, feet, eyes, head and fingers.

11-25 The earlier part of the day was spent preparing to go to the Laundromat. I had accumulated a lot of dirty clothes, because of my trip to New York.

11-25 Before making my way to the Laundromat, I decided to stop by Family Dollar, which is located 2893 Owen Drive, Fayetteville, NC. Telephone # 910-483-2404. Manager: Adora. When I first went into the store I went to the very back where the food was. There I seen a cart full with boxes. This the only area of the store that I seen this, so it was pretty obvious that they were rushing to get this reconditioned food on the shelves. Anyway, I purchased Tyson Boneless Chicken Breast 2lb (they were only two available), FG Tater Puffs Frozen Potatoes 32oz.,Tide Laundry Detergent and Suavitel Fabric Conditioner.

11-25 Laundromat. When I go into this facility, I throw my clothes in the machine and leave. Sometimes I run an errand, but most times I sit a distance away from the building. The reason, the large amount of perpetrators in the form of ghetto, poor, low-class trash in the area. When I come back it is to put my clothes in the driers. And on my last visit to this establishment, it is to put my clothes in the laundry bags to fold later. I did noticed a young male standing in front of store numerous occasions. And as I was talking my clothes out of the driers, this individual is in my perimeter. He had placed clothes in a drier right next to mine. This is to give them reason to be close to you. All of them are carrying electro-magnetic devices on their persons. Shortly afterwards another guy appeared. He, too, had placed clothes in a drier next to mine. As I left I seen two persons inside their vehicles gpsing. Although I did not feel any initial attacks, later down the road I did feel some stinging on my right leg. I quickly ask the spirits to remove the sensations and it was gone. The mind is your best defense.

11-25/26 Because I did not eat and I walked several miles today, the targeting was very minimal.

11-26 Thanksgiving Day. As I was cooking the boneless chicken that I purchased from Family Dollar, I seen a thick white liquid oozing from it. There is also the presence of these chemical tech in the apples that was given to me as a “gift”. After consuming this meal also consisting of taters, the attacks to my stomach increased. Then attacks to my head, toes, feet and legs happened later.

11-26/27 Throughout the night attacks to the stomach and toes was noticeable. However, after 1a during sleep, attacks was minimum.

11-27 Roses 336 N. Eastern Blvd., Suite 3 Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301 Phone: 910-484-1254. Went inside the store to exchange a par of underwear. When I went into the store, there was a lot of activity in the front. I had to go to the very back of thee store to get the item, so it was a challenge to leave my cart unattended. It took me less than a minute to retrieve the product and than to make it up to the front. I will like to believe that no one attempted to access my water bottles. However, when I got to the gas station, my water bottle was leaking. I have not had any problems with leaking bottles since I filled them. I have since re-secured the cabinet that holds my button.

11-27/28 After a long day of shopping, I made it back to my home base. I did not prepare my sleeping area in the usual place. For a short time, I did not feel any attacks. But after hearing something in the bushes near me, the attacks begin. The amount of noise I heard told me that the device is not small, but small enough that an adult male can move. So I moved away from this section of woods that is unaccessible from this area. When I re-set up in a slight new position, the attacks were lower. So proximity is very important. I also start banging my feet together. As long as I was banging my feet together, the attacks were not present. When I went to sleep and than waking up, attacks was directed to my hips, which felt like electrical current surrounding my mid-section. Sleeping in this particular area does allow to leave this area since it is closer to the street.

11-28 Laundromat. On my way to the Bragg Blvd shopping district I stop at the Laundromat on Fort Bragg Road. Unlike the past Laundromat, which is managed by a convenience store, this one is managed by a cleaners. When I first entered this facility, there was no one present. There was someone “working” on the roof, which I later seen two additional people on the back end of this facility. (The number of people around is very important as they are used for the targeting). Then I noticed one drier being used. After 15 minutes, the second person that I could see entered the area as a “customer.” He was the one who was using the drier. So upon seeing this individual, one might think that they were there to retrieve their clothes. That’s not what happened. He went inside and pulled one item at a time to fold on the table (not several items, which most people do to 1) prevent the drier from loosing heat and 2) use the maximum paid time that was available.) This method increased his present at the facility. Of course this was intensional. When he left, it wasn’t long another person arrived to do their “laundry”. I was already outside when the first person arrived as I’m aware they setup devices inside the facility. And when I’m outside, I’m not in one place for an extended period of time. But when ever I am positioned in one area, the amount of car stalking increases in that second of road. And if that isn’t effective, which happened several times, they would have several individuals walk or jog in the area. Everything you see is by design and no one person you see is not removed from attacking you with these electronic devices (on person or in area).

11-28 10:49a Short Stop 67 105 N. Olive Road Fayetteville, NC 28305. Employee: Annee was doing inventory when I arrived. I purchased Maola Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

11-28 I didn’t eat the ice cream until I was a distant away from the Laundromat. After taking a few scopes of the Ice Cream, I immediately noticed a man walking in my direction. And shortly afterwards, two joggers. They were on both sides of the street. So I made myself in the yard of the church. As this man made his way in my direction, he kept staring at me. This is not normally what people do in this area of Fayetteville, so I knew already he wasn’t a resident in this area. He was someone who was brought in to walk this stretch of road as a GPS point.

11-28 1:15p Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #471 2636 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303-4144. Telephone No. 910-486-9050. Manager: Frank. Purchased Naturally Selected Tropical Trail Mix, Indulgent Trail Mix, Chocolate & Nut Trail Mix, Fruit & Nut Trail Mix, Sugar Babies, Kidney Beans, York Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties, Milk Dud’s, Chef Boyardie Spaghetti, Ravioli and Canned Chicken and Super Glue Gel. Unlike prior visits to this establishment, there were no boxes sitting everywhere. However, some alse clearly looked like it just been stocked.

11-28 1:37p IGA Carlie C’s 2738 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28303. Telephone No: 910-483-8454. Manager: Dennis Digman. Purchased HT Pinto Beans, Pomp Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tide Laundry Detergent, P5 Country Style Pork Slices, Bananas, Tomatoes, Yellow Onions and Grape Fruit.

11-28/29 Throughout the night into the morning attacks were mainly directed to the right leg in the form of bee stinging. Other attacks included the stomach, head, feet, shoulders, arms, eyes, nose and so on.

11-29 Upon consuming the items, there is not one item that has not been altered for these illegal “experiments”. But specifically was able to taste the technology in the spaghetti (dollar Tree), grape fruit (IGA), Meat (IGA), Trail mix (Dollar Tree), Circus Peanuts (Dollar Tree), Onions (IGA), ect., ect., ect. Upon eating these items attacks to the Legs, stomach and other parts of the body increased.

11-29/30 Doing first and second sleep and than being woken, a rapid heartbeat. There afterwards attacks to this area was not felt. However, during this time, it was raining.

11-30 After eating attacks to the stomach increased to the eyes, hands, feet, legs and fingers. Particularly with the fingers needle prick sensations directed at the very tips and joint and bee stings were felt to the legs.

11-30/12-1 In the night attacks to the stomach was persistant. When I turned to a different sleep side, gas and bloating would increased. Also attacks would be directed to a different part of my body. This is not always the case though. Other attacks were to my legs, fingers (tips and joints), head, shoulders, arms (joints), elbows and eyes. The symptoms were bee stings, muscular pain (similar to arthritis) and signaling (which feels like electrical current through body). Moreover, attacks to hips were felt.

Conclusion. This summarize the journal for the entire month of November. The month started with my visit in New York. Although the food and liquid contamination wasn’t a big factor in the target due to consuming items that was purchased from Aunt sometime ago, being in a climate controlled environment makes the targeting more challenging. Moreover, the direct presence of individuals and their ability to access unlimited Alternate Current allows them to be more precise with the targeting. After getting back to Fayetteville, the targeting is minimized in the beginning, but after the second day, it is the usual. The script used to do the targeting is exactly the same. The only difference is the amount of people used in New York is a lot higher, while in Fayetteville, the criminal organization have setup an infrastructure for the targeting. Since being back, the targeting was focused on my legs, feet, hands, joints and fingers. Attacks almost always follows after consuming the reconditioned food that has been laced with nano technology (other technologies) and chemicals that interferes with the nervous system.



October 2015 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

10-1 Bee stings attacks to my legs. Attacks felt like someone sticking pins in my legs.

10-1 6p Read the Audio Journal on talkshoe. It went well. This is the third time I read the Journal since 2012. Recording of the Journal can now be found by visiting talkshoe.com and searching “83319”. Once at my profile, you can either download it or listen to it live. The important part about listening to the journal is that you can do other thing around it. The other important thing about the journal is that you will learn about the techniques and tactics that I and the criminal organization uses. This will allow you to cope and avoid a lot of the targeting that is so common with our situation. But the most important part about the Journal is you will learn the importance of evidence gathering and how you can use it to empower yourself.

10-1/2 Raining all night into the next morning, but that did not mean the targeting stops. But it does mean that the targeting is more specific. Attacks to the hip was noticeable.

10-2 Attacks was minimized to the legs. Ate noodles I purchased from Aldis. Although I rinsed it several times, the attacks were still there, especially in the night/morning.

10-2/3 Heavy rain. Shortly after waking up strong bee sting attacks to the legs and toes. I was laying on my side. When I start laying on my stomach, attacks was than focused on my head. When I bang my feet together, attacks subsided.

10-3 7a While waking up I heard dogs barking in the background. I did have a noticeable rapid heartbeat and attacks was concentrated to my hips.

10-3 Bee sting attacks to the legs.

10-3 Attacks to the stomach increased after eating in late evening.

10-3/4 Attacks to the chest were continuous after being woken around 3a. Abnormal heart palpitations were also noticeable.

10-4 17:25p Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #4902 336 N. Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 28301-5175. Telephone No.: 910-484-1388. Manager: Carlos. Purchased Chocolate Nut Mix, Indulgent Mix Sunflower Seeds, Gourmet Mixed Nut, Pumpkin Mellocremes, shoestring fries, wafer cookies, Tootsie Fruit Chews, Sniker fun size, Sugar Babies, Reese Pieces Butercup, Soybean oil blend, elbow macaroni, pasta, Moments cookies, Twix Fun size, swiss rolls, toothpaste nature white, hand sanitizer and bubs maple cookies. Noticeable perpetrators centered in the back of store and right before checking out, “customer” was standing next to my property.

10-4 16:58p Food Lion #0367 342 N. Eastern Blvd Ste. 2 Fayetteville, NC 28301. Telephone No.: 910-485-8886. Manager: Sheppherd. Noticeable stock person’s throughout the store. I count more than 10 different persons in more than 7 alses. Anyway, I purchased Food Lion brand Brocolli Florets 24 oz., FL Brand Green peas, White House Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 Nabisco Chips Ahoy Reese Pieces Cookies, Gwaltney Hot Dogs, Fuji Apples, Red Grapefruit and Onions.

10-4 After coming back from shopping, I noticed strong energies around my sleeping area. I could feel it in my toes as bee sting attacks. It had rain earlier, so it did repel some of the attacks though. However, when I laid down, the attacks was focused on different parts of my body. When I moved my bends away from me many of these attacks stopped. But I could feel the attacks in the form of crystals in the mouth. When I leave the area, these criminal groups saturate the area with technology. I have no control over this, but I am able to limit the attacks by identifying where it is. Cleaning the area (especially the area surrounding me) always give positive results.

10-4/5 Throughout the night into the next morning attacks to the legs in the form of bee stings. Some attacks to the head, feet and toes was noticeable as well.

10-5 After consuming these products from Dollar Tree and Food Lion, attacks to the legs, hands, toes, stomach, fingers increased. Attacks to the legs, feet and toes felt like bee stings, which is like someone sticking a needle in this area. Signal attacks was also felt on my feet, hands, fingers and head. These attacks, although existed before consuming these products, the attacks increased at unbearable levels. The attacks first start with my stomach, which is a pass-through for technology attacks to the rest of my body.

10-5/6 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the right foot and a rapid heartbeat several times I was woken. I could hear the dogs barking, which is about two thousand yards from me. This tells me that someone is in the area. The church is right across the street from the where the dogs are located. The church has the transponders that the criminal organization use to communicate with other transponders in the area. The reason why this is an important area, other than the street that the warehouse is on, is because it is the closes street to the neighborhood perpetrators. This allows someone to be on call at any given time.

10-6 Attacks to the legs throughout the day.

10-6/7 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the feet and legs. Rapid heartbeat around 6a.

10-7 Large amount of nano dust crystals in the Chocolate Nut Mix I purchased from Dollar Tree Stores and peas mixed vegetables I purchased from Food Lion.

10-7 After consuming the food, I heard a motorcycle coming into the back of the warehouse. Then I heard the motorcycle leaving and judging by the sound, I knew which direction it was going. I have heard a similiar sound motorcycle coming going into the back of the warehouse and leaving within a few minutes. As I have already indicated in previous journals that they have setup pulsing devices in this location, which can be access by anyone coming into this area. The pulsing devices emit electro-magnetic waves that interface with the implants in my body. The implants is placed in the food and when I consume it, the perpetrator activity increases in the area to manipulate these pulsing devices to attack certain parts of my body. Many times it is not immediate, which means the attacks usually occur at night when I’m sleeping or waking up from a sleep. Also noted is since I have been in this area, the amount of activity at this warehouse has increased. I’m talking about the business activity. This new monies is coming from the government as this business has been the primary location of this criminal activity. Moving to a new location would only mean the government funding new businesses and residences in the targeted area. This is your tax paying dollars at work.

10-7/8 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks to the chest, legs and feet in the form of bee stings. Also attacks to the leg joints, elbow, ears and nose cavity was felt. At around 6a a rapid heartbeat felt.

10-8 I could hear sounds that resembles rain drops in the area. I’m familiar with how they can place the nano dust around you and that appeared to have been the issue here as I could only hear it in my immediate area.

10-8/9 After being woken I felt constant directed energy attacks to the right buttock. Also experienced a rapid heartbeat. Heard sounds in area, which woke me up several times. Perpetrators place technology in area often so they can reach you with the weapons setup in others locations.

10-9 Burning to the right leg in the form of bee stings after consuming food I purchased from Dollar Tree. I could clearly taste the nano dust in the nut pack I was eating, Attacks to the stomach has increased as well.

10-9/10 Continued burning of my right leg throughout the night into the morning. Also attacks to my nose, arms, feet and head.

10-10 Throughout the the day muscular attacks to my neck. It felt like a symptom of Arthritis, but the pain goes in and out. Also attacks to my left ear. Than attacks to my stomach after eating rice and black eye peas that I purchased at IGA and noodles that I purchased at Dollar Tree. Later heard pulsing devices being activated throughout area.

10-10/11 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the mid-section, right buttocks, feet, neck, head, shoulders and arm. Also memory retraction through manipulated false dreams, which happens every night.

10-11 Constant attacks to the feet. I did not eat or drink the rain water the entire day.

10-11/12 Throughout the night into th morning attacks to the feet, legs, leg joints, head, stomach, neck, face, eyebrows, nose, toes and fingers. Also attacks to my computer – when I turn the computer on, I got the black screen of death. And once I was able to recover the machine by flashing the bios, the operating system had been messed with. That was fixed as well. Many Targeted Individuals have lost a lot of money replacing their computer, because they didn’t have the technical understanding on what to do. This is what you should do. 1) download the flash files for your computer. There should be information on this by running a search on your computer model and flash bios files. 2) Get a program called spotmau 2012. This will recover your windows and you can use it to backup your hard drive. 3) Have a standby computer if something goes wrong. The files should be identical to the files on your main computer. 4) Keep all your data files on your flash drive. This includes videos, pictures, pdf’s, word documents, etc.

10-12 Attacks to the feet and legs. The attacks felt like bee stings and abnormal movement to this part of my body.

10-12/13 Throughout the night attacks to the feet, stomach and legs. I was woken several times and I felt as if I did not get sleep for several days. It was around 7:30a when I got up. This is very unusual as I usually get up around 5a. Yesterday I consumed some green peas that I purchased from IGA and macaroni that purchase from Dollar Tree.

10-13 Attacks to the legs and feet.The attacks felt like bee stings and abnormal movements of these area, which is what the directed energy does to my body. Increase amount of responses made to my Youtube videos, which are over 5 years old. Of course most of the responses are negative. It is no doubt that the responses are coming from these criminal groups to discredit me.

10-13 Early in the night I heard popping sounds, which was coming from the sound end of the wood near the street. The sound is similar to popcorn and anyone who is a targeted individual knows what I’m talking about.

10-14 Woke up in the morning with my entire right hand numb. It felt like it felt asleep, but I wasn’t laying on it. The criminals of this organization can manipulate the technology to this part of my body to cause this reaction. Also had a slight elevated heartbeat.

10-14 After eating macaroni and green peas meal attacks to the feet occurred.

10-14/15 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the legs, feet and head. Also attacks to the hips and elevation of the heart rhythms. When I woke up in the morning, sexual stimulation was felt.

10-15 Computer Hacking. Abnormal remote mouse movement made it impossible to use the machine. I had downloaded some files earlier, which I know viruses/spy-malwave was placed on my machine. I am now reinstalling the operating system. Don’t install anything on the machine that you plan to use mostly. Lesson learned.

10-15/16 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks to the legs and feet.

10-16 3rd day of not eating or drinking. Attack to the feet was noticeable.

10-16 Went online at around 7p, after disconnecting I heard loud popping sounds from the warehouse area.

10-16-17 Throughout the night into the next morning I experienced several attacks. The first attack was directed to my sleep, which the criminals of this organization made it hard for me to wake up. When I finally opened my eyes, I experienced a rapid heartbeat, which came from not being able to pull myself on my time from this locked sleep. Also heard a loud motorcycle several times traveling through the area, which is a noise campaign.

10-17 1:30a Heard several people in the area. When these individuals are in the area, they are placing technology in the area. Placing technology in the area allows the criminals of this program to attack me from a remote location. I could tell the direction they came from by listening to the dogs. I also know that they brought in new people to participate in this criminal program, because the access is usually the warehouse north or the warehouse south. Judging by how the dogs were barking, this individual came from the main road which is positioned north east from me. Anyway, after a short time of being in my close proximity and than leaving, attacks to my right leg was felt. It felt like a strong bee sting. So I turn my music on and start banging my legs together, I did this for several hours. It was around 5a when I finished. Not only did the attacks stopped, but I was able to go back to sleep peacefully. I woke up again around 9:30a.

10-17 Constant attacks to the stomach, which produce bloating, gas and inflammation.

10-17 I ate blackeye peas and white rice. It was mixed with vinegar, garlic seasoning (filtered) and olive oil. I had to clean the rice thoroughly, because of the presence of tech in it, which takes a considered amo9unt of water to accomplished. When I finished eating, attacks to the leg joints became noticeable.

10-17/18 It was a very cold evening, but the targeting was still present. Attacks to the hips was present and a slight rapid heartbeat occurred around 9a.

10-1/18 Attacks to the ears and neck.

10-18 Ate rice with black eye peas (IGA supermarket) mixed with apple vinegar, garlic salt and onions (Food Lion). Increased attacks to the stomach was noticeable.

10-18 Later in the night attacks was directed to the right leg in the form of bee stings. This also included continued attacks to the stomach and feet. Battery power dropped immediately after I started using it and the hdtv lower power indicator begin to show. Later as I was using the computer it shut off unexpectedly, although I had charged it full earlier in the day. And getting the display to show a full screen took some time to correct. So the manipulation of electronics is very well evident here.

10-19 Throughout the late night into the morning attacks to the stomach, feet, head, neck, fingers, finger joints, toes joints, upper arms joints, arms, forehead, eyebrows, knees, eyes, etc. I was woken several times and each time I felt like I hadn’t sleep in days. At around 8a attacks to the heart was felt. This is not the same thing as a rapid heartbeat. Numerous occasions I heard the pulsing devices in the area, which sounded closer than previously. I’m in the woods surrounded by trees and brush, which blocks my line of sight of any possible attack devices in the area. Although the food is a contributor to the attacks, I can not discount the presence of these devices, which appeared to be closer. I had spoken about this several months ago and why it is better to be in an open field than to be surrounded by trees.

10-19 There will be no on-line activity or eating today.

10-19 Attacks to the feet and legs throughout the day.

10-19/20 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks to the legs, feet and hips (mid section). Each time I bang my feet together, the attacks subsided.

10-20 Attacks to the feet and legs. When I move around attacks stop completely.

10-20/21 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the feet, legs, head, hand, right foot big toe where I felt energy around the joint and forehead. Also experienced a rapid heartbeat after waking up from an induced dream.

10-21 Fifthteen minutes after consuming the white rice and black eye peas meal (IGA) I heard a familiar voice in the distance confirming that the area was setup for the attacks. Soonafter, I experience attacks to my right foot. Later the attacks became continuous into the late part of the evening. So I took some vitamin C’s, which later made me go to the bathroom (more on that later). Also noted is that I heard the familiar sounds of the pulsing device, which has a popping sound similar to popcorn and then again I heard the same voice that I heard earlier. Anyway, taking the vitamin C’s change the composition of the attacks and also helps remove toxins (and in my case technology) that doesn’t belong in the body. So going to the bathroom so many times is a minor inconvenience.

10-22 After going online attacks to my stomach and than my feet and legs pressed forward. When I got up the attacks disappeared.

10-22/23 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks to my feet, legs and stomach was noticeable. Because the weather was increasingly getting colder I decided to put my sleeping bag on me. Upon waking up around 7a I experienced a rapid heartbeat. The heat from the sleeping bag increase their ability to reach me.

10-23 Went to the storage room to drop of some of my things. I needed to do this, because I will be leaving for New York City on Sunday, October 25th. At first I felt fine. But after making several trips, I begin to feel week. However, while making the trips, I felt directed energy directed at my right and left feet. This was particularly noticeable around passing cars. When I was not in the presence of these vehicles, the attacks to this part of my body stopped. To get an idea of how they do this, it is fairly simple. They have already programmed these attacked areas when I was at my home base. So when I got around anyone, all they needed to do was transfer this information to the other groups driving vehicles (working inside businesses or pedestrians). But everyone isn’t just doing the same thing, although it does look like that at first. For instance, I can identify who is doing what as the signal is transfer from their vehicle to my body. So it isn’t just a band of mind controlled marshans that have no idea of what they are doing, it is a criminal enterprise ran and financed by the United States government. Anyway, after completing my second trip to the storage room, it was my plan to switch out the old generator for the new generator. Unfortunately, the plan did not go down like that. As I was walking, I had to take several breaks along the walk. I needed to make time as I had only 2 hours between the store and the storage room, which normally would be plenty of time. The walk between the storage room was about 45 minutes. However, because of the nature of what they are doing to me, that tasks becomes much more complicated. Although I haven’t eaten for several days (because I ran out of food, this was the first time I had left the area in two weeks. Not leaving an area has more to do with the ability to obtain water sources than gang stalking, which is still relevant in my life. Because of it hadn’t rain for several weeks, I was holding on to dwindling water sources. Drinking tap and bottle water was an absolute no no as in the past chemicals are pushed in or placed in the water. This is being done to me systematically and as I have experienced, it does not matter where I go. This is very well documented. Anyway, because of failing health brought on by the criminal enterprise using directed energy, I had to lay down. When I laid down I could feel the pulsing pressure of the directed energy on my stomach. This was causing me to feel tired and nausea. It was also affecting my heart rhythms and my temperature. So I was feeling hotter than the outside climate. Anyway, when I don’t eat for a certain period of time, specific attacks subsides, but attacks directed at my stomach become more directed. This is because the criminals of this enterprises have wired my stomach to be as a repository for these attacks to the rest of my body. When I don’t eat, they can’t really direct the attacks the way they want to, so they place major focus on my stomach. So if you ever had a stomach virus, this is what it feels like. This isn’t the first time they have done this to me, but then, I never through up several times in the street either. Yes! I through up, but it was mostly water. Every time I through up, the pain was released temporarily, but it would return after some time.

10-23 19:08 Dollar Tree Stores, Inc Store #4902 336 North Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301-5175. Manager Will, Carlos was also present. I purchased Cobblestone White Sub Rolls, SA American Cheese, Bar S Thick Bologna 10oz and smoked sausage Ravioli Spaghetti and Meatballs. The reason why I made a small order is because of my trip on Sunday.

10-23 After consuming the food, I could taste nano dust. It was particularly in the cheese. Then I noticed various criminal groups in my perimeter. The aggressiveness of the vehicles also increased.

10-23 One thing I fail to mentioned is the number of business that sudden closed after a certain time. During the early part of my targeting, these businesses were open 24 hours. So seeing them closed tells me that the level of targeting that I’m receiving no longer have to consist of the large amount of people (which includes businesses).

10-23/24 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the stomach, feet and legs were felt. I could hear the dogs barking at the person across the street, which was shooting the weapon at me. When I decide to turn to other side, they walked in that direction. The way I know that is the dogs bark became louder and more aggressive. So they were now closer to the main street and the dogs. So I laid on my stomach. The attacks that was primary focus on my stomach (which is a repository for these attacks) became less convenient for the criminals, but the attacks was still there. With that said, the same nano dust that was consumed in the food is now in my hip, right food big toe and right leg. When I squat I can feel a painful sensation in two areas of my right legs. Attacks to the right hand was also felt as muscular or arthritic pain.

10-24 This is my last full day before I head to the City of New York. The purpose of this trip is strictly business and my visit will be very temporary. Of course New York City presents certain challenges that is too detailed for this post. But if you have time, click on New York City in the subject title and a group of posts will be presented. There’s also plenty of video concerning my targeting there.

10-24 12:20p Aldi Store #72 3447 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Manager: Seyria. Purchased Spring Mix (Salad), Grape Tomatoes, Bratwurst, Butter Quarters, Green & Red Grapes, Pomegrantes, Corn on the Cob and Bananas WE. When I got to the line, I seen the same employee that was stocking now checking out customer purchases. I have seen this script play over and over again in Aldi stores no matter what location I have been (New York, Maryland, and YES North Carolina). I also noticed a WAVE of customers coming into the store.

10-24 Ollies. As I was shopping I noticed an older couple standing next to my property. At first glance, one might have thought they would be interested in purchasing the candy that was nearby. However, as I kept weaving in and out checking my property while trying to pick up some merchandise, I noticed several other individuals weaving in this area. I have learn to focus my shopping closer to the front of the store, so I can prevent one of these individuals from placing chemicals in my food and water. This is typically what happens if I leave too much dwell time. The manager, employees and customers are in on it.

10-24 1:08p GNC #09932 NorthGate Plaza 3771 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311. Telephone No. 910-822-4462. Manager: Danquis. Purchased Chewable Vitamin C 500 mg.

10-24 Dollar General Store # 1363 3445 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC 28311-7643. Telephone No: 910-630-0078. Manager: Denise. As I was shopping, I came across a pile of boxes blocking the alse. I have brought this to her attention several times, but her response is exactly the same. The problem is it is happening every time I’m in the store. Although this seems to be an occurrence in other establishments as well, the impact at this particular location is worse because of the stores layout. Anyway, I’m very familiar with the criminal corruption with bringing new goods (that have been reconditioned with nano pathogens for the purpose of using experimental electro-magnectic technologies on non-consenting individuals) into a store and how it affects the overall quality of these businesses. That it is important to understand that if the citizens who believe our businesses and government should be held accountable if the current laws are not followed.

10-24 As I was walking along Rowan Street in Downtown Fayetteville, I came across a very derange man who was mouthing off something relating to my area. From this information, I knew he was in my home base area. The way he was acting is unbelievable for any human being, but these are the kind of individuals they got trained on me. There was another perpetrator walking on the other side of the bridge, but his demeanor was typical of what I deal with from them. Total Silence. Anyway, I did not give them a chance to confront me directly, so I step aside. When the pair passed, I proceeded. However, I immediately felt a needle pain directed at my toes. Since I had experienced this before, I immediately crossed to the other side. The perpetrators had spread the nano smart dust on the bridge. When the perpetyrators walk across them, they are programming them to attack a certain part of my body in that GPS field. And since I already had the technology in my body, it was easy for them. They put tech in the food, which I consumed, then they read my mind and setup areas that they know I will be walking through and they create antagonizing scenarios that can exacerbate the effect that the attack technology has on my body.

10-24 Upon consuming the Vitamin C from GMC, attacks to the stomach, feet, legs and toes increased significantly. When I went to sleep, I was woken with a superficial rapid heartbeat.

10-25 After woken several times, I came out of an induced dream that was focused on my passed. The technology that they place in the food (in this case “vitamins”) allows them to read your thoughts and look into your past.

10-25 Due to my Driver’s License not being updated, I decided to canceled my trip until further noticed. I expect to renew my license on Monday.

10-25 Contamination was found both in the red grapes and the green grapes I purchased from Ald’s. Also contamination could be tasted in ground turkey meat I purchased from Food Lion. The contamination is the nano dust that resembles a crystallized sensation that could be felt in mouth. The crystallized sensation is triggered by the presence of directed energy in the area.

10-25/26 Throughout the night into the next morning attacks to the right foot big toes, stomach, eyes and legs. The symptoms were bee stings and muscle manipulation. I was also woken several times in the morning, which resulted in me not being able to fall asleep.

10-26 Went straight to the DMV office to get my license renewed. Renewing my license is for driving truck in NYC, which I was hired for a job. I expect refund as this was an unnecessary expenses. Receiving my License prompted me to reschedule my train trip for New York City. My trip will take place on Thursday and should arrive by Friday.

10-26 When I left the DMV office, I took the bus, which required two transfers. When I got to my designation, it lead me to Best Buy. Unfortunately, Best Buy did not have my phone so I was forced to contact support. They told me I should purchased the phone on the web. However, when I got on the web, it was not user friendly. The result was contacting support again. The reason why this post is important, is it happens too often. When I got support on the phone, they then transferred me to the sale’s department. I got someone on the phone immediately GOOD, but they were not paying attention BAD. When someone is not paying attention, one or several things could be happening. But the first  thought came to mind that he was GPSing my location. It is not unlikely and it has happened many times before. That is why I limit my cell phone calls to business.

10-26 Food Lion #1612 2071 Skibo Road Fayetteville, NC. Manager Bill Vanwinski. Immediately noticed stock activity and the attacks particularly directed at my feet was noticeable. I have shopped at this establishment before, so the infiltration is not normal. Anyway, I purchased 2 wheat hot dog buns, Jen O FST 80/20 Ground Turkey, Dry Rub Whsk Black Pepper St. Louis Ribs, Broccoli, Red Tomatoes and Cauliflower.

10-26 Dollar Tree Stores Inc, Store # 1753 2065 Skibo Rd. Unit 6 Fayetteville, NC 28314-2226. When I first entered the store, I see a cart full of boxes in the front of the store. Purchased Steak Cuts french fries (heavily contamination) and to Honey Hams. When I got into the line, immediately a man and woman got behind me. The woman was dress in red and black, which are the colors that they uses to target me with. When I got off the line, the lady move my cart out the line. So I ask the sale’s person to open up another line and was out the store. Also noted: when I initially got on the line, 2 person’s was ahead of me and the couple. By the time I left the store, they were 10 people behind the couple. The purpose of these people getting on the line at the same time is to delay me from leaving the store, because this allows the attacks to be more coordinated.,

10-26-27 Because I walked and did not eat the entire day, except the grapes I consumed early in the morning, the attacks were minimum. The attacks was felt on my feet and legs. I did not have the bloating symptoms which is so common after consuming these reconditioned goods.

10-27 Earlier in the morning before 6A I had the St. Louis Ribs, Wheat Rolls and Cauliflower. Then I went to sleep. The attacks were minimal. I did not suspect contamination in these food items, which is why I decided to take the risk. There was a slight rapid heartbeat, but it was forced. It just felt like they were trying too hard.

10-27 Attacks did occur especially after consuming the green grapes and vitamin C’s. The attacks was directed to the legs, feet, toes (as bee stings) and eyes.

10-27/28 Throughout the night into the morning attacks was primarily concentrated to the right food big toes. This is were I felt the technology attached to the joints, which blew my toes up, Then I noticed the pulsing attacks concentrated in this area. Attacks was also felt on my stomach, legs and eyes.

10-28 Attacks still concentrated on my feet, which also included my stomach, legs and eyes.

10-28/29 Throughout the night into the morning attacks were primary felt on my right foot big toes where the joint is. Attacks to My feet and eyes was also felt. The presence of someone was also heard.

10-29 Heading to Amtrak train station. The ride will take about 10 hours. When I get to New York, I got to buy a coat as the weather there is much cooler. However, I do not plan to bring the coat back. I have kept a lot of clothes there, so I won’t have to travel with them. So most of the stuff I’m bringing is computers, which will keep me company, while I’m there. As I said before, New York City is a very challenging place for Targeted Individuals. It is GRID tight and the perpetrator activity can be very overwhelming. But it is the Government keep the people there in check.

10-29 Amtrak. When I first entered the train car I seen people spread throughout the train. This is how they first setup to target you as it puts an individual within striking distance. Anyway, after attempting to get comfortable, two guy perpetrators sat across from me. One particular guy was talking very loud. So I got up to move to another seat. As we were traveling, new person’s was coming in. This gave the perpetrators different people to target me with their electronic weapons. Although in certain events, the targeting was felt, it was mainly directed to my toes. I don’t know if that was done on purpose, but it was nothing I wasn’t use to. Anyway, the races of people change throughout the trip. First the typical African American folks are used primarily, but occasionally a Caucasian is used. But after DC my first Asian perpetrator was used and in Delaware, she was replaced by several Latinos. When I went to the dinning car, I sat down across from an Asian person who appeared to be sleeping. Unfortunately, due to my dissatisfaction, this Asian woman was sprung to action and became PERPETRATOR NUMBER ONE. I came to the dinning car, because the wifi signal gotten weaker throughout my trip.

10-29/30 11p Got to my destination. It was the typical perpetrator activity with the cell phone tracking of implants as I past the hoards of people at Penn Station. So I decided to take a long walk. I can remember that the weather was really nice for an October day in the city of NY. After sometime walking, I decided to stop at 23rd Street and 5th Avenue and than Union Square Park, which is on 14th Street. Each experience involved individuals walking in my proximity with cell phones pressed to their eyes. After some time, I felt abnormal movements of the leg muscles. When I got up, they stopped. When I went away from the park and sat in another area, the attacks never returned, even though I had been sitting in the area for at least 10 minutes. It was a quite 2a night. Does the government purposely put up mind manipulation transmitters to intimidate park visitors? I don’t know, but it does appear to be a concocted plan.

10-30 The morning of Thursday, October 30th 2015 I settled in the battery park area of Manhattan. It was a little cool, but it quickly grew warmer as the day progress. The purpose of my visit is to move some furniture for a family member, which would allow them to enjoy their apartment. But because of the nature of the crimes that I face, I have to limit my visit to at least two weeks. However, that will not affect my ability to remain calm as this must be accomplished during my visit. Anyway, after making the transcend to the financial district, I decided to make an upward climb back towards midtown Manhattan. New York City is definitely an interesting city, but it is plagued by corruption and manipulated mind programing through the use of wireless communications. To the average person, they would see overly paranoid people who black phobia supersedes the Ku Klux Klan. But I look at the eyes and I can clearly see hypnotic persuasion is being used on the average New Yorker on a very deep level.

10-30 8:47a Duane Reade Store #14159. 378 Avenue Of Americas, New York, NY 10011. Telephone No. 212-674-5357. Manager Shanice. When I went into the back of the store, I see a stock person stocking the store, which is a network part of bringing items that have been reconditioned with the technology in it. Anyway, I purchased Mars M&M 11.32oz, Hershey Payday 11.60oz and Snickers. I later found after consuming the Snickers and Hershey Payday was heavily contaminated. They had noticeable small dust (nano) technology particles in them, which attacks immediately followed.

10-30 Citarella Prepared Foods 424 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10010. Manager: Casandra. Purchased Fuji Apples and Macintosh Apples. No noticeable technology found. This is the fist time I went into this establishment, although I seen several stock persons.

10-30 Trader Joe’s. Store #543. New York, NY 10010. Telephone No. 212-255-2106. Manager: Kevin. Purchased Cinnamon Rolls, Meat Sausage Pork Bratworth. Tofurky Italian Sausage and Sliced Sourough Bread. Later I found all these items had some level of nano technology contamination in them. I could taste them in the form of crystals. This is the first time I went into this store and the first time I ever went into a Trader’s Joe’s store. However, I’m a constant customer of Aldis in several locations and that store is heavily contaminated. So the distribution centers responsible for stocking these businesses might be connected as they are owned by the same company.

10-30 Met my Aunt later. We went to a second rate hotel, which we were surrounded by individuals who identified as perpetrators. When we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken, several groups of these individuals were there. When we went to hotels, we will see no one and after going into the hotel, one or two people would go into hotel and stand directly behind us. It was very scripted.

10-30 Livery Cab and Howard Johnsons. As we were riding the driver received a text. It was in spanish. I can read some Spanish and the text was refering to targeted individual in vehicle. It was around 11p. When we got to the hotel we stood on the line and just as previous hotels we visited, a person immediate went in the hotel behind us. We got a room for the night.

10-30 Howard Johnson’s. They first gave me a ground floor room, but I settled for a second floor room. The number was 222. There were already several people in the rooms surrounding us as I heard them coming out. It was all hours of the night. The electronic attacks was very obvious, which first consist of a rapid heartbeat. Other attacks were directed to the feet, toes, legs and stomach.

10-30 From walking in the street and riding the subway, persons with cell phones were tracking me. Sometimes when I’m walking there will be a group of people directly behind me, which cause me to stop and let these individuals go ahead of me. When I got into the subway car, I would sometime move from on subway car to the next. I was carrying a big duffel bag and a heavy back pack, which consist of clothes, food, water and computers.

10-30/31 When I got to my Aunts apt. I had to make room for my stuff and a place to sleep. Throughout the night primary attacks was made to the feet. This does not happen by themselves. There are already several individuals in the surround apartments that are engaged in these crimes. When I go into the bathroom, I can hear them clearly.

10-31 We rented a truck. As I was driving the truck, on several occasions I see at least one or two vehicles behind me. So I developed a method of pulling over so they aren’t able to coordinate these attacks so easily.

10-31/11-1 Throughout thought the night into the morning attacks to the feet and toes were felt. When I got up I had a rapid heartbeat and constant attacks to the stomach was felt.

Summarize: Attacks to the big toes and feet was most common this month. This month also saw the lowest rain fall and that forced me to be the area longer than I should have. It also result in long periods of not eating, because the water is like a counter-balance to the technology that is placed in the food. The month ended with a trip to New York City.



September 2015 Journal

Affidavit: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf

9-1 Constant attack to the upper regions of the right foot.

9–1 This is the first Audio Journal in about 3 years. The journal will be read today at 6p EST. This is a listening call and individuals will be allow to talk after the recording has concluded.

9-1 Computer mouse starts freezing when plugged in. Area perpetrator equipment have been setup to interfere with electronic devices.

9-1/2 I did not eat the entire day, not even rain water. When I was woken, within an hour of being up, I felt attacks to my right foot and left and right legs. The attacks felt like energy was directed to specific areas of my legs and foot.

9-2 At around 7:30a attacks to the head and feet can be felt. The directed energy was directed to the middle of my head and as for the right foot upper right section and left foot, the top section.

9-2 At around 9:00a attacks to my right knee was noticeable.

9-2/3 I did not notice any major attacks throughout the night into the next morning.

9-3 As I was searching the internet, the computer turned off. When I went to turn the computer back on, it wouldn’t. The criminals of this network hacked my machine while I was sleeping last night. So I had to flash my bios and luckily, the machine came back up. This would have been the fourth machine in the acer series that would have been put out of commission.

9-3 Commentary: To get a good idea on how bad this infiltration is, by mistake I google a “government official” email address. You will be surprise what came up. You would think that since they are a regulatory agency of the United States government, there will be many, many search results, but there wasn’t. Just 9. One of those search result happened to be a letter I wrote to her office. Of course my complaint was ignored. This was a temporary fill-in for the real person who was suppose to receive my complaint. The INTERNET does not lie. If she was a legitimate person with the Agricultural dept, they would many search results. It wasn’t like I ran my name with her’s. I simply ran her email address. See for yourself: minoo.mehrotra@ncagr.gov Her is the link to the letter I sent her: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/?m=201109

9-3 I just came back to my area from several stores I shop at. From dealing with the heat, air conditioner (I’m not use to because I live outdoors) and the targeting, I fell sick. I was at a point I could not move. I had to lay my head down. I was not in a good place, I was in the middle of a shopping center. Of course, no one has assisted me, just the typical scripted targeting. However, once I did leave the area, I felt a little better once I left the shopping area, but not good enough to go all the way to my home base. So I took many breaks. The targeting only complicates whatever problems I do have. Once I found a place to use the bathroom, I did feel a little better. The technology that has been placed in my stomach make me feel nauseous (such as throwing up) and 2nd bowel movement all at the same time. Then I get this anxious rush that makes me feel like I’m going to black out. So now I’m relaxing in a park area until the temperature lowers.

9-3 7:47p Roses Express Store #647 336 N. Eastern Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele. No. 910-484-1254. Manager: Denise.
Purchased: Backwoods Off spray, Hot shot flying insect spray, Alcohol, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, headphones, chicken ramen noodles, elbow pasta and backed beans.

9-3 8:04p Dollar Tree Stores Store #4902 336 North Eastern Blvd Unit 1 Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele. No. 910-484-1388. Manager: Lacie. Purchased: TJ Farms Vegetable Broccoli, Beef/bean burrito, bean/cheese burrito, gourmet mixed nut, spoleto italin bread, vanilla wafers, tropical fruit mix, ravioli, indulgent mix, chocolate nut mix and soutgate chili.

9-3 8:38p Food Lion #0367 342 North Eastern Blvd Ste 2 Fayetteville, NC 28301. Tele. No. 910-485-8886. Manager: Ernest Cooper. Purchased: Banquet Pepper Steak, Banquet ML Swedish Meatballs, Banquet ML sweet/sour chicken, dme cut corn, hunts ketchup, Food Lion brand olive oil, goya green split peas, ballpark buns, ballpark beef franks family pack, hf drumsticks, peaches, broccoli crowns, red tomatoes on vine 3lb naval oranges and yellow onions.

9-3/4 Slept in slightly different location, which was an open field next to the warehouse. Attacks to the mid section happen in the early morning hours until I woke up. The attack came from the street, which a hand-held pulsing device was used. The way I know this is the dogs were barking and I felt the strong signal directed at my right hip. It was temporary until it became permanent until I left the immediate location.

9-4 While consuming these items, I could taste the nano crystals. Later attacks to the toes were noticeable. It felt like someone sticking pins in my toes. And at one point strong pulsing attacks directed at the right temple.

9-5 Woke up to my mouth filled with crystal nano. Attacks to my toes were felt. Heard people in the back of warehouse all night.

9-5 Needed rain has made life better and the supply of it would be good until Friday.

9-5/6 Attacks to the feet, back and stomach noticeable throughout the night into the morning.

9-6 Increase amounts of rain today now makes it possible to wash and clean my surroundings. It has help limit the attacks being made by sensors that are placed in area.

9-6/7 Attacks to the left foot and sexual stimulation was noticed in the morning.

9-7 Heard low pulsing noise around camping site.

9-7/8 Heard someone shouting in area, but not near warehouse. It was coming from deeper in the woods, which no building exist. A little while afterwards, I heard noise directly in my area. It was like they were putting these technologies directly by on me. Later, at around 5a I felt as if my body was laying on a device and it was being manipulated. When I moved around, the attacks disappeared. I believed they put device crawlers in my area. The device crawler interact with the devices that already in my body. That’s why I felt like I was on some kind of vibrator. Attacks on the right foot was also felt.

9-8/9 I ate a macaroni, franks, broccoli, ramen noodles and ketchup meal. Attacks to the right foot, vibrations to the body as if a device or devices were attach to it, toes and to some degree fingers. The food came from Food Lion and Dollar Tree on N. Eastern Blvd. Several times I heard individuals in the area.

9-9 Strong bee sting attacks directed at elbows. Attacks to the toes and feet also noticeable. The symptoms feel like someone sticking needles in this part of my body. Occasionally feel signals directed at my feet and toes as if devices are attach to it.

9-9/10 Throughout the night into the next morning, a slight elevation to the heart muscle. However, most attacks directed to the upper left regions of my right foot. Some attacks to my stomach and bee stings to my right leg was also noticeable.

9-10 After leaving the Harbor Freight store within 10 minutes of walking attacks to my elbows were noticeable. Two males entered the line right after I was ready to check out. This is pretty typical before leaving the store. The devices are setup at these locations, which makes it possible for the perpetrator devices work. This allows them to program the implants that are in my body. Once the implants have been programmed, various vehicles in the area can manipulate how they attack my body. The attacks only last a few minutes until the next set of vehicles pass me. That is why the car “stalking” is so coordinated, because they need individuals to be at a specific location at a certain time. Once they get these implants to work on there own, the flow of vehicles decrease considerably.

9-10/11 Throughout the night into the next morning attacks to the right leg was noticeable. Earlier, attacks to the stomach was continuous and then attacks to my left and right eyes.

9-11 Car Stalking. As I’m walking A lot vehicles meeting me at the intersection. This put my body at the point of their front end. Vehicles front end has the highest amount of Directed Energy (DE). This is how they coordinate the attacks. When I’m in standing position, vehicles will 1) situation themselves at an intersection where they are held by traffic light. This allows them time to coordinate attacks. 2) Vehicles would drive into a position where the front end meets my body. This is part of the aggressive form of car stalking. But it allows them pinpoint accuracy to target the individual.

9-11 Police officer at Aldis store on Ramsey Street. I haven’t seen one at this establishment for a while. During the early part of my targeting, it was the norm. Anyway, the purpose of having police officers around me is for intimidation and to give a false sense of security. It is also part of the psychological warfare that TIs face on a daily basis.

9-11 Aldis Store # 72 3447 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311. Manager: Erin O. The officer that I seen earlier is named J. Parker from the Fayetteville, NC police department. He was standing “guard” in the front of the store. As I was shopping I came across a male “customer” standing close to my property and with the box that was on top of my shopping cart, was not leaning to the side. When I acquire about this situation (not directly, but in directly), the “customer” and the officer immediately left the store. So regardless of the presence of an officer in the store, perpetrators will bother my property. The purpose of bothering my property is to put chemicals in my food and water. I had a water bottle in the bag. This is why I have to constantly go to the front of the store to check on my property. I have found that my stuff is better outside in an open area than inside a store, because there is a lot of hidden areas inside a store. Anyway, I purchased iced oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vegetable stir Fry, Trail Mix, Mayocoba Beans, Brown Rice, Elbow Macaroni, Garlic Salt, Garlic, Frozen Corn, Broccoli Florets, Organic Apples, Smoked Polish Sausages, Plain Smoked Sausages, Sweet Onions and Vine Tomatoes. There was some stocking, but I have been in the area for over 2 hours before entering the store, so it was just window dressing. When I got to the check out line, the clerk who check me out – I felt a signal directed to my elbows. This is the area of the body they have been attacking me for about a few weeks now. So I know it was her, as they were no one else around me. Anyway, the officer I saw earlier was now “shopping”, pushing a shopping cart down the alse. I have seen officers double up as stock people in this same establishment. It is all a BULLSHIT! game to the REAL perpetrators who is controlling this DAMN! operation. It just makes conditions at these places DANGEROUS for everyone who works and shops there.

9-11/12 I slept in front of the warehouse. The attacks were relentless. Attacks to my feet and legs were the most prominent. After being woken up at around 1A, I heard someone phone going off indicating that a message was received. This sound came from the woods that was adjacent to me. When I left the immediate area, the attacks was no more. When I re setup in a new area, the attacks was minimum.

9-12 I consumed the Cookies and Trail Mix that I purchased from Alds. The Trail mix definately had the technology in it, as I could taste the crystals in it.

9-12/13 Throughout the night into the next morning attacks to the stomach and feet. Earlier in the evening attacks to the head was felt. Also, a rapid heart beat was experienced in the late part of the morning.

9-13 Large amount of Aircraft activity traveling overhead.

9-13/14 Attacks to the feet and stomach throughout the night into the morning.

9-14 Upon eating the Season Choice Vegetable Stir Fry that I purchased from Aldis I developed continuous Diarrhea. Attacks to the stomach was noticeable soon after consuming this product.

9-14/15 In the late night I heard someone right after first being woken. After the second time of being woken up, I experienced a rapid heartbeat. And the third time of being woken, the rapid heart beat was a little stronger. I could remember throught this period attacks to the legs, hands, fingers and feet. I even noticed some pain in my neck.

9-15 The macaroni that I purchase from Aldis and eaten today had a lot of nano dust in it. Upon eating it, immediate attacks to my stomach occurred.

9-15/16 Throughout the night into the next morning, I experienced a rapid heartbeat, attacks to the legs and feet and tiredness.

9-16 Attacks to the stomach around the same time today. The difference is it was short lived. I did not eat today or drink the rain water.

9-16/17 Was woken around 12:10a. I did not have any recognized attacks like days prior. However, after an hour, continue attacks to the right foot was noticeable. Like before, I heard someone shouting and after hearing some noise around my area. Then it sounded like a group of motorcycles leaving.

9-17 Attacks to the left foot was noticeable. Later on in the day, attack to legs, but when I move from specific area, attacks to head.

9-17/18 Attacks to the legs throughout the night into the morning.

9-18 Hear loud mechanical noise after drinking water. Attacks to the knees.

9-18 After consuming the macaroni that I purchased from Aldis attacks to the feet was immediately.

9-18/19 Throughout the night into the next morning, attacks to the midsection (hips). It feels like a device is attached to this part of the body (body vibrations). When I knock my feet together these symptoms disappear, but returned after waking up. After being woken at 8:25a, a strong rapid heartbeat and could feel a burning sensation on the heals of my feet. These attacks did not happen for the days I did not eat.

9-19 Throughout the day attacks to the legs and the leg joints. The energy (vibrations) are strong to this part of my body.

9-19/20 Throughout the night into the next morning attacks to the legs and feet. It was a burning sensation directed to my legs and my feet – signaling tech to the upper regions.

9-20 Attacks increased after consuming sausage, onion, tomato meal cooked in olive oil in area. The attacks was directed to my stomach and feet. While consuming the meal, I could taste the nano crystalline in the food. When I positioned myself in a slightly different area, the crystalline sensation appeared to decrease. In the past I have witness these criminal gangs putting technology in my area and the sensations increasing. Just like they can manipulate the technology once it is in your body, the can manipulate the technology around you. This also means manipulating the technology in your mouth while you are eating. That’s why when I moved from the immediate area (as I’m eating) these sensations stop. However, this does not discount the fact that the technology has been placed in the food before I purchase it and the criminal groups are able to activate the technology while I’m consuming the food.

9-20/21 Throughout the night I can hear several individuals in the area. The presence of individuals means they are placing technology in my area. Placing technology in the area means these criminal groups can manipulate the technology that is already in my body. There is a first stage of this before I go to sleep and a second stage before I’m woken. This is the point where the symptoms increase. In this case it was my right foot big toe where it felt like energy was surrounding it. When I bang my feet together, the symptoms stopped. When I bang my feet, I’m targeting the nerves that the technology is attach to. Banging my feet also throws them off. Later in the morning, attacks to the hips was noticeable. Using the same method (banging my feet together), the symptoms subsided.

9-21 It has not rain for over two weeks now. Just listening to the news, the next rain will be maybe, Friday. Due to the nature of the program I’ve been placed in, I’m reliant on rain to drink, use for cooking and washing used for pots and body. I have cut back on my eating to every three days from the 1/1 schedule. This has reduce my water intake to half a gallon every three days. I have just about that now. Plus, I’m unable to move, so I won’t burn up my water resources. Drinking anything other than rain water is impossible due to the systematic contamination of the water system (chemicals and nano dust being push through the pipes) and on grocery store shelves in the form of bottle water.

9-21/22 Throughout the night attacks to my right feet and specifically my toes, Attacks were also felt on my stomach, elbow, fingers and hands. When I got up, I felt like I haven’t slept in days, but I slept for at least 6 hours. Hear large amount of perpetrator activity in the area and later noticed branches pushed back.

9-22/23 Attacks were not as noticeable until the night set in. Attacks to the stomach and feet was common throughout the night. Other symptoms, which have been common for this month is my hips, which felt like devices was attached to it. Moreover, a rapid heartbeat was felt. Although mild, it was in sync with attacks made to my right food.

9-23 Throughout the day attacks to the leg and joints. The upper leg joint and the knees. Attacks was also felt on the neck in the form of signaling. In some instance I felt cracking in this area.

9-23/24 Throughout the night I heard perpetrators in the area. They setup devices in the immediate area so they can attack me from the warehouse. Also attacks to the stomach, legs and arm joints felt.

9-24 9:59a Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #4902 336 North Eastern Blvd Unit 1, Fayetteville, NC 28301-5175. Telephone No: 910-484-1388. Manager: Belinda. Puchased Fast Bites Fish, Chicken Sandwich, Breakfast Sausage and BBQ Rib Sandwiches. Also purchased Caramel Chocolate Bar, Snicker Fun Size and Lemonheads. Upon consuming the Fast Bites attacks to the feet and toes occurred. I did not have these symptoms before consuming these products. Aggressive stalking also increased.

9-24 1:28p Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Store #471 2636 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28303-4144. Telephone No: 910-486-9050. Manager: Frank. Purchased Super Glue, Adhesive, Hand Sanitizer, Frame, Conditioner, Shampoo, Cheese Grater, Super Glue Gel, Circle A Meatball, Broccoli, T.J. Farms Corn, Crinkle Cuts 20 oz, Onion Rings, Chicken Strips, Spaghetti, Indulgent Mix, Fruit & Nut Mix, Tropical Fruit Mix, Chocolate Nut Mix, Indulgent Mix, Vegetable Crackers, Pasta, Amonia 64 oz. Krazy Glue and Forma Retract Pens. Noticeable perpetrators in store. Large amount of products in shopping carts. Open partially packed boxes in front of store. The store was very disorganized with items all over the front of the store, making it hard to navigate in this area. One of the guys I see GPSing my location was seen coming out of manager’s office after I had checked out my items. He left the store shortly before me.

9-24 1:58a Carlie C’s 2738 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28303. Telephone No: 910-483-8454. Manager: Vicky. Purchased Hayes Green Spit Peas, HT Black Eye Peas, IGA Honey Bear, Blue Ribbon P/ Boil Rice, Smoke Neckbone, Center Cut Pork Chops, Split Fryer Breast Chicken, Star Smoke Sausage, Bananas, Onions, Tray Tomatoes and Sweet Potatoes. As I went on the line store employees surround me. As I was leaving the store, one of the store employees was standing by the manager station. This is the person I thought was the manager on duty, not Vicky who claim to be the manager. Only one employee I recognized from previous visits.

9- 24/25 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks to the stomach and head. It had been raining the whole day.

9-25 The trail mix had a lot of nano crystalline technology in them. Attacks to the feet and toes became more evident.

9-25/26 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to the stomach, head, feet, toes, elbows, arms and legs.

9-26 Aggressive attacks to the stomach later followed by attacks to the toes. These attacks were coming from an individual, because when I investigated, I heard running from the area. When I laid back down, the attacks were gone.

9-26/27 Throughout the night into the next morning, attacks to the legs and feet were felt. Just before waking up, a slight rapid heartbeat occurred with body vibrations centered around the hip.

9-27-28 Throughout the night attacks to the feet and legs. Also experienced a rapid heartbeat. I ate the IGA honey clover with sweet potato late in the night.

9-28 Rapid heartbeat after waking up from a nap and throughout the day, attacks to the legs and feet.

9-28/29 Throughout the night into the morning, bee sting attacks to the legs. It felt like someone was sticking a needle through my legs. And a rapid heartbeat before waking up. Heard loud pulsing sounds in the woods.

9-29 Attacks to the legs and joints. Attacks to the arm joints and knees. And attacks to the feet and head. The attacks felt like a device attached to these areas and someone remotely accessing these devices. Also felt muscular and bee stinging symptoms.

9-29/9-30 Throughout the night into the morning, attacks to the feet, legs, arms and head. Some attacks to the stomach and toes. Experienced a rapid heartbeat each time I was woken.

9-30 After eating the neck bone that I purchased from IGA supermarket immediate attacks to the stomach was felt. Than aggressive attacks to the feet occurred. The attacks came in the form of directed energy to the various implants that is attach to this part of my body. Also bee sting attacks to my legs was prominent.

9-30/10-1 Throughout the night into the morning attacks to my stomach, legs, feet, hand and elbows. After being woken several times, I experienced a rapid heartbeat.

Summarized: This concludes the Journal for September 2015. Attacks to the heart muscle, feet, elbows and leg joints was more noticeable than previous months.


Audio Journal for July/August 2015

This is a listen to call only. Individuals will be allowed to speak during the second half of the call. The second have of the call will not be moderated and recording will be concluded once the audio journal has been read.

If you are a TI, we encourage you to create a blog site and a journal entry each month. After each entry is completed during month’s end, we encourage you to host your own audio journal.

The purpose of creating a blog website with your journal entries and a hosted audio journal is to expose the crimes that is happening to you. By exposing the crimes that is happening to you, you are telling the world you will not suffer in silence.

I also recommend that TI write an AFFIDAVIT clarifying when your crimes started, who might be responsible, the methods of torture used against you, ect. The purpose for this action is to develop legal credibility.

With that said, please feel free to visit the GSS website at: http://govsponsoredstalking.info

And thanks for taking the time to read this message.

Chris J. Brunson



How I’m Being Targeted

This is an update from posts made in the past regarding this subject. Nothing has change, except the targeting is more specific. Also, it does not involved as many people on the ground as what many TI’s are referring to as “gang” stalkers. The targeting is coordinated through transponders that is placed in various locations, which allows anyone with a GPS linking device to plug into. So seeing individuals clicking away at their cell phones is less common as it was earlier.

The way I feel the targeting is different, which depend on the area I’m positioned in. For instance, one area could involve targeting my feet, while another area would be my legs. Also, the level of targeting changes from place to place.

It feels more psychological than it does physical, as I can not tell the difference from what is happening to me today versus 5 years ago. All I know it is keeping me from living a normal life.

Because I’m being honest with you about the targeting, it should be very surprising to anyone conducting these illegal “experiments” that nothing has changed. But the United States citizen who’s millions of dollars of tax paying money is being wasted away on a program that does not do anything to benefit the human race.

With that said, the systematic reconditioning food sources for these “experiments” is still happening. As stated many times on this blog, as well as documented in recorded video dating back to 2009 involves many, many individuals. Usually when a store has been infiltrated, the first thing you see is empty boxes spread across the store and the second thing you see is scores of individuals stocking store shelves. Other times, you might see a deliver truck just arriving for deliveries.

As I’m shopping at these establishments, there are people stocking the shelves. But when I go to the cash register, all the stocking stops within 5 minutes from being on the line.

Furthermore, employees in a store often do not change once you have been going there regularly. But many times they do change after your first two visits. However, after a while of going into that establishment, you will notice that the entire store of employees will change. I believe this has more to do with methods of tracking you, than anything else,  but I can not clarify this. It can also do with covering themselves from suspicion.

The technology is most definitely in the food when I consume it. It taste like I’m eating crystals or particle dust. This has been going on for years and I have complained to the Food Drug Administration, Agricultural and Health Department  and no one investigates anything. I have written documentation all the way back to 2010 about this manner.

Immediately upon consuming the food, I’m attacked in my stomach continuously. It is felt in the form of bloating, in-digestive pain and gas. Some times these attacks lead to diapheria. These symptoms is a combination of the technology that has been placed in the food and the electro-magnetic devices that are targeting this area of my body.

It does not stop at my body as it also involves my electronics as well. For instance, my computer battery charging mechanism is manipulated to 1) not charge and, or 2) give an inadequate reading. This usually happens when they can reach me with the technology the way they want to.

These attacks to my life is about the contract money. They need to continue to justified these expenditures for something they know is BULLSHIT. As long as they can fool the public into believing in this BUGGY MONSTER, they will continue to justify the need to invest in this technology.


July 2015 Journal


Affidavit: http://govsponsoredstalking.info/AFFIDAVIT.pdf 7-29 9:12AM Rite Aid Store 11502 108 Rowan Street Fayettevllle, NC 28301 Telephone no. 910-307-0342. Manager: KIM. Register #3 Transaction #413039 Cashier #115027319. Pushed 1 St 8, Starbust Mini FVRD Sup, Skittles Original 14 oz., Snickers PB Fun … Continue reading