Audio Journal for July/August 2015

This is a listen to call only. Individuals will be allowed to speak during the second half of the call. The second have of the call will not be moderated and recording will be concluded once the audio journal has been read.

If you are a TI, we encourage you to create a blog site and a journal entry each month. After each entry is completed during month’s end, we encourage you to host your own audio journal.

The purpose of creating a blog website with your journal entries and a hosted audio journal is to expose the crimes that is happening to you. By exposing the crimes that is happening to you, you are telling the world you will not suffer in silence.

I also recommend that TI write an AFFIDAVIT clarifying when your crimes started, who might be responsible, the methods of torture used against you, ect. The purpose for this action is to develop legal credibility.

With that said, please feel free to visit the GSS website at:

And thanks for taking the time to read this message.

Chris J. Brunson


How I’m Being Targeted

This is an update from posts made in the past regarding this subject. Nothing has change, except the targeting is more specific. Also, it does not involved as many people on the ground as what many TI’s are referring to as “gang” stalkers. The targeting is coordinated through transponders that is placed in various locations, which allows anyone with a GPS linking device to plug into. So seeing individuals clicking away at their cell phones is less common as it was earlier.

The way I feel the targeting is different, which depend on the area I’m positioned in. For instance, one area could involve targeting my feet, while another area would be my legs. Also, the level of targeting changes from place to place.

It feels more psychological than it does physical, as I can not tell the difference from what is happening to me today versus 5 years ago. All I know it is keeping me from living a normal life.

Because I’m being honest with you about the targeting, it should be very surprising to anyone conducting these illegal “experiments” that nothing has changed. But the United States citizen who’s millions of dollars of tax paying money is being wasted away on a program that does not do anything to benefit the human race.

With that said, the systematic reconditioning food sources for these “experiments” is still happening. As stated many times on this blog, as well as documented in recorded video dating back to 2009 involves many, many individuals. Usually when a store has been infiltrated, the first thing you see is empty boxes spread across the store and the second thing you see is scores of individuals stocking store shelves. Other times, you might see a deliver truck just arriving for deliveries.

As I’m shopping at these establishments, there are people stocking the shelves. But when I go to the cash register, all the stocking stops within 5 minutes from being on the line.

Furthermore, employees in a store often do not change once you have been going there regularly. But many times they do change after your first two visits. However, after a while of going into that establishment, you will notice that the entire store of employees will change. I believe this has more to do with methods of tracking you, than anything else,  but I can not clarify this. It can also do with covering themselves from suspicion.

The technology is most definitely in the food when I consume it. It taste like I’m eating crystals or particle dust. This has been going on for years and I have complained to the Food Drug Administration, Agricultural and Health Department  and no one investigates anything. I have written documentation all the way back to 2010 about this manner.

Immediately upon consuming the food, I’m attacked in my stomach continuously. It is felt in the form of bloating, in-digestive pain and gas. Some times these attacks lead to diapheria. These symptoms is a combination of the technology that has been placed in the food and the electro-magnetic devices that are targeting this area of my body.

It does not stop at my body as it also involves my electronics as well. For instance, my computer battery charging mechanism is manipulated to 1) not charge and, or 2) give an inadequate reading. This usually happens when they can reach me with the technology the way they want to.

These attacks to my life is about the contract money. They need to continue to justified these expenditures for something they know is BULLSHIT. As long as they can fool the public into believing in this BUGGY MONSTER, they will continue to justify the need to invest in this technology.


July 2015 Journal


Affidavit: 7-29 9:12AM Rite Aid Store 11502 108 Rowan Street Fayettevllle, NC 28301 Telephone no. 910-307-0342. Manager: KIM. Register #3 Transaction #413039 Cashier #115027319. Pushed 1 St 8, Starbust Mini FVRD Sup, Skittles Original 14 oz., Snickers PB Fun … Continue reading


Radionics Treatment Stopped By Perp Infiltration

Practitionerr ,

I’m really sorry to hear this. It was never my intentions to harm you. I do apologize if that was the impression you have of me.

Anyway, what is happening to me is truly unique to what is happening to your other clients. There are several people who are engaged in criminal warfare and they are using technology to accomplish this task.

The technology allows them to hide without being discovered by law enforcement. This is partly what Snowden was talking about.

When government is given too much power over the people, it will abuse it. This technology allows them to abuse it.

I’m talking about surveillance devices, nano-technology, smart dust technology, radio frequency technology, which includes wireless devices, cellular towers, etc.

With the advancement of implant technologies like RFID chips, privacy and tranquility has gone out the window.

I know at some point I’m going to have to get a Radionics machine to stay ahead of these criminals, which is using government to attack me.

But what is occurring today is not a recent event. The government has been researching on citizens for a long time. Now they have found a way to do it wirelessly without anyone else being suspicious.

Anyway, what would be the best time to call you today? I know you won’t be able to do anymore sessions. I don’t think it is a good idea anymore.

What these criminals do is turn the weapons against those individuals who try to help me. And because they don’t understand the scope of what is going on, they think it is the individual who is seeking the help.

I know at some point all of this is being expose. There was a recent development of the local government recognizing these technology crimes. It happened in Richmond California. There was some media coverage.

BREAKING NEWS: Jaw Dropping What Calif. Police Just Did Regarding Targeted Individuals! | Alternative


BREAKING NEWS: Jaw Dropping What Calif. Police Just…
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FFCHS Home – Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance

FFCHS Home – Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance
Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance is an organization dedicated to helping Targeted Individuals to gain information about their situation, find support, and learn new skills for their lives.
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These are real crimes. I was forced out of my home and have been homeless for 8 years now. I am 45.

The crimes are not just limited to electro-magnetic attacks, but involves systematic contamination of food and water sources. I have contacted the government about this from the very beginning and they ignore me. They ignore me, because they hire these individuals to stock the store shelves with nano-tech food.

The nano tech food, which is an implant technology, allows them to attack specific parts of my body with the electronic devices.

I went from having a business called Brunson Marketing Force LLC, which was involved in marketing over 6 niche sites that was promoting over 300 different companies, to driving a van across the east coast trying to escape this madness! I had the potential of earning a 6 figure income. It took many, many years to get to this point of my life.

But it took just a few months to become homeless, because the attacks was took severe. I had to sell my 2 acres property and live in my van. And I was ran off the road and eventually van set on fire (which I almost lost my life), I was forced to live in the woods, which I am now.



Targeted Individual: Joan Dawson Recommendations For TIs

Joan Dawson has been a TI for a number of years and is actively involved in communicating with Congress about our situation. She is seeking your guidance and support and encourages you to follow her direction.

Recently she posted this message in our Yahoo Groups forum. It reads as follows:

Thank you for posting this link!!!! I printed it out this morning before I headed off to Congress – it was perfect timing.

I visited every Senator in the Hart building today, sharing my personal story and providing a copy of the FBI agent’s statement from the link.

If you live anywhere by the DC metro area, I encourage you to VISIT your Congress Members – and any other state’s members because this is a nation-wide phenomena.

If you don’t live in the region, I strongly encourage you to CALL your Congress Members. Tell them the jist of your story – the more people that call, the better our odds of investigating this.

Even if you have called, call again. They are your elected officials, public servants, who are there to serve their representative state’s population.

Thanks again! such great evidence!!

Follow-up post

I would suggest starting with basics -surveillance, black listing, etc. before moving into the use of weaponry. In most cases, I think people need to digest this in small bites. Patience can pay off.

If anyone is a whistle blower, please contact Ron Johnson’s office. They have a special program set up to investigate whistle blower retaliation. I will provide more info soon.

Refering to this Post: CLICK HERE

Motivated individuals in the DC area should contact, Joan Dawson at:


Simple Tools for Emotional Pain

From my recent awakening, my view about what is going on in terms of humanity as a whole and the awakening process has expanded. I am quite certain we are at the point NOW where ‘many people awaken’ foreseen by most religions. Because of this many people are having awakening symptoms. The PAIN you are feeling now is that. The pain is to wake you up. You don’t need pills to eliminate the pain, rather love the Pain you have and allow it to be your teacher to guide you to find the spot where there is no pain.

Meditation is not something people know how to do; you have to learn how to do it. You learn by practicing it. The more you practice, the better you get at it. Meditation is a basic skill of learning how to ‘see’ & ‘hear’ & ‘feel’ which helps you grow closer to ‘God’, dissolve your pain and is non-denominational. Sometimes meditation is called prayer and often people pray but do not get help they need, because they are not praying correctly. Prayer is about asking for guidance or help then quieting the mind to HEAR or RECEIVE the answer or help.

When our thoughts become very noisy an intermediate step must be taken to help quiet our mind. The simple act of repeating the name of an inspirational spiritual person and being quiet is a beginner prayer/meditation. If you do this as often as you can, your mind will start to quiet down, followed by strong emotions quieting down. As the noisy mind and emotion settles, you will become CALM and still inside. When you are CALM, it is like connecting directly to ‘God’, who is in the calm space always HERE underneath mind and emotion. When you are calm you can see better & hear truth, which truth is ‘guidance’ or receiving, which helps you grow closer to ‘God’. But to receive you have to be CALM and quiet inside which is same as quieting your mind. To quiet the mind you have to take action (do prayer). You have to practice to get good at it. Setting aside time each day to do prayer, is by itself the act of letting go of our attachment to the ‘physical world’, which is better called our ‘dream world’, which illusion is created by identifying with our thoughts or story, which we think is ‘truth’. (That is ego). Effective prayer, is working to detach from ego=mind, or quieting OUR thoughts.

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New Radionics Specialist Report

This is a report from a different specialist that was referred by a previous specialist who worked on me for several months. The report is very accurate to what is happening to me. Further work will be consulted by this new specialist and will be posted on this website.
Specialist Wrote: Thank you for your message. Mr. Brunson is unique, has quite a few issues that need to be addressed.Here is what I got:
First of all – he is a soul type 25, the second highest by number I ever came across so far. His soul essence comes from a physical planet 620.000 light years away from our solar system. It appears his incarnation is the first on earth, a completely new and unfamiliar environment for him. He got 15 different issues to be looked after.
Further, his aura is very much incomplete with only 3 astral shells  (of the 7 major ones)  we are accustomed to with their 3 relevant chakras – #4, 5, 6 and #7 are missing. Besides that, he is loaded up to his ears with negative/demonic attachments…. about 60 Billion of them. All this is a very bad combination. The only problem I have is getting a hook on his “implants” what they are and where they come from. This is new territory so far for me. It may be because I never asked this question before. I get he has 7 of them – they are not alien physical implants. There are different types of implants, man made and so-called alien (off worldly) ones. His ILC stands at a -(minus) 600 below zero reference. ILC stands for Integrated Level of Consciousness. In other words, it means the level of spirituality a person has achieved and the principles thereof applied to life. Currently the N American average is about 450.
One thing that can do that is the abnormally high number of negative attachments, the missing astral shells  etc. I get he has only 1.5 active strands of DNA….Fragmentation of same 100%. There should be 2 full strands. Isis should be able to handle his issues. The time in Isis – at least 4-5 hours to be on the safe side. In regards to his EMF issue – surprisingly I get it is a non-issue at this time.  It is too bad I don’t have a photo of him – his name and phone number has to do instead. I keep you updated. I have not phoned him yet – will await the outcome of what Isis can do.
He is now a soul type 1, gen. health 90%, 0 neg attachments, 0 implants,, only 2 issues left to be mopped up, 65 Million strands of DNA all activated, 65 Miollion astral shells with relevant chakras, an ILC of about 6000. I try to phone him right now in a few minutes.
I wasn’t aware of this session until it actually happened. However, I did notice a significant amount of increase energy and my environment appeared to be calm. What I mean is that negative force around my body was reduce considerably – making me feel I want to live again. But the negativity is not over by any means and more Radionics treatment will be needed.

Shortwave Broadcast

Dear Readers,

I’m exploring having a shortwave radio program addressing the issue of surveillance. But first, I have to see if there is enough of an interest to support a shortwave broadcast.

Several things have to happen before a broadcast can occur.

1) We need to setup a conference call. The conference call will determine how many volunteers will be interested in supporting such a broadcasts.

2) Supporting the broadcasts can come in the form of identifying co-host(s), financial support, and delegating tasks.

3) Simulcasting the broadcasts and who will be able to assist in this endeavor.

Government Sponsored Stalking will be seeking support in our next conference call. If a conference call should take place, it will most likely be next month. Day and time has not be sought, but GSS will inform you in two weeks before a call takes place.

If you are interested in supporting this endeavor, please contact by replying to this post or leaving a message at (980) 285-7954.

Christopher J. Brunson


Radionics Session #7

Hi Chris, I had troubles with my email over the past week and I am resending the analysis for the 1/2 session that was completed at 10:30 pm on March 8th.

Bee stings – homeopathy – Apis Melifica – calms nerve endings
Heal traumatized nerves
Twitches, nerves, nerve endings
Muscular and intramuscular tissue repair

Restructure cellular tissues, cellular tissue repair

Reduce aches, and muscular pain
Reduce inflammation of the nerves
Complete chakra balance
Clean up diarrhea

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


Radionics Session #6

Specialist Wrote:

Hi Chris,
This morning we completed the 1/2 hour session. I wanted to deflect the energies completely this time and spontaneously decided when that would be. So, we did the session at 8:00 a.m this morning. Here’s what we did:
Implants – removal from stomach and all digestive system, reduce gnawing and boring of implants into the digestive system
Pylorus valve
Increase digestion nd absorption of nutrition
Head, headache, migraine
TM,  pressure on the side of the head and related stress
Balance and specifically provide for the coordination of the Aura for more effective protection of the body and its functions
Aura distortion – Bring back into balance and uniformity for this person’s harmony
Aura balancing  – level one
Aura body balancing – level two
Aura repair, repair tears, holes and seal. Build the auric field and fortify as defence of any implants
Fatigue and tress reduction
Cold and flu remedy
Toxic metal – detoxing Nickel – perhaps you wore some jewellery at one time with high nickel content?
Support and stimulation of the lymphatic drainage –  ears, nose and sinuses and throat
Removal of ET and alien implants – block and remove all implants
Thyroid fatigue
At the beginning General Vitality was 53% and at the end of the session, there was a 40% increase. The implants were weakened further from  63% saturation at the beginning of the session to 45%..